[NEED HELP!] Sigmaforex scam, not sending back my 36,880CHF


Hello everyone, I've tried to withdraw my money from Sigmaforex(Welcome To Sigma - Sigma Forex | Online Forex Trading | Currency Trading) while there is no progress of withdraw nor reply by email and livechat.

I opened a non dealing account at Sigmaforex in the beginning of February 09 with an initial deposit of 5000 CHF, and I did not do trade many times until October.
From October to November 23rd, I made profit to 36,880 CHF(Not inlcuding their bonus credit of 250 CHF), and tried to process my first withdrawal request.
At first, I requested a withdrawal of 8000CHF on November 23 through my account number 5014414(Transaction ID:271), but did not get any confirmination from Sigmaforex, so I got worried about my money and looked after sigmaforex, and found this FPA forum.
After I've noticed the many bad reputation of Sigma here, I made my 2nd withdrawal request of the remaining 29000 CHF on November 25st(Transaction ID:273), but there is still no contact from Sigmaforex.
I've also sent an email to request withdrawal all the money from my account on 11/25 to backofffice@sigmaforex.com, admin@sigmaforex.com, and accounting@sigmaforex.com but there is nothing happened.

Their Live chat is never reachable, and they are not sending any email to me.

It's completely seems like a scam company, and I am worried of my deposit very much, since I gathered up that money for my tuition.

I've read the sigmaforex scam case of Hossam Park, finimej, and Rick B on this forum. Fortunately 2 of them got back their money from sigmaforex by the help of FPA members, which made me a bit reliefed.(I hope Rick B was able to get back his money too.)

So I really need someone's help, teaching me what can I do to get back my deposit. Please help me out!!

(And sorry for my poor English)

Thank you


Thank you very much for your reply Pharaoh, your post gave me idea how to fight with the scammers.

I'm still trying to contact them through livechat and email but their just ignoring everything.
I'll let them know that I'm complaining at FPA, and that I won't give up until I get back my money.

I'll keep updating!

Should I file a complaint at FPA to get further help? I'm new to the system so just wondering if I should.


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
Try livechat one more time. Report the results here. If they won't talk to you, I'll have one of the FPA's Scam Investigators get in touch with you by email.


Thank you very much for your reply!

Today I tried to catch them on live chat for more than 2 hours, but always the same message shown up forever: Our operators are currently busy with assisting others. An operator will help you shortly. Thank you for your patient.
Their live chat is only working for a couple hours in a day,(Even they claim it is 24/7) and it is never reachable. I am really fed up with them.

I would be really glad if you can tell my case to an FPA investigator who has idea what to do.
My email is : marc1104@hotmail.com

Thank you for your help!


I've got the email from Tessa and just replied to it.
Thank you very much for your help!

I'll keep updating this case here once something has progressed.


I'm going to update what's going on with this Scamaforex.

On 12/4 Friday afternoon, I could talk to an operator at their livechat after numerous trials.
Here is the log of the chat.

Christopher Reeve: Welcome to SigmaForex live chat service.
Christopher Reeve: Hello. How may I assist you?
Allen: Hello,
Allen: I have a question about withdrawal.
Christopher Reeve: sure please ask
Allen: I made a withdrawal request on 11/23 and 11/25 but it is still remaining status one, and my account still shows the same amount of deposit.
Allen: I sent several emails of requesting withdrawal of all my deposit from my account, to backoffice/accounting/admin@sigmaforex.com but there is still no reply nor confirmation.
Allen: I need my deposit back urgently so I want to ask you to do the withdrawal process now, manually please.
Christopher Reeve: what is your account number please ?
Allen: My account is 5014414
Christopher Reeve: what is your account type please ?
Allen: It's a NDD
Christopher Reeve: No sir it's dealing desk as I checking now
Allen: Oh really? On my personal page on sigma it shows as NDD
Christopher Reeve: please let me check again
Christopher Reeve: please hold on
Allen: Sure please.
Christopher Reeve: you have trading account type dealing desk ,account number is 5014414 with CHF currency
Allen: Okay then maybe an operator missed filling the information on my personal page.
Allen: Anyway, I want my withdrawal to be processed as soon as possible.
Christopher Reeve: no sir it's not okay because of that your account profit considering with illegal scalping and pip hunting and your account must be deactivate for 6 month
Christopher Reeve: because scalping activities are not allow in dealing desk account type
Allen: Wait a second, thats not correct.
Allen: I actually opened a NDD account before,
Christopher Reeve: no sir, your account now is dealing desk
Allen: and if you need details I can send you my chat log on sigma livechat when I opened my NDD account
Christopher Reeve: do you have any signed agreement for NDD account type ?
Christopher Reeve: i am asking or signed agreement sir
Allen: I haven't received signed agreement from sigma but I have the log.
Allen: And I am sure that it was an NDD account.
Christopher Reeve: the log is not proof for what you did sir
Allen: I read the contract first and it says scalping is allowed on sigma,
Christopher Reeve: sir please note that we have 2 methods to open account the first one from our web site you can select NDD account otherwise you can send us an email to open it for you
Christopher Reeve: on No dealing desk sir
Christopher Reeve: not standard account
Allen: Yes I actually choose NDD.
Allen: It is Sigma's mistake if they registered my account as a standard account.
Christopher Reeve: no sir the mistake from your side how come you do not know your trading account type ?
Allen: And If I did illegal scalping, then why did not sigma noticed me before?
Christopher Reeve: sir your trading account still open
Christopher Reeve: and active
Allen: Yes and my account is NDD. Do you want a screenshot of it?
Allen: It clearly shows that its a NDD
Christopher Reeve: yes please try to do that now and send it to backoffice@sigmaforex.com and will check it with you now
Allen: Okay sure, please wait a couple of minutes.
Allen: Okay I've done.
Allen: Please check it.
Christopher Reeve: please wait
Allen: Oh wait a second.
Allen: My virus soft detached the file.
Allen: I'll send it again.
Allen: Sorry.
Allen: It is done now.
Christopher Reeve: please wait
Christopher Reeve: Thank you for your patience...
Christopher Reeve: sir please note that your account under investigation now with our risk management department and please expect an email by next Monday with it result
Allen: Will I get an email on next monday for sure?
Allen: I sent many emails to sigma before but I havent got any replies so I want to make it sure.
Christopher Reeve: we are sorry for this delay and please expect our reply by Monday morning
Allen: Okay, hope this problem would be solved soon.
Allen: Thanks for your help Christopher.
Christopher Reeve: sure sir thank you for your cooperation and your understanding
Allen: Okay, then we might talk again on next week.
Allen: Have a nice day.
Christopher Reeve: same to you sir

Before talking about the weird excuses of rejecting my withdrawal,
I have to report that I have not got any email from them which they promissed on monday morning.(12/7)

As Lieutenant.Tessa said in an email sent to them on 12/4, a dealing desk account has orders processed by a dealing desk, and that should make it impossible to violate trading rules.

Moreover as she said, even if my account somehow violated their rules, they have the right to suspend trading. They even have the right to terminate the account, while they did nothing and held a customer's money for more than a half year.
Lieutenant.Tessa has also figured out that their dealing desk is functioning in a very odd way.
Sigmaforex's dealing desk can open and close positions in the same second, which sounds impossible since there should be a dealing desk which process all the orders through of it, and that process should take a much longer time.

There are many many strange issues about this company, and I strogly advise everyone not to put ANY money into Sigmaforex.

I really hope that they would act correctly and transfer my deposit back as soon as possible, and I wont give up until they do so.

I also want to appreciate Lieutenant.Tessa's huge effort of investigating this case. I really like her attitude and glad for her help.

I'll keep updating.