Oxmarket-Spotoption platform is a scam?


I was scammed several times and complained abt the platform issue, however the reply was always its spotoption's issue. Oxmarket said they can't do anything about it.

The details of the scam was, due to several time there was price inconsistency with excuses was given saying they might be a delay in closing price so instead I should hv win but ended losing. I decided to take a video. I placed a trade EURUSD "PUT" at 1.12735 5.49pm which i clicked and it appeared on screen its 1.12735. I waited till it close for the last 1 min and took a video recording, the oxmarket screen showed i was winning and also showed how much my winning. Towards the last several seconds, the screen showed 1.12730-1.12731 and then after half a sec after the trade closed, the price dropped further down to 1.12728.

But when I looked at my expired, it showed I lost due to its closed at 1.12739. I relook into the last 3 seconds, it stated the last 3 sec, it was 1.12739. Even if its a delay, it wont be for >3 seconds right?

I cant attach my video, but if I could you will know what I'm talking about. Pls do share how I can upload my video.

Currently thinking of uploading the video into youtube...any comment?

All things binary seem to be scams.

How did you deposit? When did you deposit? How much did you deposit?
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