I am unable to withdraw my deposit and profit from PrimeFMS, despite numerous withdrawal requests submitted to them and requesting the transfer through the broker. No withdrawal could be made and I am now unable to get a response from the broker. Anyone has similar experience? Thanks. Kb Patali
I have already invited the broker (Jennifer Yang) and the Senior Manager of PrimeFMS David Rubin, who first got in touch with me to introduce the firm. I have also emailed the invitation to hoping to reach anyone else in PrimeFMS. Thanks for the advice.
Gather all of your evidence. If no one at PrimeFMS bothers to reply in the next few days, it may be time to have a chat with the fraud department at your credit card's issuing bank.
A update on this issue:

PrimeFMS has refunded the original deposit. They have not made any commitment on returning the accrued profits, though I have requested for withdrawing part of the profits.
No action from PrimeFMS on withdrawal of profits. They have not responded and they are not contactable.