Banned for uncivilized conduct
A Good lesson for the future to hear the bell ringing loudly when a broker ask you to deposit more and more money.

Moreover warning is asking you to introduce more clients to continue trading or keeping your accounts

For now, keep the contact with the regulator FSPR (Financial Services Provider Registrar) of New Zealand for updates.

ThinkForex opinion on your case was the following:

"We are working to resolve the client's concerns. We can't discuss a client's personal account or matters related to his account with another client however.

This is not a matter of concern with the FSPR as it is a case of misunderstanding

Yes, there's no problem with withdrawing funds - you can request this just by emailing us a signed withdrawal form. I don't know the particular case of this client, but I am aware that their Account Manager is in contact with them to resolve their concerns

I'm sure even if he takes the case to the FSPR we will be able to resolve the situation amicably. As I said, its a simple case of misunderstanding."


ThinkForex showing kindly and friendly approach to this case, manipulation or not, we'll discover in the coming days;)

We now want updates from you 'atipower' to see if the 'misunderstanding' ThinkForex had talk about had been cleared by now?


I request to delete the post of mine about Thinkforex. Because they have contact me and they will give my rebates. So I want to delete these post.


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I have removed a number of posts that passed all boundaries of civil conduct. Some good advice that was tied into the argument was also removed.

I wish atipower had not deleted his posts. It is much better to let others see how an issue was resolved instead of removing all the details. This can help your fellow traders learn ways to deal with issues they encounter in the future.


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on a positive note, its always a good thing when issues get resolved.. and yeah i agree, we traders like to compare and look for solutions from other traders misfortune, but personally i just love to visit and check out this section for future references :D