GDMFX would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused and would like to once again assure you that you will receive your funds.
The public, consisting of traders and your future clients, will monitor the fulfillment of your promise.


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GDMFX replied to the message. They keep feeding me stuff again.

Dear Anatoly,Please clarify what is the kind of discussion that you expect? We believe all you care about is receiving your money (which is perfectly normal) and we have already clarified in our last message that the moment we have a confirmation from our Accounts team, we will email it to you. All we can do at this stage on our side is to check with them on a daily basis. We also wish we could give you a specific deadline, however at the moment are unable to as the resolution of the issues we are having does not depend solely on GDMFX but also on our counter-parties.
All we ask from you at this stage is for a little patience and understanding. Please also refer to and for more information regarding our Internal Complaints Processing Policy and the way to submit your complaint for mediation in case you are not satisfied with the resolution provided to you by GDMFX.

Kind Regards,

GDMFX Customer Support Department
GDMFX does not give me a specific time frame to solve my problem, it does not suit me at all. I will be forced to go to the court of traders and move the case to the end until my problem with the withdrawal of funds is solved.So I'm going to start my own online resource aimed at counteracting fraud and protecting the future clients of GDMFX from fraud with the name in the network for the promotion of the resource in the first lines of the search engines I'll attract the best it and WEB specialists.This resource will be deleted only if GDMFX quickly solves my problem !
At the moment, I have not received the money. GDMFX continues to not lawfully hold my profits and my initial Deposit !
Yes I have already started traders court . We are waiting for GDMDX to consider the case, your administrator has already sent them an official invitation.