Resolved - CToption charging withdrawal fees without notifying customer


Hi would like customers to take note that CToption charges withdrawal fees without notifying the customer. i was supposed to get back 100 but i only got back 50, so now they are saying the wont charge fees on the 2nd withdrawal, we will see.
attached are the terms of CToptions first withdrawal of up to a 100 is free


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my advice is do not trade with CT option, if you have a good account manager then its alright, however with andy jones, he will play games, such as having a withdrawal fee when the first withdrawal of up to a 100 is free, now he says the 2nd one will be free

the interface is good, however the customer service is sorely lacking.
my intention was to trade with them after a 100 dollar withdrawal, however after the fiasco with andy jones, ive decided to withdraw everything. it was still possible to generate volume with the trades, however with such unethical practices, its best to go to another broker.
some may have had positive experiences, unless they are changing the account manager, im moving to another broker


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anyway would like to share with you guys to believe in yr method and system, don't let brokers affect you, every broker is different, keep trading and winning. And apparently this is andy jones trading record.

his linkedin profile
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hi the company was sold to someone called roy amalgor from zacky pickholz, then after which changed hands, anyway i will update on the developments, they are giving back everything and more so i will post the updates here.
anyway my advise is to not waste time with them, focus on a better broker, an account manager which will not waste your time or offer to trade for you. Will also post what they emailed me in due course, also got an apology from the customer service for inconvenience caused.

If an account manager does that, my advise is to F**k them up straight in their face.
again i think i will be getting back everything but i am not happy, just would like to advise ppl here not to trade with CToption, or not to have an account manager andy jones, as i have a serious beef with him and he has a very very incorrigible attitude, mods can put this in the resolved folder when i have got everything on my card and on skrill and screenshots will be posted. If they play games again, i will post here. thnks.