is SCAM

I have experienced a very bad situation with Trade 12. Trade 12 is a scam. They put you in situations you lose your money any way.
Have deposited some funds, made some trades and was even able to withdraw funds. But now I have negative deposit. The broker said me to open deals on SP500, after that the price fall down, and I get huge loss. After he suggested me to sign an agreement which advise me to make additional deposit of 5000$ and making 75 lots. I signed an agreement, actually didn’t know what I am doing. During one month I was doing the deals and made the number of 75 lots. Nobody has assist me, they said you have to do your deals on your own, although I said them before I have no experience and need assistance. They said Ok You had done well, your agreement is closed. But later they called me and said your deals on SP500 get back. The reason is not enough deals (2 lots). So now I need to transfer additional 10k in order to make another trade which will allow me to close the existing trades.
I advised my broker previously that I will not be making any further deposits, as they keep requesting this, however he put me in this situation anyway.
I see no way of getting my money back. And do not know what to do. Please if someone had this situation, write how did you solve this problem.

Hello, Jarovna!

Tell us please, your message has to do with Trade12 or Trade-24? Thank you in advance.

With best regard, Trade-24
Hi to all forex traders in the world, my name is Hristo And I WANT TO WARN YOU ABOUT COMPANY NAMED My case is:All started when I got a call from John Myers - account executive of I told him that if he gives me good conditions I will start with account with 5000 usd - He start calling twice a day and in the end he did give me good conditions, but just on the phone. I did open an acc with 5000$, my acc is 130013971. After I got the conditions for trading on my email- I found out that John was telling me bullshits on the phone, so I refuse to trade under the conditions on my email and I did request a withdrawal. After I wrote them few times to approve the withdrawal on my deposit money - They did send me 4750, Which is 250$ less. I did speak with John about that and I asked him did i pay 250$ for my withdrawal of my deposit money - He said there is nо commission and this is the last time I heard from him. I wrote a lot of emails - no answer, I went to my trading history and I saw that I lost 250$ by trading, which is 100% fake - I did not trade at all. I wrote them a lot of emails - no answer - so they are scam company and They did steal from me 250$ and they can easily do that with much more money - DON'T YOU EVER TRUST THEM. IS SCAM

You are lucky, I invested $ 7000, and they stolen the full amount!!!!
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Let's wake up this thread if possible. Especially this part seems quite interesting:

And please stay tuned and keep an eye on our threads in the following weeks... Trade24 and related scams starts to unfold as of now.
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