Warning: 'Great-Trade.net' Fraudulent Clone Site

Nicola Clifton

Great Trades have cloned the identities of MahiFX team to come across as a reputable forex broker, promising unrealistic returns.



The deceit continues as the company claims to be registered in Belize, but a recent statement from the International Financial Services Commission in Belize, makes it clear that this is total forgery: http://www.ifsc.gov.bz/great-trade-ltd/

As a representative of MahiFX, I can confirm this website has nothing to do with us and we are trying everything we can to have the website removed. The takedown process is very long and so far we have been unsuccessful. The website is hosted by Dancom:
  • Hosting provider: Dancom
  • WHOIS: Click Here
  • IP Address:
  • Name Servers:
  • ns3.ddos-guard.net
  • ns4.ddos-guard.net
  • ns1.ddos-guard.net
  • ns5.ddos-guard.net
  • ns6.ddos-guard.net
  • ns2.ddos-guard.net
The host location of the website means that there are no sanctions in place to enforce a take down. Our lawyers have been in contact with the website hosts ordering a take-down, but our letters have been ignored. Our battle to have the site removed continues.

It has been reported that 'Great Trade' have been targeting the Russia and Vietnam forex markets, running ad campaigns in each of those jurisdictions.
Great-Trade.net is nothing but a scum-sucking HYIP. These are the mutant offspring of Ponzi schemes, designed to steal money from investors who are bad at math. The simple fact is that the typical interest rates paid by a HYIP would let an investor own the world after only a few years. If this was possible, it would have already happened and we'd all be working for (if not owned by) the first person to do long-term investments in a successful HYIP.

You can get a name, phone number, and email address of someone at Dancom here:


Ask him why he's protecting a criminal organization. You can also ask the Belize police to ask him the same question.

If you can find out what company they use to run ads, you might be able to get that company to pull the plug.

Sign up for an account so you can access their deposit section. Don't give them any money. Just find out as much as you can about their methods of accepting deposits. Then contact the applicable fraud departments. You may be able to block out at least some of their deposit methods.

If you Google some sections of text on the website, you'll find many of them are mirrored on other HYIP sites. It's hard to say if they stole the text from those sites or if some have the same ownership.

Office of the International Financial Services Commission,
Sir Edney Cain Building,
Belize, C.A.

25 August 2015


It has come to the notice of the International Financial Services Commission of Belize (IFSC) that an entity calling itself‘Great Trade Ltd.’ is fraudulently claiming to be registered in Belize and is holding itself out as being licensed to provide online trading in securities and forex services.

No such company is registered or licensed in Belize and the Certificate of Incorporation and Good Standing posted on its website www.great-trade.net is a complete forgery.

All persons concerned are asked to take note and exercise extreme caution.

International Financial Services Commission of Belize
Woohoo! Good of you to find that FxMaster. This should make complaining to the Belize police about the website being protected from copyright issues by a Belize webhost even easier.
Great news, Dancom have finally agreed to pull the plug on the Great Trades website.

Despite being an arduous and drawn out process, the website has finally removed. We will continue to monitor the internet for anything similar.
That's GREAT news.

If only more people and companies would fight hard against scammers. Far too many give up the moment they don't get instant results.