Wrong Place?


This may be the wrong place to ask this but I have emailed Felix twice and got no reply.
In the SecretForexSociety website the secret info given in teh Rob and Felix Corner means very little unless you understand it. There is no explanation on the site, that I could find.

I asked in the iive traders room I got little sense out of the people in there, one said it was R an S levels another said it was dealer orders. Another said they never used it anyway. None were very helpful or explained anything.

On LSE share dealing Level2 shows in the yellow strip: The number of dealers with the best offer price, what the price is, then the best bid price and the number of dealers offering it. Then separately one can see the total number of bid and offer orders held by the dealers. How to equate this to the info in the Corner I do not know.

Someone please send me a link to an explanation OR Felix answer my emails
The terms of SFS do not allow me to post the info on here but I do know that some of you frequent both forums/rooms.


bids and offers

Its a tough one to understand. If you go to the Kingforexsignals topic under the premium services thread...uktrader posted a brief explanation of what these videos means. Hope that helps.


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I have good news and bad news for you rpaco.
good news is youare not alone.
bad news is need to attract felixs attention to give us his assistance to explaine the secret indicator in the corner.
Hope Felix read this threat and give the answer.;)