YouTrade in India closed. I can't get my money.


Today youtradefx closed its operation in India and all accounts have been closed. Recently I had deposited $190 and had $340 in my live account but now I cannot access my account and cannot withdraw it. Biggest fraud of the year. Just go through the chat and find out. I want to lodge a complaint but how and to whom. Anybody may help me.
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Dealing room user 12:02:04 AM

Welcome to youtradefx! How may I help you?

lotus 12:03:13 AM

I am from India and want to open live account. is it possible to fund thru my cc

Dealing room user 12:04:30 AM

we are sorry sir but we no longer work with Indian clients

lotus 12:05:02 AM

my friend told me he is trading with u


Make sure to leave a nice shiny 1 star review if you haven't done so already.

Email every address you can find for YouTradeFx. Ask them to come here and explain why you can't get your money.

How did you deposit?


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youtradefx scam of the year

i was having 10000 usd account with them....and as IB i had referred 28 clients each with 1000 USD deposit,....
now they are all gone......they have disabled accounts and wiped out everything.
i am in big trouble...feeling like it's the end to me as i cant afford these big amounts.


Youtradefx is Big Scam

My account with youtradefx is disabled automatically. When I talk with their dealing room they told me that company has stopped working with indian client. Now I am not able to login my account on They are not replying on chat with indian customers now. Following was my last chat on 28 oct 2013.
ytfx chat.jpg


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the youtradefx is saying that they no longer work with Indian clients.
The formal method should be they must inform them via email which they didnt as well the important thing is that they must return the funds held by indian customers.
Rather, they have disabled the accounts and are wiping out the history and traces.
Isn't it A big SCAM by disabling all the accounts and closing indian branch all of a sudden and going away without returning their money with a bloody nonsense answer that they dont work with indian customer.


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i will start mine today....
And i want one sudden action from FPA...or else i am damn sure......the youtradefx will scam rest people.....
If FPA will take time till vote and investigation, i am sure they will get ample of time to transfer all their money to a unknown place which will be safe for them.
First they have closed indian branch suddenly without notice and without giving back money.
Then gradually they will do the same with the rest branches all over the world and if we all together wont take sudden action, they will get enough time to continue this scam till they erase their traces and will run away
Rather i would like FPA to investigate in this matter today itself and must spread these scam everywhere, so that everybody like their payment processor , their bank, their rest regulator would know this and would restrict them from running away by ceasing their all money.
Lets block their action n scam together.

Eddiger, plz invite FPA to this thread and any other person like senior members, youtradefx Representative and any other you now who might be helpful in blocking their activity. Lets do it fast before they run away and become a big scam of this year

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bijaykhd, at the moment we have no sufficient data to verify this.

The best solution for now is to ask people to file a court case through the FPA. Once they do it, we can push this forward. Yet, if you have any evidence that will verify this might help too.