1. G

    EXNESS tp not hit,then SO with 4.2 pips

    i have 2 big problem 1. i have sell EU at price 1.30017 and TP at 1.29957. after i check at mt4 chart the lowest price is 1.29940.it should be close TP. why the price/post not CLOSE?? 2.my 2nd problem is this account already MC becouse that above post ( sell EU at 1.30017 ).the post close at...
  2. A

    Exness issue - Resolved

  3. Z

    Exness Brokerage problem with commisyen refferal

    Commisyen partnership not receive when client close position by stop out. Partnership 14712. Clinet account: 54749 Order number : 2474803 This is communication with exness Muhamad Amirul Asraf Mansor | 20:07 sorry..54749 Evgenia Dakhno | 20:08 Your Clients order closed by Stop...
  4. Z

    Resolved - Exness Brokerage problem with deposit bonus.

    I have an account 52499 and 52707 with Exness Limited. After i make first deposit, the bonus not automatic added, I make complaint to company last 3 days, untill now the bonus still pending. Those who want to to trade forex with this brokerage, please be patient. I things, this company have...
  5. Z

    Exness Brokerage Scam My MONEY

    i just to report my account number 42786 with Exness brokerage (www.exness.com) SO when i make deposit. When i make deposit, 24.82 the company have deducted my bonus -85.31. so my account stop out after that insident. Below is detail transaction after i make deposit and the company deducted my...
  6. Z

    Exness Brokerage - ISSUE RESOLVED

    Exness once of scam company. Becareful. Below is my problem. I make deposit, but exness deducted the deposit bonus. I should receive the bonus when i make deposit but now exness deducted my bonus when i make deposit. Never mind, if i make withdrawal, company can deducted the bonus. Company...
  7. C


    Attached a picture of my termina with Exness I try many many times to close my open orders on scren,, It not sucess. In journal it says "Off quotes" I contact their live chat directly when i see graph go up and down a while before market close. I have on first row in terminal a order with...
  8. Oedipean

    Exness !

    Although I do not call it scam , rather I name it unfair . Before NFP I had put buystop at EUR/USD 1.3595, after news it opened at 1.3640. I know it may happen when there is a gap or when there is there is no quote till 1.3640. but indeed, the position could be opened at the end of first...
  9. Manav

    Exness Scam: Leverage & Unscheduled Maintenance

    A big scam going on in Exness in the name of Leverage and Unscheduled Maintenance. If you open a trade and if you want to manage your margin requirement they can block access to personal area all of a sudden without any prior notice. Then, all you can do is either to close the trade in loss or...
  10. kirsna

    EXNESS block my tradein a/c with out reason

    my a/c Blocked by the company no reason , calld supoort also thy told we will mail u but still not reply ..... i m making daily profit in that a/c ..... now days exness giveing problm my exbness a/c nbr- 836260
  11. Ehsan Elahi

    ABANDONED - Exness Scam

    Exness is now scam now my account number is 7011784 they cannot pay my withdraw i have my all proof how they fool me any body want proof pm me.Do Not work with Exness Anymore
  12. I


    Hi everyone, I need support for clearly my order.... On august/9th/2016 at 8.03am my acc was stop out at MYR13,019.16..i checked the forex calendar there was no big impact news (see the attchmnt)...my acc no is 10602507. i trade xauusd and my order buy is more then sell (see the attchmant).. i...