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Peter AU

“I have received a refund from the Company and the matter has been fully resolved amicably and professionally”.
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Unless the contract specifically allows for it, tell them that you find being billed for services that are not yet available to be unacceptable. Demand an end to the billing and an immediate refund of all money paid so far.

How did you pay? If by credit card, contact your bank and request a chargeback for undelivered services. If by PayPal, open a dispute. If by bank wire, contact your bank and ask them how to file a fraud complaint.
“I have received a refund from the Company and the matter has been fully resolved amicably and professionally”.
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Hello to all reading this post.

I am James Peters from Apple Investment Company. I would just like to put across our companies stand point on Peters comments above.
Firstly we have taken this issue Peter has very seriously and will do everything in our power to fix his grievances.

We have a large client base and this is the first time someone has complained about our customer support. We would like to refute some of peters comments which we think might be unfair.

Peter’s original post says he thinks he paid for a service and did not receive it. This is not the full truth. Peter did receive our trading platform and full customer support, however we did not provide peter with the Education side of our business right away because of an issue our company encountered. Our outsourced servers went down and in turn it affected our clients Education area (traders lounge).Clients before Peter joined us were fine because they had the option to download our Education, however anyone who joined us around the time that Peter joined us (4 weeks ago) would have experienced the same issue. Our Trading Platform (fxCalibre) was fine because it is stand alone and gets its feed directly from FXCM. To resolve the issue we have had with the outsourced servers, we have built an in-house server room and spent a large sum of money to make sure our in-house server room’s environment was to the highest standard.

This of course takes time to complete and we apologise to Peter and all our more recent clients about this. As of next week this issue will no longer exist. A large percentage of our clients who join us are beginners to Forex so the generally only want to use our automated systems for the first few months before taking the step into manually trading the live market. Peter is an experienced trader so his main concern was the Education and we apologise again to Peter for not having that available to him from day one.
Another issue Peter had was his trades being dumped when he placed a trade without a stop loss. This was explained to Peter that our system has a safety feature that won’t allow you to place a trade without a stop loss. We do this of course to protect our client’s capital in case they have a lapse in concentration and forget to put one in. We have never had a complaint about this before, in fact we have only received thanks from clients because it has saved a lot of clients a lot of money in the past. Our developers are now going to build Peter a specific platform that allows him to place trades without a stop loss and we are also making that available to any other client who wishes to have the safety feature removed.

At this stage Peter now has access to our Education before it is even available to the public. We are still working night and day finishing the server room and uploading our Education to be ready for next week.

I suppose the main reason we did not think Peter would be unhappy with the delay on the Education was because he was making money via our trading Platform. His comments about our charting package being basic are true. We do not have a charting package like that of FXCM or Meta-trader because we primarily deal with people who are beginners to Forex. We feel our package does not over complicate things for a person new to trading. We keep things simple and easy for a new trader and then over time a trader can use a more complicated charting package.

We publish that our platform can generate on average of 6.02% return per month based on a 1% risk setting. Meaning you never risk more than 1% of your account on any given trade. Currently Peter is with us 1 month and has made slightly more than 6.02% with our platform. We are not at liberty to say what return peter has made but it is slightly more than 6.02% in his first month...

To any future client reading this please feel free to give us a call and we will happily give you a full demonstration of our platform before you decide to make a purchase with us. This way you will know for sure what it is you get for your money.

We once again apologise to Peter and wish it never escalated to a forum. We pride ourselves on customer support and we don’t want to let our clients down in our after sales Dept.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this post.
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I received a phone call from this company and once again it sounds like all the other scams that people have been trying to con me into over the years.

1. Their office in Wall Street is a virtual office. In other words an office when you don't have an office. If you don't know what a virtual office is, Google it. You can get a virtual office starting from about $49.99 a month. I would dare say that the office in Surfers is a virtual office as well.

2. There is not one positive thread on the net about this company except for all the blogs that were created by Apple Investment Company.

3. They state they have been around since 2006 but the domain name for the internet site .com was not created until 23 July 2008. (see below). And as all "good" scammers, he has a Gmail email address.

Whois Server:
Referral URL: Domain Names, Domain Registration & Web Hosting, PlanetDomain
Name Server: NS1.CODERO.COM
Name Server: NS2.CODERO.COM
Status: ok
Updated Date: 09-dec-2009
Creation Date: 23-jul-2008
Expiration Date: 23-jul-2010

Domain Name
Last Modified 01-Feb-2010 23:00:30 UTC
Registrar ID Aust Domains
Registrar Name Aust Domains
Status ok
Registrant ID ABN 24132675891
Eligibility Type Company
Registrant Contact ID R-000495504-SN
Registrant Contact Name James Peters
Registrant Contact Email
Tech Contact ID C-000134961-SN
Tech Contact Name Apple Investment
Tech Contact Email
Name Server
Name Server

4. They have registered the ABN to a Victorian Office? That's weird.... I thought their office is on the Gold Coast!!!!! (See Virtual Office)

ABN: 24 132 675 891
View ABN history
Last modified: 23 Sep 2008
ABN status: Active from 04 Sep 2008
Entity type: Australian Private Company
GST status: Effective from 04 Sep 2008
Main business location
State: VIC
Postcode: 3000
Trading name(s)
Apple Investment Company
Other registrations
Deductible Gift Recipient: Not entitled to receive tax deductible gifts
ACN or ARBN: 132675891

And then they changed their address to Bundall, Queensland... But I thought their office is in Surfers Paradise... (See virtual office again)

132 675 891
24 132 675 891
Type Australian Proprietary Company, Limited By Shares
Registration Date 11/08/2008
Next Review Date 11/08/2010
Status Registered
Locality of Registered Office Bundall QLD 4217
Jurisdiction Australian Securities & Investments Commission

5. The Registered Australian Financial Services License for this "company" that they state on the PDS from their website goes to an address in S.A. with a different ABN.

Licence No. 332428
Status Current
ABN 69 104 319 575
Commenced 25/02/2009


Auditor of FSR Licensee WILLINGTON Benjamin Frederick
Commenced 25/02/2009

External Dispute Resolution Scheme Financial Ombudsman Service
Membership No 11572
Commenced 11/11/2008

6. Why have an office in the Gold Coast but live in S.A.? Do a Google Maps Street view of the address. Doesn't look like a flash house at all?? But why not??? This program is suppose to give you 6% return. Apple Investments should be rakeing in the money considering it's their software!!!! I can think of alot better places to live than FULHAM GARDENS in S.A. (Yes I do live in S.A. so I know the state.)

This smells too much like another scam to me. I would steer well clear of this "company".
“I have received a refund from the Company and the matter has been fully resolved amicably and professionally”.
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Sounds like there really are some offices behind this company instead of the usual virtual offices favored by many mystery brokers. Of course, I'd love to see some pics posted by an established FPA member or two (it never hurts to double-check these things).
“I have received a refund from the Company and the matter has been fully resolved amicably and professionally”.
My Apple experince

I have been made of this companies existance when a friend of mine suggested I look into it as he knew that I am interested in investments and new opportunities. I have visited the companies website although it seemed quite simple it was quite boldly advertising the fact that the company has been trading 6.08% on avearage over the last 2 years. This to me was very interesting and I have checked the internet for any comments (negative or positive) and found 2 forum posts where two clients have had negative dealings with Apple Investment Company. Nevertheless, I thought to myself that like in any business I am sure there are unsatisfied clients and those usually comment on the internet. I have seen that both of those instances/problems have been dealt with by the Apple Investment Company staff and I thought it was a pretty good response. Having not seen anything else on the whole company I thought that the next stage woudl be to talk to one of it’s staff members and learn a bit more about the company. I talked to a salesman who was quite friendly and kept advertising the fact, just like on the website itself, that they have experienced 6.08% return on average ofr the past 2 years WITHOUT ever having a negaitve month. I found this to be very interesting and thought to myself that this looks like a good investment. It’s got a proven track record (2 years operating) with no losing month with a great return. The salesman wanted to get me involved with training how to trade on Forex and support, etc. but I thought to myself, if I can obtain a 6.08% average return, why do I need to spend ANY more time on it. I wasn’t looking to get rich quick and risk a lot, I merely wanted to use the simple settings that have proven that they work and I thougth I will see my investment grow. I wasn’t greedy, all I wanted was to see a return as per what was advertised. I have been run through the software, being told that I have to turn it on and leave it on and that the software itself with it’s settings will continue to provide the return that they have advertised. I was excited and eager to see these results.

Unfortunately, once I started using the FxCalibre, it started to run a in a negative rather than a positive manner. In the early stages I had error messages pop up numerous times during the day and night to which the staff from Apple advised that they are aware of it and have sent me a few software updated, etc. Later, they advised that it’s not their fault and that it must be the Internet Service Provider that I am using. This became unbareable and this is the reaosn for me not even trading during July as I have tried a number of different ISP’s. In mid August the software started again working, but still had numerous errors that caused the software to shut down.

Please note below all my trade days to date and as you can note, the trend is negative. I have been told to start not using the minimal risk setting (even though this is all I ever wanted to use as I jsut wanted a proven setting as I wasn’t greedy) and change into a more riskier setting, which caused more of my investment to disappear. Once Apple realized this, they started further changing the setting some more and this resulted in me changing 1-2 times per week the settings. I am not sure why I had to change them and why we had to move away from the original “proven” settings which should have and were advertised that they have produced a 6.08% return with NO negative month. I have asked Apple why this is the case and they have advised that I should just keep changing the settings and that we will get there. I wasn’t comfortable with this and have told them that I can’t understand why I can’t use the simple settings which I have been proven to work in the past. They haven’t answered and told me that with the new settings we will get the desired result. I wasn’t happy with this and this has led me to ask them for the money back as they have advertised tha tthe software is simple to use, that only one setting needs to be used and that the return has been 6.08% per month with no negative month. I haven’t seen not even close results of what was promised to me. Apple have refused to pay me back for the software as they stipulate that if I waited 18 more months that I would see a 6.08% return on my investment on average. I highly doubt that as I have been trading in a complete opposite direction during my whole experience and for me to break even I would need to be on a positive run of much higer than 6.08% for the remaining 18 months to just break even. I have asked them politely in every way possible to come to an agreement as what lured me into the investment was the 6.08% return with no negative month. I have onyl ever experienced a downward trend and it’s so far away from what was advertised to get me involved into this investment. They have rejected a number of times and have suggested that I should feel free to write any comments I see fit on the internet hence this website. I just want to explain my own experiences just so everyone is aware of what I have gone through. Results (below) speak for themselves.

This is the only software that makes you pay an upfront fee which means that from your returns you have to first cover the cost of the software and only then consider if you have even made a profit.

Date Invested
11/04/10 $ 10,000.00 Profit / Loss % change
12/04/10 $ 10,019.05 $ 19.05 0.19%
13/04/10 $ 10,029.12 $ 10.07 0.10%
14/10/10 $ 10,029.81 $ 0.69 0.01%
15/10/10 $ 9,914.84 -$ 114.97 -1.15%
16/04/10 $ 9,832.22 -$ 82.62 -0.83%
17/04/10 $ 9,729.23 -$ 102.99 -1.05%
21/04/10 $ 9,820.39 $ 91.16 0.94%
22/04/10 $ 9,867.35 $ 46.96 0.48%
23/04/10 $ 9,975.59 $ 108.24 1.10%
26/04/10 $ 9,982.05 $ 6.46 0.06%
28/04/10 $ 10,214.04 $ 231.99 2.32%
29/04/10 $ 10,327.95 $ 113.91 1.12%
4/05/10 $ 10,145.10 -$ 182.85 -1.77%
5/05/10 $ 10,043.16 -$ 101.94 -1.00%
6/05/10 $ 10,040.83 -$ 2.33 -0.02%
7/05/10 $ 9,719.46 -$ 321.37 -3.20%
10/05/10 $ 9,725.29 $ 5.83 0.06%
13/05/10 $ 9,739.45 $ 14.16 0.15%
14/05/10 $ 9,635.15 -$ 104.30 -1.07%
19/05/10 $ 9,403.84 -$ 231.31 -2.40%
20/05/10 $ 9,442.39 $ 38.55 0.41%
21/05/10 $ 9,199.44 -$ 242.95 -2.57%
25/05/10 $ 9,121.87 -$ 77.57 -0.84%
27/05/10 $ 9,129.83 $ 7.96 0.09%
28/05/10 $ 9,218.84 $ 89.01 0.97%
1/06/10 $ 9,130.41 -$ 88.43 -0.96%
2/06/10 $ 9,138.23 $ 7.82 0.09%
3/06/10 $ 9,145.75 $ 7.52 0.08%
8/06/10 $ 9,241.82 $ 96.07 1.05%
9/06/10 $ 9,068.92 -$ 172.90 -1.87%
15/06/10 $ 9,099.74 $ 30.82 0.34%
16/06/10 $ 8,939.27 -$ 160.47 -1.76%
17/06/10 $ 8,969.08 $ 29.81 0.33%
18/06/10 $ 8,915.99 -$ 53.09 -0.59%
22/06/10 $ 8,850.07 -$ 65.92 -0.74%
24/06/10 $ 8,881.47 $ 31.40 0.35%
25/06/10 $ 8,887.51 $ 6.04 0.07%
29/06/10 $ 8,805.12 -$ 82.39 -0.93%
30/06/10 $ 8,666.25 -$ 138.87 -1.58%
16/08/10 $ 8,612.26 -$ 53.99 -0.62%
19/08/10 $ 8,672.88 $ 60.62 0.70%
20/08/10 $ 8,659.12 -$ 13.76 -0.16%
24/08/10 $ 8,600.60 -$ 58.52 -0.68%
26/08/10 $ 8,648.08 $ 47.48 0.55%
31/08/10 $ 8,667.68 $ 19.60 0.23%
1/09/10 $ 8,723.35 $ 55.67 0.64%
2/09/10 $ 8,640.57 -$ 82.78 -0.95%
6/09/10 $ 8,697.47 $ 56.90 0.66%
7/09/10 $ 8,653.53 -$ 43.94 -0.51%
14/09/10 $ 8,787.86 $ 134.33 1.55%
16/09/10 $ 8,559.12 -$ 228.74 -2.60%
21/09/10 $ 8,591.86 $ 32.74 0.38%
22/09/10 $ 8,273.95 -$ 317.91 -3.70%
23/09/10 $ 8,284.42 $ 10.47 0.13%
24/09/10 $ 7,901.95 -$ 382.47 -4.62%
55 -0.4186%
Days Traded Average decrease / day

For this to trade at 6.08% / month, it would need to trade 0.273% / day and it’s been trading at -0.4186% almost double what is expected but in a NEGATIVE trend.

IMPORTANT – If I knew what I know now back in April 2010 when I was about to decide if I should go ahead with this, I would DEFINITELY not go down this path and would stay well clear from Apple Investment Company.