Apple Investment Company - Fx Calibre

Is Surfers Paradise still the sunny place for shady people?

Investigation 8

This is where we will most like get some idea of the size of the problem and the relatively hidden interconnections.

These companies have been mentioned in relation to either Apple Investment Company Pty Ltd or investment scam allegations.

Investigating these I have decided to assume that where there is smoke there is probably some sort of fire, even if it's a fake one.

Keep in mind that sometimes people post false scam reports and grievances against companies for reasons other than actual scam experience. Jealousy and personal vendettas come into play. And some people are just unwilling to put in the effort to learn to trade properly thereby losing their shirts to the brokers. Don't just eliminate the ranters and banshees - look for patterns.

Does anyone have any experience of or data on these, including AFSL and Representative licencing.

TJP Management Pty Ltd
Global Trader Software
Global Trader Technologies
Principal Investments
Trade Like the Banks
KPI Capital
Got Money FX
Got Money
Forex Strategies
Investors Group Australia or Australasia
Stanford/Standford and Associates
Pacific Blue Securities
Knobile Lynch
WTS Investments
World Trading Systems
World Trading College
Sure Trading
Easy Forex
Invest Global Live
Shark Financial Services

This is just a handful of standouts that come up repeatedly across the internet searches.

Looking at a search of Surfers Paradise investment, trading, securities, futures, commodities and related words it looks like either its fast becoming a gold rush financial mecca - or it's a good place for quick and easy pickings.

Of course this is after the Morton Bay Islands Real Estate Scam, where potential investors from interstate were flown over the island when it was high tide and discovered later that they had bought underwater land!

And of course the Real Estate marketeers who were selling negatively geared property at inflated valuations over free breakfasts.... (my friends worked for them as the chefs and waitstaff)

"It's a safe bet that any cold calling investment, real estate or betting company based on the Gold Coast is a scam. In fact I'd say they all are. The genuine investment companies aren't using these techniques because the market doesn't trust them if they do. Unfortunately it looks like the police and ASIC are overwhelmed with complaints and unable to keep up with the crooks. No wonder it's called "Sufferers Paradise"! Too many dodgy dealers operating within and beyond the law here!" U

Your money - your time - your risk - your choice

Apple Investment Company Pty Ltd Investigation

This is as far as we've gotten with the domain name registrations.

If you have access to Domain Tools you can look up the history and changes of ownership and addresses for the following:

Domain Name
Last Modified 01-Feb-2010 23:00:30 UTC
Registrar ID Aust Domains
Registrar Name Aust Domains
Status ok
Registrant ID ABN 24132675891
Eligibility Type Company
Registrant Contact ID R-000495504-SN
Registrant Contact Name James Peters
Registrant Contact Email
Tech Contact ID C-000134961-SN
Tech Contact Name Apple Investment
Tech Contact Email
Name Server
Name Server

Domain Name:
Updated: 2 seconds ago - Refresh

Whois Server:
Referral URL: Domain Names Registration | Web Hosting | Melbourne IT
Status: clientTransferProhibited

Expiration Date: 2012-02-26
Creation Date: 2007-02-26
Last Update Date: 2007-02-26

Name Servers:
See DNS Records

Information Updated: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 02:41:19 UTC

Apple Investment Company - Securing your future.

Reseller..............: Aust Domains
Created on............: 24 Jul 2008 09:30:20 EST
Expires on............: 24 Jul 2011 09:30:20 EST
Record last updated on: 9 Aug 2010 15:34:43 EST
Status................: ACTIVE

Owner, Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Billing Contact:
Apple Investment (ID00374293)
Level 27, 101 Collins Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000
Phone: +61.396537300

Domain servers in listed order:


  1. Looks like an Australian Company owns or owned the US site for Apple Investment Company. It has US phone numbers throughout the site for contact.
  2. It still lists Mark Power Financial Pty Ltd as the AFSL
  3. The owner's address seems to be a serviced office/virtual office with Servcorp.
  4. The New York address seems to be a serviced office/virtual office with Da Vinci.

How hard is it to investigate businesses on the WWW?

All of this research was done on the internet for "free".

All that was needed was the willingness and patience to keep looking.

We do not have paid staff to do this nor the financial resources to go further.

One woman caught in a scam (now proven) in Melbourne reported it to Melbourne police. She was told there was nothing they could do as the company in question had moved to Queensland. Yes, she was stunned at their reply - and very upset.

The information is on the internet in the interests of protecting the public from possible scams.

If we have to wear the responsibility for our investment decisions then this information must be easy for us to locate.

A search of the NFA site shows no public listing for Apple Investment Company Pty Ltd.

Other Australian companies (e.g. Australian Mutual Holdings Pty Ltd) are registered with the NFA/CFTC.

From this we conclude that Apple Investment Company is either unregistered and operating or no longer operating in the USA.

Mark Power Financial and Apple Investment Company

Here are two somewhat related Product Disclosure Statements and their corresponding Financial Services Guides.

Apple Investment Company was the referring broker for FXCM Australia in the first. AIC held a representative licence under Mark Power Financial Pty Ltd until 4/4/2011. This date is also the ASIC review date for MFP P/L.

This was supposed to be read in conjunction with the PDS for FXCM Australia.

Extracted from ASIC's database at AEST 13:43:31 on 29/06/2011
Details of Representative
Rep. No. 341564
ABN 24 132 675 891
Commenced 06/10/2009
Ceased 04/04/2011
Extracted from ASIC's database at AEST 13:43:31 on 29/06/2011

Details of Licensee
Licence No. 332428
ABN 69 104 319 575
Commenced 25/02/2009

Details of Representative
Rep. No. 341564
ABN 24 132 675 891
Commenced 06/10/2009
Ceased 04/04/2011

Classes Provide general financial product advice only
Deal in a Financial Product
Issue, apply for, acquire, vary or dispose a financial product
Apply for, acquire, vary or dispose of financial products on behalf of another

The second is an introducing broker for IBFX, Got Money FX, in Brisbane. Got Money FX (or GMFX) do not offer products of their own.
According to ASIC this company is in Adelaide.


Got Money FX has held a representative licence from ASIC and under Mark Power Financial Pty Ltd AFSL, since 01/11/2009.


Another business, Regent Markets Pty Ltd also hold a representative licence under MPF AFSL - since 24/06/2011.
According to the ASIC register this company has an address in Brisbane.

If a person has money to invest then they can afford an accountant who can interpret this information for them.

And help them find the right forms, regulatory body and correct company details in the event that their investment goes pear shaped.

Referring to the case Steve Callaway vs Apple Investment Company Pty Ltd

Mark Power Financial terminated Apple Investment Company as an authorised representative some time ago. As such we have no dealings with them and are not responsible for their activities or customer service.

I am unable to assist in any refund from this company, however I am more than happy to assist you and your lawyers in any recovery against the company by providing evidence of their activities and the numerous complaints against them.

I suggest that you pursue them accordingly and I provide below the following information to assist you and your lawyers;

I have been informed by ASIC that the director of Apple Investment Company cannot be located, but the Owner of the business and person who received all the funds from Apple Investment Company is one Stephen Keating, AKA Steo Keating, his contact numbers are as follows;

Mobile 0410 973 923 (try first)

Alternative Mobile 0431 364 111

Alternative Mobile 0450 920 506

Office 1800 898 848

Their correct office address is Level 13, 50 Cavil Avenue, Surfers Paradise. QLD 4217.

Mr Shane Andrews is also involved in these matters and should be accountable to customers of Apple Investment Company. His number is 0415 665 764

Mr Keating currently owns and runs Apple Solar and is currently involved in the selling of solar panels. See Apple Solar Green Energy :: Home phone 0413276090.

May I also suggest that you contact Mr Michael Featherstone of Phoenix Global. They are an excellent investigation agency on the Gold Coast who can assist you in locating the Apple Investment people for the service of any legal documents. They have assisted myself and many other dissatisfied customers of Apple with these types of complaints. His office number is 1300550475. Just mention that I sent you and its regarding The Apple Investment Company and I’ sure he will be able to assist you and you Lawyers.

I wish you the best of luck with these people and again, I am prepared to assist you and your lawyers in any way I can.

Kind Regards
Mark Power
Mark Power Financial Pty Ltd.

At the time of writing this Mark Power Financial Pty Ltd probably didn't have any dealings with Apple Investment Company Pty Ltd (referred to as 'this company').

What was the outcome of the Internal Dispute Resolution that he, Apple Investment Company and possibly FXCM Australia would have been expected to undertake under the AFSL requirements with complaints about the software FX Calibre and the claims made by Apple Investment Company staff in order to sell it to as many clients as possible?

Furthermore as this statement is authored by Mark Power for Mark Power Financial Pty Ltd he and or his company wanted us to understand that he couldn't get refunds out of AIC for us. The implication was that we would have to use a lawyer and MPF was happy to help with that.

What about those who could not afford a lawyer?

For those who cannot afford a lawyer or are unwilling to have to spend anymore money on this sorry affair, there is ASIC and FOS.

Involving either of these could show up as a dispute involving Mark Power Financial through the AFSL.

So it looks very likely that Mark will be having a few "dealings" with AIC before long as part of the dispute resolution process of which he is a member.

Our information is that there was a considerable amount of money in Apple Investment Company in some form and that it had gone missing.

Or maybe that was a red herring? We could be forgiven for being cynical.

We'd like Mark Power to give us more factual information on this situation -

Did Apple Investment Company owe him money too?

Did anyone find the money or Steo Keating?

Who were the directors of the company?

Where did the US AIC and Robert Henley fit into the picture?

And, above all, why did Mark Power think it was a good idea to authorise Apple Investment Company Pty Ltd as his representative?

It must have seemed like a good idea at the time.

What was the attraction?

What was the real game plan?

How did this scam go on for so long without his noticing anything wrong?

Why did it take until 4/4/2011 for him to pull the pin on the relationship and longer again to get his AFSL off the website - - in Australia anyway?

If a person has money to invest then they can afford an accountant who can interpret this information for them.

If only. Most people don't check with an accountant, lawyer, or investment counselor until it's way too late.

A little bit of research before turning over a cent is the best protection.

How did this scam go on for so long without his noticing anything wrong?

People WANT to believe.

Any bets on whether Agent Mulder lost his life savings to an investment scam? :D

I ran a WhoWas on APPLEINVESTMENTCOMPANY.COM. Looks like that same address and phone number have been used by them for quite some time. That's good news in terms of hunting down those behind the company.
Thanks, Pharoah. I didn't know about WhoWas.

I'm hoping that ASIC will order a full investigation.

There's talk of A Current Affair doing a story on all the Gold Coast investment scams.

There's just been an investigation into the Surfers Paradise police. I bet a lot more was talked that didn't make it to the media apart from drugs and their free cheeseburgers from Macca's. It's a tough beat. Most people on the Gold Coast stay clear of the place. It's for tourists - and investors apparently.

I think Mick Featherstone, head of Phoenix Global, used to work there amongst other places before he went out to do private investigations etc. Just a bit of trivia.

Could you please give me the link you used for Who Was?

I checked the phone number on the site but it's not listed in reverse Yellow Pages (YP).
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Stephen Keating

Hi Guys. I am the admin of victim900. I found your site by coincidence. Someone searching for a mobile phone number entered our site, being curious, I googled the number... this is what I found:

Something that we placed on our site (not published anymore)
We had an Ian of Apple Solar (ph 0413 276 090) offered his services to help one of our victims.

THEN You guys: --- which mentions a Stephen Keating ... same number as IANs..

AND THEN more threads....!!!
Again Stephen Keating is mentioned.

PS... We had the Courier Mail work with us on finding our conman Stephen Jones ... and our story ran on ACA... we have contact emails for both if anyone here is interested.

hello Kiwitrader

Apple Investment Company is all promises and guarantees, that is until you want that '24 month unconditional guarantee' because their fx calibre software doesn't work. It is amazing how a 'guaranteed' monthly return of 13% ends up a negative return as soon as you start trading.:confused:

you are absolutely right. I am agree with you.
Steo Keating lives on the gold coast with his wife.
He was on facebook until yesterday until i sent him a friend request.
He also ran LTC services (a very dodgy arbitrage trading scam) that shut down and the money seems to have disappeared. His best mate Sean Odalaigh then took over as registered director of LTC.
ODalaigh then started AIC International - which was a 100% scam.
Steo Keatings brother in law ran three other very dubious companies which also sold crap arbitrage trading software that just did not work - then they shut down and keep the money.
These guys all live the high life on money that isn't theirs.
Check out Sean ODalaigh on facebook (Adelaide) talks about his great mate Steo.
Check out Steo Hartnetts facepage - plenty of comments about her great brother Steo.
We have LOTS of information on these scammers which has gone to the fraud squad and the CCC and we have a large group of people preparing to take a Class Action against them.
There is ample evidence of fraud.
Have a nice day Steo