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My review on AvaFx from iran - i choose it because of prohibitng on iranian!

I start with 490 usd webmoney deposit and get 100 usd ramazan karim for muslim! ( They treat all middle east as muslims! )

Start with 590 usd, I see good order exucation in normal situations thaat is better from others i can choose like alpari nz.

While first-second days i turn it to a little higher but as bad trade and no risk management put it at about 200usd.

In the above trades in one situation i get resitance and continued OFF QUOTES withount any reasons that get me away from 100usd profit.

Again i start with it and turn it high till 1200usd! as few days 1 - 3! again start in the last day and turn live to 1400 but risk and loss at 100 usd!

I start the 100 usd and put it at 300 usd but again for risk get to under 100 usd and .... . At end i get negative balance 16!

Anyway, while i was in these trades and at 1200 usd and start, ava mt4 get offline and do not login for 5 minutes at least! (Time: 12.31.51 12.36.42 - 08/11)

After login i get amazing result! The chart data at least in one candle was wrong! ( I check with otherS chart data, I have screenshot proof )

SO, for the off quotes i sent email as angry subject FATMA call me that do not angry, your account manager will be on you soon with details!
( Nothing happen and i do not care to that because 100 usd just and was a future profit that because of IFF QUOTES not happen and result ib about 50 loss )

Anyway, i tried again Angry subject mail to account manager EBRAHIM! That was also good that nothing happen again!

I do not care to it and start trading after mails and no answer or just simple funny answers! ( Some emails that manger sent he did not receive!!! )

I start at 1215! Based on technical i risk but ... .

After i get negative balance again based on wrong technical analyze i tried another chart data and indicators and see differents data on others and ava!

I think that was because of wrong data on ava that do not care to answer me or JUST try to repair and correct the wrong chart data!!!

After negative, i try the EBRAHIM! he give me funny answers and after it do not answer me again after many emails!

I tried the email support@avafx.com and said i will on forum if no answer to me!

Some one as AMAR back to me as middle east manager! I again forward all mail to him! Again misunderstanding and ...! I expalin in below data again to him:


1- i do not get daily news!
2- in a day that i sent time of it, i get many OFF QUOTE! so cannot open position and again get open position as wrong as i get before it many off quotes so i THINK i lost about 50 - 100 due to that.
3- i had 1400 usd in balance, i trade and lost it till i get negative balance in 2 3 days! I first think it was from my bad management and ... but now i think that was because of wrong data provided by ava meta trader. You should see the pictures i attached, in a time i get offline from ava meta and then can just login after about 5 min! BUT is see a dramatically change in data on chart show and comparison chart to other brokers chart like fxcm even. the chart show a gap and some candles were different. then i check for pivot lines with the same indicators in other brokers chart, i see different lines!!!
Now, i want to know about the wrong data in chart in that time ( i was sent screenshots ) and also now think that i lost my most of the money due to wrong data that get me in wrong technical analyze!


After all mails, i dont receive another answer and again wait! After days and no answer and many mails from me! I open ava meta4 i see that negative balance corrected and i receive JUST 60 USD!

I write to them,

I,m still waiting for answers and reason to questions & issues i asked!

I see the 60 usd bonus in ava meta trader! Can i know the reason of it? is it refund?

Please first answer and explain the questions issues then based on them lets see should i get refund or not, and calculate the value of it! i lost from 1400usd!!!


Also some others data that the wrong data on that date affect them.

I am wait for exprienced ideas!

I ALSO VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH HIGH SPREAD! They just earn from me 3000 usd at 1 week i trade lots!
Euro/Cad 9pips!!!


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If you got stuck with too many requotes, why did you keep trading? A requote situation could be Ava's fault, or could be an issue with your connection or even a flaw in the MT4 installation.

Did that wrong candle cost you money on a trade?
The problems


The problem was not Re quotes!
Ava have good execution in normal conditions and just requote in news!

Anyway, the problem of one was OFF QUOTES that i THINK result to not allow me enter market so lost my trade and think about 100 usd! The another trade enter because of off quote that push me to enter in wrong trade ( May be my fault ) result 50 usd loss.

The main problem was when i got offline in another date for at least 5 minutes and then when logged i see different chart from others. you can see in pictures.

I have 1200 usd + 200 usd profit in progress that because of wrong data on chart that result in wrong technical analyze by indicators and me i lost most of them at 200 usd!

Then no answer from them! My fault i again start trade because of that i do not known that time that is was wrong data and analyze based on them! so again loss till negative balance!

After mails and mails! they do not answer me the reasons and data i want, but just add 60 usd as bonus! I LOST 1200 + 200 USD

100% Different pivot lines from a same pivot indicators in different platforms!
Some others have just some different but at AVAFX ...
What time frame are those pivots on?

Off quotes during news events would be common. If you really want to trade news, consider using pending orders.
trying to understand

Hey Cutteyboy,

I am trying to understand the screenshot's and don't see a significant, if any, difference in the price. I understand the first screenshot is on a demo account and the 2nd appears to be a live account, but could you let us know what candle the discrepancy is on?
Ou God


First i want to say please read my statement carefully ( May be long and bad english )

The Offquote was not on news time.

The all time frames get wrong data! because of wrong data on chart!

But after days and now i have may some true pivot lines of daily ones because not wrong data again happen,

The compliant is that when that happen i cannot understand it and do not know it so continue trade as because they do not also answer me that time relate to concern to data wrong.

So depend on that, when the data wrong and i have about 1200usd i get to trade based on wrong data technical analyze so loss most of them! THIS IS MY COMPLIANT.

If you check two pictures carefully, you will see the near latest candles! OK!

Also again i have about 15 25 minutes no connection or freeze while on trade with 6 usd they paid me against my 1200 usd loss!!!
And just after many mails, said me it will be fixed in minutes!!! BAD!

They just paid me 60 usd against my 1200usd! They accept and know that have wrong data and ... but do not want accept and paid me about the loss i have!

A freeze can be a real issue. This is one reason why you need to set a SL to cover yourself in the event of an issue.

Daily pivots will vary from broker to broker for a very good reason. Not all brokers start their "day" at the same time in a 24 hour market. You need to calculate them yourself or get a pivot indicator that allows you to set your own GMT offset. There's no forex broker in the world that will offer compensation based on other brokers having different daily pivots due to different GMT offsets.