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Problem Banc de Binary(bbinary.com) Issue

I am having an issue with a company


It is scam websote Banc De Binary - [url]www.bbinary.com | Online Binary Option Trading | Binary Option Broker | Digital Option Broker[/url] .Dont trade and loose money.I traded a pair of USD/JPY and it was visible in my open position while expiration time that I have earned 90$ cash and later it disappeared after expiration time.Later in portfolio I saw I have lost by 3 pips.So it was really disappointing.So I contacted support and they told same thing that I lost by 3 pips but I ask them why it was shown wrong info on your chart and order rates that I have earn and now it is different scenario and that support person never respond for 15 minutes after asking so many times (Are you there sir).
Later I contacted another chat person and below was there worst reply .It is pretty clear they are cheating as they might have earned from other people showing position which I saw and later earned from me too not paying from my cash.It is sure scam and reading below customer supporrt comment you will know they are cheating everyone.As I have never seen tll today online that customer support is helping and leave customer in between without any response and go for meeting(Good joke).How it is possible other people also in meeting.Please see below chat history and dont register at this scam website.

Chat person message copied below for your information :-

Welcome to Banc De Binary! An online Account Manager will be with you shortly. You are number 1 in the queue. Your wait time will be approximately 0 minute(s) and 30 seconds. Thank you for waiting.

You are not currently in a chat session.

You are not currently in a chat session.

All Account Managers are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An Account Manager will be with you shortly. You are number 1 in the queue. Your wait time will be approximately 0 minute(s) and 30 seconds. Thank you for waiting.

Hello and Welcome to Banc De Binary. You are now chatting with 'Customer Support'

Customer Support: Welcome to Banc De Binary (Banc De Binary - [url]www.bbinary.com | Online Binary Option Trading | Binary Option Broker | Digital Option Broker[/url] ). How may I assist you?

prema9860: Hi i was talking with Warnny and later no one was responding

Customer Support: Warren was just called to a senior staff meeting

Customer Support: he will return in about 15 minutes

prema9860: but he should respond ,I was waiting for his response for more then 15 min

prema9860: atleast he should have transfer it to another chat person

Customer Support: i wasn't availible at the time since I was also in a meeting

prema9860: ok can you please resolve my issue

Customer Support: i have had to excuse myself from that meeting

Customer Support: what is your issue?

prema9860: I had bougth pair usd/jpy by selling and at time of expiration I was able to see I earned 90$ and it got disappeared.Later in portfolio I was able to see I lost it

prema9860: how it possible

Customer Support: just give me a moment to check on that

prema9860: sure and waren told me i lost by 3 pips which I was also able to see in portfolio

prema9860: but when live trading was going on it was down and it was clearly visible till end I had earned 90$

Customer Support: i also see that in your portfolio

prema9860: but what about exeution which I saw

prema9860: live

Customer Support: i'm sorry, i don't understand the question

prema9860: I mean to say when expiration time was over it showed I earned 90$

prema9860: and it disappeared from my open postion

prema9860: and I though I earned

prema9860: later in my portfolio it showed i lost by 3 pips

Customer Support: i'm looking over the charts right now

prema9860: sure

Customer Support: and i see that at 17:32:12 the asset started to rise

Customer Support: and it did not return to your entry rate until 17:46

Customer Support: 1 minute after your option expired

prema9860: but how it showed everything opposite in your chart and eceution rate

prema9860: as even saw 76.446

Customer Support: do you have a screen shot of this?

prema9860: before expiration

Customer Support: because unfortunatly there is not much that I can do from my end unless i can see the issue or replicate it

prema9860: :) how I will have screenshot ,whether I know I will face this issue

Customer Support: the moment that you see something strange, you can take a screen shot and send it to support@bbinary.com

prema9860: Sir how I will know your chart are showing wrong info

prema9860: can you please elaborate

Customer Support: that's what i'm trying to ask you. i cannot help you if i cannot see the issue

Customer Support: you're telling me that everything was showing incorrectly, but i cannot replicate this issue, so i cannot help you

prema9860: As issue was from your site not from my side

prema9860: that what I was trying to say

prema9860: how it is possible for me to provide you snapshot and are you ready to acccept that your website shows wrong info

Customer Service: I understand. I cannot help you as you are a demo account.

prema9860: no it not a demo account

prema9860: I got cash from intelltraders

prema9860: and it is real money

prema9860: I have to talk with them too

Customer Service: You did not deposit any funds.

Customer Service: Good day sir.

Customer Service: Bye.

prema9860: Thanks for great support

prema9860: I will talk with intellitraders

prema9860: and blogs

Moderation Note: Banc de Binary has stated that Prema's issue was a misunderstanding involving a demo account.
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Can you clarify about how money was supposed to have been deposited?

It's a little hard to claim a scam over a possible error on a demo account.
I trade with BDB frequently. The only expiry that matters is what it actually expires at in the market. The screenshot you can supply, if you have it, is a screenshot from a broker, or two or three that shows an expiry different than what BDB says it is. I've done it one time and they reversed the trade. That screen showing ITM or OTM and the chart is slow and I never pay attention to it. Check your expiry versus broker feed and that's it. How many trades have you made with them? One problem does not spell scam...
I received cash bonus from intellitraders of 100$.So it is not a demo account.As per discussion with intellitraders it is not demo cash.Whatever you earn you can withdraw it.
You can read customer support replies in which they are telling a chat person went in middle of meeting without informing .How it is possible.I never seen such thing happen till now to which ever live support I had contacted.
I didn't loose any money as I received from intellitraders but just sharing truth as people who are depositing cash don't get cheated anymore.
Vincam,I cannot provide you all proofs as cannot login to bbinary.com .When I tried to login next day it was displaying message wrong username and password.I tried to retrieve my password twice and tried to login ,it was giving same error message always.I had 50$ left in my account.I already explained the same thing to support ,it was not possible for me to take snapshot at that time as I was not aware what I see in the chart as well as open postion till expiring time that I have won is all fake .A person can only think of taking snapshot of winning position if he know if he is being cheated from start else no one take snapshot of such thing.
I just shared whatever I saw and bad response from chat person to a customer.
I don't know whether it will be possible for me to prove it again by creating another account ,not to trade again but to take snapshot of such scenarios where they do cheating.As my guess is they might do such cheating in few trasaction to get hided and earn money .
I have shared my experience ,so taking risk of deposit and do trading is upto you people.
Do you have a broker feed from a MT4 broker? That is the screenshot you need, just scroll back and see what that broker says the expiry was on the candle in question. Just keep in mind, even with that if there was a very last second spike it could still go against you but if you have two or three other brokers showing different expirys than theirs, they will likely reverse it.
Banc De Binary.... Beware...

I opened a live trading account and a demo account. Transferred my funds via moneybookers... They told me "were giving you a bonus" of funds to trade in the live account (never did ask for this or expect it).... After trading the demo account found their to be several flaws and decided trading binary options and with this company was not for me.
I put in request to withdraw my inital deposit (my money) and was refused and told "had to trade the live account in order to get any of my money back". I refused to trade their system as did not trust it or anything anyone there said....
They claim to have a office at 44 Wall St. NYC (Trump Tower) sent a friend their and could not find them... the building manager said they were "frauds". Where is their exact office at anyone know??? Their not licensed in the usa to broker commodites. They put on a big front but are dishonest thiefs.... Anyone have any information please advise so something can be done...
Leo Brown e-mail: 4uoxygen@gmail.com
D Hondo, I think it would be worth giving the CFTC a phone call and asking their opinion on this.

One suggestion for the future - don't fund a live account with any broker until after taking a demo account for a test drive.
D Hondo,

I suggest you start a thread with your complaint here:

Binary Options Daily Forum | Binary Options Daily

BDB has reps that monitor this site and will address your problems. What happened with that bonus should not have happened, they claim that you have to sign a document to receive any bonuses, there should not be any "trick" bonuses. I run around over there at BOD also, I will be interested to see what they say about your bonus...
Banc De Binary Reply

Hello Forum Members,

I will reply to the above complaints accordingly.

My name is Jack Caine and I am the VP of Customer Relations at Banc De Binary. You may reach me at any time either by LiveChat, Skype, Email, Phone, ICQ, MSN, or Gchat. All of details can be found on the Banc De Binary - Binary Options | Binary Options Trading contact list. In case of an emergency, my personal mobile number is: +1-646-291-8934. :)

In regards to the above complaints -

Prema: You were provided a demo account. You did deposit any funds at any time into your Banc De Binary account. If at any point you were given or deposited funds into Banc De Binary, please inform me at once so that I may refund your hard earned money.

Regarding the rates: Our rates are not "our rates" nor are they controlled by us in any many. They are streamed 100% by Reuters Eikon. If you feel there is a discretion in the rate of the trade, you may request an official Reuters Chart screen shot. It will be sent right over by email. In your case, you were trading on a demo account. Unfortunately we cannot provide such services for a demo account.

Your chat with customer service seems to be tampered with. I have pulled up your last chat and there seem to be certain parts missing. I would ask that before you post company chats in the future that you post the COMPLETE chat and not the convenient parts for your claim. Please remember that every post on this site can cause tremendous damage to our reputation.

If you have further questions or problems - we are here 24/7. As always. :D

D Hondo: I actually have a lot of questions to help me solve your issues.

1. Were you given a trading bonus without signing the bonus terms and conditions?

2. Who was your personal broker?

3. What flaws did you find in our system?

4. Did anyone at Banc De Binary claim to be licensed by any financial governing body within the US?

5. Our address is 40 Wall Street, NY. 28th Floor. The office is always open, but does not accept walk ins. That is not our only office, as we have 3 more. Turkey, Luxembourg, Tel Aviv. Would YOU (not your friend) like a meeting at the NY office? and if so, for what purpose? Also, may I please request the name of the building manager that called us a "scam"? Funny enough our building does not have a manager that I know of.

6. Were you denied a withdrawal? And if so, do you have paperwork or an email sent by accounting showing the cancellation of your withdrawal? Its a system automatic.

Please answer these questions for me ASAP so I solve all of your problems.

Forum members: Banc De Binary is a respected institution. We do not hide behind behind a website. Everything is 100% transparent and clear. On the website you can find:

1. A full list of BDB managers, brokers, and board of directors.
2. The list includes phone numbers, emails, and more.
3. We are in the office 24/7 to solve every little issue you might have. You can contact in many many different ways. MOST METHODS ARE 100% FREE ON YOUR END.
4. If all else fails and the office burned down (all 3 of them), I got hit by a car, and our brokers took a gathered vacation - HERE IS THE CEO'S (OREN LAURENT) PERSONAL MOBILE NUMBER: +1-212-796-6912.

If there is anything I can provide to show you how transparent we are, please ask. Because if there is anything we are NOT, its a scam!

Thank You In Advance,

Jack Caine
VP of Customer Relations
Banc De Binary