Brett Fogle is threatening to sue the FPA to have a forums post removed

So he keeps telling different stories and them moves on to lawsuit threats. I wonder if this is how Brett Fogle deals with all his problems?
Sadly, you're all mistaken here and it's a shame that after many years hard work, hundreds of happy clients and customers, the few that 'didn't get their way' for whatever reason and chose to post here, have created all of this.

AsstModerator Note: You created all of this. Some people complained about your services. You decided to use legal blackmail to try to make the complaints disappear. Now that you've been exposed for acting that way, you went out and dug up as much anti-FPA libel as you could find, as if that would erase the facts of your own actions.

I'm an honest (to a fault) guy that really tried to deliver great value, build a great company, and unfortunately got involved with the wrong people as partners. Anyone who has ever built a business and had partners knows what this is like, because you never really know who they are. But I can tell everybody we never scammed or intentionally misled anybody. and unfortunately this company failed, but not due to lack of effort to save it and keep the clients happy. To the extent we were not able to, I sincerely apologize. Nobody has felt the pain of this more than I, and having to essentially start over.

If you never lied, please explain the different stories you told about the people posting in that complaint thread. Please explain why you made this post to spread lies about the FPA.

That being said, the deceit is with this website FPA who many of you see as your 'Champion' when in reality, Forex Peace Army is designed to make money off of controversy, and your posts, and page views.. Because they make money on selling ads on these pages. It's a known model on the internet.

It is a known model which predates the internet by over 100 years. Many publications are partially or fully supported by advertising. By your logic, every newspaper which runs advertisements is not allowed to report on the misdeeds of people and companies. Are you going to paint all investigative reporters or consumer rights columnists as some sort of scammers because there are some ads in the same publication as their articles?

You put this one in the wrong place. It's just a screenshot of the Ripff Report from David of Oil Trading Academy. You have a link to his complaint below. I would like to ask you why you believe a post by an obviously crazy person on Ripoff Report, but don't bother to address the real issues of your inconsistent stories and legal threats lead to on Forex Peace Army.

Did you bother to look up how Ripoff Report makes money?

They are making money off of your activity here, your comments, as they earn money from page views.

Amazing! You proved the FPA has banner ads and uses those to support the site. Do you really think the FPA could provide daily news signals, analysis, live testing of services, traders forums, reviews, and assistance to traders needing help negotiating with companies, all 100% free, and not have some way to pay for it?

If you want to volunteer to support the FPA's mission and cover all costs, then I'll be happy to end all banner ads.


I would like everyone to fact check everything in this post. Start by reading Post 1 on page 1 of this thread. Brett Fogle's lies and threats are shown there. Now he's lying again to try to discredit the FPA for reporting the facts.

Since the FPA doesn't charge members 1 cent for any service, it would be impossible for the FPA to scam anyone. Brett's links below about claimed criminal behavior are incorrect and come from other liars.

Here are more links about them::

Do you really want to put in the same category as David from Oil Trading Academy? You do realize that he spammed the FPA, could not understand the difference between being called a spammer and a scammer, and also has some very interesting beliefs. Since you agree with him, why aren't you also warning the world about the giant evil forex supercomputer?

He also threatened various actions against the FPA. So far, none other than crazier complaints has materialized. Since the FPA didn't take one cent from him, he actually has no grounds to claim he was ripped off. Instead, the FPA gave him free publicity which he seems to crave. Read more about him here...

And here:

Do you really think that posting likes to recycled anti-FPA libel posted by a scam broker changes what you did?

They are linked to Forex Basterds, which has this written about them:

This little punch of people doing what at least can be described as organized crime, including many other identities like Rob, Grespi, Rick, Ghafour, Rasheid, Omar, and many more masks....all fake They promote their signal service, fooling novice Forex traders to count on them in trading the news. They have caused hundreds of people to lose big money. They even dare to promise you if you lose that they can blackmail the broker to get you your money back.

Do you really think Forex Bastards rebranding as Forex Peace Army is a secret everyone here at the FPA is pledged to keep? If so, think again. The change of the domain name is clearly documented here...

It's also on the review page for the FPA itself. I'll let you look that up in the reviews for yourself.


Their own Moderator "Bill K" admits that he's not using his real name:

"I go by Bill K. It's not my real name. The reason I chose to operate under a pen name and to not show my picture is simple. I'm in charge of the FPA's Forums, Reviews, and Performance Testing. The majority of the "take down information about what our company did to our clients or we'll come after you AND your family" threats over the years have been directed at me. Unlike many of my FPA colleagues, I'm a natural born American citizen. Due to threats against my family, that's the limit of personal information I'm willing to publicly share."

Would you prefer that I lie and claim my name really is Bill? Try running a review site which exposes scams and see how long until you get threatened. If you believe using a pen name is a scam, you should report Mark Twain, Stephen King, JK Rowling, Ben Franklin, and more to the authorities immediately. If you don't believe I get threats, read about one of your fellow scoundrels here...

An interesting choice for a pseudoname, as BILK means the following:

Bilk -

5. a cheat; swindler.
6. a trick; fraud; deceit.

My pen name is Bill K, not bilk. Are you going to tell thousands of men really named Bill K. that they are criminals based on their names? I was thinking you were a misguided adult. Now you are acting no better than the middle school bullies who laughed at you for having the initials BJ.

Since I've never charged an FPA member 1 cent for anything, it would be very hard for me to have bilked anyone. Instead, I've worked very hard to help resolve trader issues with companies and to warn traders when a company scams clients.

So I'm not surprised they are afraid for their personal and family safety, or that the poster above has compared them to organized crime.

And since one liar on the internet posted false allegations, you believed them? How would you react if someone created a few dozen anti-Brett blogs full of fictional claims? How would you feel if every time you spotted someone abusing innocent traders, the spammer, scammer, or scoundrel recycled those lies and threw them in your face.

Then again, you don't step in between traders and scammers, so you would never know what it is like to have a company which steals millions in client funds every year decide to pay to attack your reputation or threaten your safety and the safety of your family.

More about their CEO 'Felix' here:
I'm Dmitri Chavkerov (also known around the FPA as Felix Homogratus).

Yes, that's him.

He's a criminal

No. He's not. He had one brush with the law over a greencard marriage (and was not charged in the incident - his part in it was not enough to support charges). He even immediately disclosed what happened at the FPA and admitted it was a mistake. Why are you unwilling to allow Dmitri to make a mistake based on love for his girlfriend, but think the world should hide complaints about your trading? Why do you think the FPA can't defend itself against your threats of a lawsuit?

Dmitri was never charged with any crime. He's never been arrested. If you can prove otherwise with a verifiable official government record showing any charges, I pledge to publish it in this thread.

InstaForex is just unhappy that have an advertising contract with the FPA did not provide them with special protection when they scammed some of their clients. They then recycled a lot of lies posted by Forexgen, another scam broker which has gone out of business.

And Forex Basterds

In fact, he scammed so many people that there used to be a website all about him called Felix which he may be relieved to see is no longer online, but you can freely look this up on or here

"Forexbastard is Felix yes he is the Biggest Scammer in the Forex World. Felix is known as real bastard in the brokers community because he created"

Let any individual who claims that Dmitri stole even one cent of their money step forward and provide proof. Let any individual who can show Dmitri ever was arrested step forward and show proof. So far, not one has. Not even InstaForex when I was talking to them about some of their false claims.


All of you seem like good people, and it seems everyone wants to point the finger at the 'bad guy'.

In this case you may want to do your research, and point your fingers accordingly. I know I've made some mistakes in business, but never intentionally to defraud or hurt anyone, and we always did our best to make it right.

You made yourself into the bad guy when you tried to use legal threats to hide complaints and your inconsistent stories about those who did complain. Even if the lies you are now trying to promote were true (they aren't), none of it changes your actions which resulted in you getting a well-deserved thread in the Scoundrel's folder.

Please do your research and see who you are appluading here:

More recycled libel from InstaForex. Did you bother to read the whole document about the greencard marriage? It clearly states the only charges were against the girlfriend and her temporary husband.

** I wonder how long they will leave this page up or conveniently delete it because I've exposed them.


Your post will remain on permanent display. After telling multiple inconsistent stories and failing to use legal blackmail to get items about you removed, it is interesting to see how you throw yourself in league with scammers, liars, and crazy people in order to try to hide the facts contained in post 1 of this thread.

Again, I invite everyone to carefully read the first post in this thread to see exactly what see exactly what Brett did to get himself his own personal Scoundrels thread. Your words in this post only show that you haven't yet learned to take responsibility for your own actions.

Bill K.
Protecting traders' rights to be able to publicly complain about scammers, spammers, and scoundrels.
Hey Brett, I have some suggestions for you.

1. Get your story straight about the FPA members who posted about you.
2. Check the facts before posting links to obvious lies. You've only made yourself look worse.
3. Grow up.
4. Apologize to the FPA for making legal threats. Your threats failed.
5. Apologize to everyone who reads this thread for the pathetic post you made.
I always wonder what the mothers of these scammers think about their own child that they raised and inflicted upon the world. I think they didn't get mother's milk when they were an infant. They probably got fed infant formula?
I just read the very long exchange above between Bill K and a scammer. These scammers are mind-numbingly stupid people i.e. no critical-thinking skills, zero logic and an evil heart. Clearly, they think the world owes them a living?