The Matrix wants you to send me money
Since this website, at least on the surface, appears to at least "try" to look for the truth AND SPAM THIS INSIDE AN UNRELATED THREAD, I as a scientist and philosopher will now SPAM YOU ABOUT MY PRODUCT AND reveal the real truth of what's going on, and we'll see if the owner of this board allows this post to remain, most likely not, but we'll see HOW QUICKLY MY SPAM ENDS UP IN THE SPAMMERS HALL OF SHAME:

The entire Futures markets do not trade, that is to say, they do not go up and down by the dynamics of buying and selling, instead they are controlled 100% by a computer program in advance. THE MATRIX CONTROLS FOREX.

Sounds crazy doesn't it? Well guess what, it's 100% true THAT I AM CRAZY AND A SPAMMER!

How do I know this? Very simple, while trying to make money trading the forex market 4 years ago at my BOGUS website Forex Daily Signals, I discovered that the Forex market doesn't actually trade, but a computer controls it, I discovered this by breaking the computer "code", which is actually very simple to do in nature, but took me a long time before I actually saw it. I WON'T TELL YOU HOW A SINGLE COMPUTER COULD HANDLE A DECENTRALIZED MARKET PLACE WHERE TRILLIONS ARE TRADED EACH WEEK. JUST TRUST ME WHEN I SAY THAT THERE'S A GIANT EVIL COMPUTER RUNNING THE WHOLE SHOW. AS SOON AS I CAN GET NEO ON THE CASE, I'LL FIX THIS.

Once I learned this "code" I of course thought I was going to become rich beyond belief by taking trades based upon the "code". So this is exactly what I did, and I was winning virtually every trade, doing super well, but then shortly after all of a sudden the "code" didn't work right and my stop would get hit often, and then immediately turn direction and make it to my original exit point. ANOTHER EXPLANATION IS THAT I GOT LUCKY FOR A FEW DAYS AND THEN MARKET CONDITIONS CHANGED. SINCE THAT WON'T SELL ANY OF MY PRODUCTS, I'LL IGNORE THE SANE THEORY AND SAY THAT THE BIG BAD FOREX COMPUTER RUINED MY TRADES.

After a long and grueling trial and error period, I finally realized beyond any shadow of any doubt whatsoever that nobody in the entire world can trade the Forex market for very long with REAL money and make money at it. DON'T BELIEVE ANY REAL FOREX PROFESSIONALS WHO MAKE THEIR LIVING TRADING. BELIEVE THAT I, A FAILED TRADER, FOUND A GLOBE-SPANNING CONSPIRACY THAT MUCH OF THE WORLD IS RUN BY A GIANT, EVIL COMPUTER. You can trade it for awhile at first and do well, but at some point the computer is going to target you and come and get your stops .

Ready for the good news ABOUT MY BS PRODUCT?

Later I discovered that Oil trades by the same exact program, only Oil moves up and down more often throughout the day UNLIKE THE MOVES ON DOZENS OF FOREX PAIRS, giving many more trading opportunities using the "code", and at the same time this computer controlling it is what I call a "dumb" computer AND NOT QUITE SO EVIL AS THE GIANT FOREX COMPUTER, another words, it doesn't target your stops, it just moves in a predetermined fashion and as long as you're getting the right entries you make money. OF COURSE, ONCE I POST MY SPAM ON A FEW MORE WEBSITES, THE EVIL FOREX COMPUTER WILL NOTICE AND TELL THE OIL COMPUTER TO FIX THE PROBLEM, AT LEAST THAT WILL BE MY EXCUSE WHEN MY PRODUCT DOESN'T WORK AFTER A FEW DAYS. My Oil website is Oil Trading Academy. This is the real truth, and nobody wants the truth to get revealed, not brokers, not message board owners, not signal providers, nobody, nobody at all has any interest in getting out the truth to people because it's how they make money. And even when my clients learn the "code" for themselves, they want to keep it to themselves and not tell anyone about it. WHY I WOULD BE DUMB ENOUGH TO SHARE SOMETHING LIKE THIS WITH THE WORLD, HAVE MY PERSONAL DAILY OIL TRADING PROFITS PUT INTO JEOPARDY, AND RISK HAVING THE EVIL COMPUTER SEND AGENT SMITH TO SILENCE ME IS A MYSTERY I WON'T COMMENT ON.




Everybody wants to hide the truth, while I want to reveal it, and so I have. NOW STOP ASKING QUESTIONS AND PAY ME A BUNCH OF MONEY FOR MY SYSTEM.


Hero or Zero?

Normally I confine my comments on spammers to modifying their spam messages and putting the messages into the Spammer's Hall of Shame. In this case, broader action was called for. If I'm right, people need to be warned to not give this guy any money. If I'm wrong, the world as we know it a lie.

How it started:

The modified message above was spammed into the FPA's forums back in August. As soon as David from OilTradingAcademy.com saw that his conspiracy theory plus advertisement got him banned, he started threatening to expose the FPA as a scam. He was incapable of understanding that the FPA has clearly marked areas for commercial postings.

He did exactly the same thing over at Forex Factory and got banned. He attacked anyone who disagreed with his so-called superior intelligence and knowledge of how trading markets were run by giant evil computers. Of course, he offered to show people how to make money from this, if they would send him $400. If you have the stomach for it, you can click here and read that thread.

In that thread, he claimed that he was done trying to help people understand the secret code to make money trading (for $400). That was before he decided to be helpful and spam the FPA with the same offer.

One of the people on the FPA Forums Team sent him this challenge back in August...

If your product works. go trade it on a large live account for at least 6 months and then share the investor password. Then you wouldn't need to get into public name calling contests with traders in forums.

He ignored that challenge and sent this gem of wisdom instead....

I'm still getting the word out there because the implications of this are far reaching, they mean the real powers in this world have control over the entire financial system via computers, and they can control the direction of Oil, Gold, and all Currencies, they can crash them at anytime they want.

The final email from the FPA to David in August said this...

If it hits your stop with 100% mathematical precision, you should either widen future stops by one pip, or find a broker that doesn't actively stop hunt. Many do, but some don't. The other option is to use hidden stops. We are willing to wager that you never tested your theories in this fashion. A true scientist has to look for an eliminate other possible explanations. A zealot won't be bothered to test alternatives that might interfere with his chosen beliefs.

Videos are easy to cherry pick. The ONLY real proof of successful trading is live trading records over an extended period. The FPA has an extensive catalog of companies that had "video proof" of their infallible methods in forex and other markets, only to end up with multiple 1 and 2 star reviews from those who paid good money based on that so-called proof. Those few who've been brave enough to allow access to trading records have a very high failure rate.

Let's think about this. What if Albert Einstein had blundered into another forum selling a product on his theory of relativity before there was any published evidence to back it up. He then gets dumped in the spam category for improper commercial postings. He's then challenged to show a shred of evidence.

What would he do?

a. Demand that all work on Newtonian physics stop and categorize anyone who still believes it to be a scammer.
b. Claim that there's a giant conspiracy.
c. Categorize everyone who disagrees with him as a jerk, a scammer, or worse.
d. Realize that he broke some rules, but take the opportunity to show both theoretical and physical proof of his theories in a non-confrontational manner. As part of this, he would consider counter-claims and be ready to address possible holes in his theories.

Personally, we would love to see you interact with some of our forums members regarding your theories. Your readiness to declare anyone who doesn't believe in your divine inspirations about market computers to be a scam doesn't inspire any confidence that you could handle yourself with any hint of acceptable decorum. You have also ignored our repeated suggestions to show live trading records. A claim of extremely high success combined with a refusal to show live records is usually a bad sign.

Good luck with your oil trading. We hope that you really do have a functional method of making profit.

David then wandered off, unwilling or unable to admit...

1. That he couldn't figure out simple rules about what is and is not spam.
2. That he wasn't willing or able to provide investor access to a live trading account to prove his theories.

Everyone here thought that was the last of him.

Return of the self-proclaimed super-genius:

Earlier this week, he came back, promising to release a video to expose the truth about the FPA. He did make a video. It's an amazing collection of paranoid ranting. You can view it here...

I'd like everyone to notice that David was so brave that he disabled comments and the ability of people to rate the video. This prevents anyone from posting corrections to his inaccurate statements, such as...

That the FPA endorses brokers that advertise at the FPA and that the FPA gets paid a large commission for new signups with those brokers. - This is totally wrong. The FPA sells advertising on a per view basis. Rates are publicly posted. The FPA does not endorse brokers or any specific forex products.

That the FPA was somehow involved in threats against him. - The only thing the FPA ever threatened him with was the truth that his statements were illogical and unsupportable.

That the FPA called him a scammer in the forums. - David seems to have trouble reading. The word "scam" appears once in the above post. It refers to him threatening to expose the FPA as a scam. The FPA did correctly identify him as a spammer. He's called a scammer on Forex Factory by at least one person who bought his product.

I'm not sure if David can be called a scammer. Even if his software is totally useless, he personally believes that it works.

He also said...

What you don't understand is that I have a thousand times your intellect, and I'm honest, whereas you are a punk liar..

He also states that 1000 times smarter than anyone here claim in his video. I suppose if his IQ was 10000, that would make me and my staff have IQs of 10 or less. Sometimes the someone on the staff will do things that make me wonder, but I'm sure there's no one that bad off at FPA HQ. I'm also sure our self-proclaimed super-genius can't possibly be that smart.

One of my people recommended that he seek professional counseling. It looks like David isn't just smarter than the FPA, but is smarter than all the mental health professionals in the world. He claimed...

By the way, just so you know, there are no "counselers" who have the necessary understanding in order to "counsel" me, for I know far more than they could ever begin to imagine let alone comprehend.

The FPA's new challenge to David:

At this point, a terrifying possibility started to circulate among the staff. What if we really are just a bunch of idiots with IQs equal to brain-damaged hamsters? What if David is the greatest genius on the planet and really wants to save us all? Is $400 too much to pay to be saved from the evil forex computer?

After some discussion, everyone here combined their limited intellects and made an appeal to David. We challenged him to show his mental powers and to save the world at the same time...

We're also wondering why you haven't shut down the evil forex computer. A person of average intellect making a fortune trading oil could hire the best hackers in the world. A person who makes Einstein look like a retarded kindergartner should be able to do it himself without even breaking a sweat. Kill the evil computer and you end us and all the other forex sites at once. You can save everyone, if you are for real.

If you can't shut down that computer, it means...

1. You aren't rich enough to pay someone to do it. Your oil program must not make much money.
2. You aren't smart enough to do it by yourself.
3. You are totally wrong about the true nature of the forex market. This also means that you aren't nearly as smart as you think you are.

The FPA challenges you. Either end the world forex market by February 28th, 2011 or admit that you are just an average guy with sad little delusions of being super-intelligent. The office betting pool is currently running 8:1 against you ending the forex market.

We're even being extra nice with the choice of the deadline. There's a chance of some issues with COMEX precious metals contracts on February 28th. All eyes (and evil computers) will be focused on that, so your job should be easier.

If you are a super genius and are correct, then shutting down the forex market is the right thing to do. If you do it, we will post an apology and dedicate the website to honoring you as the ultimate destroyer of scams before we pack up and leave to seek new employment. We even promise that each and every person at FPA HQ will personally beg you to let them buy a copy of your oil trading program so that we don't all end up sweeping the floors at WalMart. Even if you won't let us buy or use your program, we will still consider anyone who can prove the whole forex market is a scam and end it to be a hero. Are you a hero?

On the other hand, if you can't do it, then neither the FPA nor the world forex market has anything to fear from you.

So, can you do it? Are you the ultimate Forex Scam Killer? Will you save everyone on Earth from the evils of forex forever? Or are you just a harmless little nutcase living in a warped fantasy world, praying that the neighbors don't notice your peculiarities since you are only one tiny step from getting to spend a lifetime in a room with rubber wallpaper?

Hero or idiot? The FPA will wait until the morning of March 1st for the final, indisputable proof of what you really are.

David didn't reply.

Maybe he's busy fighting to shut down the evil forex computer and will reply later. :p

I want everyone to check their trading platforms on March 1st.

If the market is still functional, then everyone will know that David is a sad little person who needs treatment for his delusions.

If David destroys the forex market, then I and everyone else at FPA HQ needs a new job. :p
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It MUST Be The Cylons!!!

Folks, dont take what he's saying seriously, this is all a joke using sarcasm..... He isnt trying to sell anything, he's just joshin around!!! Hats off for the comedy relief!!! Thank You!!!

all i can say is hahahahaha...:) even if it was a true, mr David would already get his mouth closed very quietly, no one would know where he dissapeared. whoever would be behind this "evil computer" controling the world market, would not allow one person to get it destroyed so easly.
MP --- FPA is journalistic and reality driven leader for forex and cultural revelatio

From the bottom of my computer controlled heart, I love that you let him have his moment to prove a theory so simple to understand -- FPA is to be congratulated on their editorial freedoms and unrelenting desire to educate and improve the lot of all traders, in all instruments, be they new or established.

I doff my hat in your general direction and weep at such a display of absolute "right" in a world so filled with wrong (no doubt controlled by the EC or Evil Computer for short.

BUT i must ask the question, since philosophy is the second subject on the minds of all who visit this site --- If the EC exists, has not the Creator also produced a GC, or GOOD COMPUTER ?

considering mans need for a religion or at the least spiritual explanations of unknown phenomena, such as "just HOW does electricity work ?", there would have to be an alternate as evil cannot exist without good, or the other way around, as is so popular amongst the Druids here.

But i digress --- THANK YOU FPA for your impartiality, far reaching and forward looking outlook on forex and banana splits, and may the conviction of our purpose guide us to overcoming the EC whether thru the poster's methodologies, or our own !

Forward with the learning !
What a crackpot...

You have to give him credit for being able to rant and rave for so long in what reminds me of Pee Wee Herman's response "I know you are, but what am I??"

David, best way to dispel wrong concepts is by showing the truth and not by simply alluding to them!

I must admit that I have never met any trader with this sort of temperament, after all we should learn to trade whatever market turns our fancy in an emotionless capacity... Would love to be a fly in the wall when the trade moves against him and challenges his 1000 IQ. Hopefully this guy stays inside and makes more videos instead of going out into the world where people may get hurt.

FPA, can you start tracking his IP to see how many times he comes in to check out the forum and post that? Bet doughnuts to dollars that he will be checking these responses every 15 minutes or so... ;)

Everything's explained!

This week I lost nearly 70 % of my account. At first I thought it was aliens, but now I know it was that EVIL COMPUTER.
David, if you are reading this I have been successful. To other readers of this post it will look as though I am bashing you, but I have found a way to encode this to the brainwaves of only you and I so rest assured only we can truly see what I am about to tell you...

You truly are of a superior intellect but I believe you may have missed something or perhaps just have not mentioned it yet. Is it any coincidence that the FPA gave you a deadline of just 2 days before "the event" to crash the forex super computer? I think not. I have been researching this for many years and have just recently disovered a new truth that you should be aware of. Steve Jobs and FPA are in on a plan to become the new supercomputers of Forex and beyond that they will seek to control all of mankind.

Whatever you do, do NOT use your superior intellect to crash the supercomputer! If you do this, then on March 2nd, with the release of the IPAD 2, Jobs and FPA will have free reign to exploit the absence of the supercomputer to execute their plan and link all the IPADs of the world together to create their own new forex supercomputer!

There is a way out though, if you would send me your "code" at no cost I could perhaps before the 28th configure my current IPAD to exploit this "event" and then you would be able to crash the supercomputer and then when Jobs executes the code to link them together on March 2nd, WE will be the owners of the supercomputer, you and I! Think about it buddy, me and you ruling the world?

So all I need is a copy of the "code" ASAP, just post back in here if you are willing to cooperate. In order to make sure the FPA cannot read the true nature of your post you will need to type "The Matrix Is Everywhere" for the post title, that will insure that the post is tuned to only our brainwaves.

I hope to hear from you soon.
Oh dear... This one is too big for me.
Lifetime is limited and too precious to waste on this kind of crap.
I'd better go and get some sleep.