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Problem Capital One Forex scam

I am having an issue with a company



I opened a trading account with Capital One Forex broker in 2014 august, being naive and not doing enough research ended me up to a situation that I am now.

I knew that they would give all my money in one withdrawal request. So I tried to make a small $300 withdrawal request 25th May. Three days later, there had not been any transfer to my Skrill account, on the homepage it is said that within three business days the transfer will be done. On 28th May I contacted the support, they told me that too many transfers are going on, transfer will be done 1st June. I asked again on 1st June then they told me that they had problems with payment mehtod providers, try again on Thursday 4th June. Guess what, still not done.

Currently I'm following these instructions

Next step is to send complaint to GM.

My account nr is 97258

I have pdf of my account statement, and chat copy of last support conversation.

I wonder has anyone ever got their money back from COF.
Like some other scam brokers, I think Capital One Forex picks one random winner per month to get paid. They they can point to that person and claim it proves the company isn't a scam.
Currently the General Manager hasn't answered to my e-mail.

Support manager still telling me that there's a problem with Skrill. When I asked for General manager contacts (because not sure if the one I found was right), support wanted me to explain problem to him and only gave me the finance department e-mail.

Right now I have 3 conversation transcripts to prove that I have been told now for 5 times that contact us another day, and for safety my account statement.

I couldn't find the regulation from their homepage, and on CYSEC there was no such company name as capital one forex. Should I turn to cyber police?
I added some customer manager conversations-


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Everytime I chat with client support I have been told that I will be contacted soon, my account manager will contact me, send e-mail to my account manager Mackim, but yet nobody has contacted me. I wonder if I will ever get my funds.
I'm not scam

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