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What happened:

On Dec 2020, I met a Chinese guy whose name is Sean, Chinese name is Li Luoyang thru online dating app coffee meets bagel, after chatting for a few days, he invited me to continue chatting on WhatsApp. He claimed to be from Zhejiang province, China. He has been working in the United States for 5 years, doing import and export trade job. He is currently on a business trip in New York, but he lives in Boston, and will meet once he is back to Boston.

His WhatsApp account is +1 (813) 609-7591. Based on Li's profile on CMB, he is 32 years old, graduated from Ningbo University in China, and works in import and export trade (this information may be fabricated, but the police have not verified the information yet).

Through the chat, Li told me that doing investments can make big money, especially trading cryptocurrency, because it is the future. He said he has been trading crypto currency for many years and has accumulated a lot of experience and fortune. he claimed he has set up algorithms to trade in the crypto market and making 100% profit, his algorithms won't fail. He persuaded me to invest along with him, so I can make profits too. And financial freedom won't be a dream anymore. He also said that he used to own a lot of money when he failed his own business before, but he paid off the debts using the money he earned through trading digital currency. He repeatedly encouraged me to deposit more money and to borrow from the banks, so that I can make a lot of money and do what I want to do. I am so stupid and let him talked me into it, I took several loans from different banks.

Li guided me to open an account on scam crypto broker CoinPal (coinpalex.site) and claimed that the platform is in Singapore. However when I checked the IP address of this website, the server is actually located in the United States, but the WhatsApp number of the customer service person is from Singapore. I induced by Li and deposited US$1,100 to the bank account provided by Coinpal customer service on 12/09/2020, and then borrowed money from the banks, and deposited another US$12,000 on 12/16/2020, US$4,000 on 12/21/2020. $35,000 USD on Dec 24,2020. When I tried to withdraw funds in January 2021, customer service person asked me to pay $16,000 US dollars of capital verification funds in order to withdraw, also promised that they would deposit both capital verification funds and my principal into my bank account in two separate transactions. After the payment of the capital verification funds, Coinpal customer service made an excuse saying they had a large number of clients requesting withdrawal, but I am not a VIP member and I need to wait in a line, if I want to become the VIP member and enjoy the fast withdrawal, I need to deposit another 20000k to upgrade to VIP. I did not upgrade, and they never returned my capital verification funds and principle. Li disappeared and lost contract after I submitted the withdrawal request with scam broker Coinpal as well. During the period from February to March, I tried to contact the customer service several times asking about the withdrawal status. The customer service said that I was still waiting in a long line, and they don't have a set date when they would be able to return my investment funds. Until today, I still haven't gotten my money back, and CoinPal customer service is not responding anymore. I realized that I got scammed and the scammer stole my money. I am a victim of romance scam and wire/investment scam. I lost in total 681000 dollars and most of it I borrowed from the banks and now having a difficult time to paying back. Both Li and customer service person already blocked me on what's app and disappeared.

I also contacted Singapore Monetary Authority, they said CoinPal is completely unlicensed, unregulated scam exchange platform.

CoinPalex.site also did maintenance multiple times, and erased my trading records and the conversation history with customer service person. This scammer opened all the mule bank accounts at the same EWB branch (Address: 9300 Flair Drive, 4th Fl.El Monte, CA 91731), I suspected all those accounts are being used for money laundering.

Scammers Profile Link:
mobile login:

Reference Link:
Coinpal is a scam because also I found another website
goldencoreex.com has exactly the same contents as
coinpalex.site , and multiple users reported goldencoreex is a scam. If Coinpal has the same website contents as goldencoreex , and goldencore is a scam, both websites are owned by the same group of scammers



Amount Scammed:
Payment Method:
Bank wire transfer to the person bank accounts they provided, then they put fake numbers in their platform
PM/Chat Logs:
Part of the Chat history with Coinpal Customer service,

[2/26/21, 8:09:33 AM] Coinpal Customer Service: Due to the large number of verification personnel, the technical department said that it will inform you as soon as possible after completion. Please understand the inconvenience caused!
[2/27/21, 10:42:15 AM] Me: Hello, customer service. I am queuing up for withdrawal. Will the loss of maintenance information of this app affect the withdrawal progress?
[3/8/21, 9:09:40 AM] Me: Hello, are you there
[3/8/21, 9:10:22 AM] Coinpal Customer Service: Due to the large number of verification personnel, the technical department said that it will inform you as soon as it is completed. Please understand the inconvenience caused!
[3/8/21, 9:11:01 AM] Me: Can you check if I will withdraw funds next week?
[3/8/21, 9:11:36 AM] Me: I have a deposit and I am waiting
[3/8/21, 9:18:03 AM] Me: Last time I said that I was ranked 38th. I should be here this week. That's why I asked
[3/8/21, 9:18:12 AM] Coinpal Customer Service: Due to too many verification personnel, please be patient!
[3/8/21, 9:20:32 AM] Me: Will the documentary function be restored?
[3/10/21, 9:08:20 PM] Me: Hello, I want to ask if there is any update?
[3/10/21, 9:11:33 PM] Me: Because I cannot make any transactions during the withdrawal period, I applied for the withdrawal in January and was told that the withdrawal will be completed in March and the transaction can be resumed. Can you help me see if the service provider has queued me up?
[3/14/21, 11:14:38 PM] Me: Hello. Can't you still check my withdrawal status for me now?
[3/15/21, 9:35:47 AM] Me: Hello
[3/15/21, 9:38:13 AM] Me: Is it still impossible to trade during the withdrawal period? Can i make some trades
[3/17/21, 9:59:04 AM] Me: Hello. Are there any updates?
[3/23/21, 2:58:31 PM] Me: Hello. Can you check my withdrawal application for me? Have been waiting for weeks
[3/23/21, 10:39:05 PM] Me: Hello. Are you not giving money?
[3/24/21, 7:27:35 PM] Me: Hello. Has my January withdrawal application been verified? Is it possible to withdraw money now in March? I don't want to keep asking, but I have been waiting for two months. I also mentioned the middle of March.
[3/29/21, 10:01:42 AM] Me: Hello.

Additional Notes:
customer service phone number is located Singapore, and the platform claims they are located in Singapore, but their host is located in US
there is no way to know where they exactly are, no address or phone number
Via whats app to communicate with customer service person: +6591414804
Thanks for the update, can go ahead and invite a company to this thread?
Yes. I am not sure how to invite a company to the thread, seems this scammer even can't be searched on google, have to access it thru its direct URL: coinpalex.site. But someone added it on trustpilot.

I have wired transferred money to below Recipients, and until now I have not gotten my funds back. Addresses provided by Coinpal customer service for below recipients are all fake.

Recipient name:zongyuan ji

Email: xai9756@gmail.com

Mobile: +16622280835
Transferred amount: 16000 dollars

Recipient name : zhouyi tian
Email: tt8232@gmail.com

MB: +15056750666
Transferred amount: 35000 dollars

Recipient name : weiwei ding

Email: weiwei@gmail.com

Recipient name : yuhao chu
Email: yoke11@gmail.com - this email given to me is wrong, does not exist

MB: +18057652999
Yes. I am not sure how to invite a company to the thread, seems this scammer even can't be searched on google, have to access it thru its direct URL: coinpalex.site. But someone added it on trustpilot.

Read the above instructions carefully.