FXPMarkets.com withdraw problems


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Of course.
I told him that this thread would remain active untill I get my accountbalance transfered to my account.

The ETA he is referring about was 'a few weeks' for a simple withdraw.

FXPMarkets is still unreachable to me, they still don't pick up the phone, emails to the accountmanager-, info-, compliance- etc. are unanswered, and I still get an error when I try to login to the client area.
David Greenbaum seems to be the only person left working there.
Share the reply with us when you receive from them :)


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Hello Gertjan,

I have just received your invitation to the FPA.

Please note that as long as the review & thread are live, the timetable to review your case will extend.
According to the company protocol, we need first of all need to stop handling the case and only review it initially for commenting in forums.
Do let me know by tomorrow morning if you plan on leaving them online so I could rearrange my time and work priority accordingly.
On a personal note, we have already been in communication and therefore, the thread only adds work to my desk which is already swamped as I stated initially.
Like every respectable company, I gave you an ETA for a response but I assume that wasn't enough for you.
Best Regards,

David Greenbaum
Phone: +44-208-089-1313
Fax: +44-203-905-2855
Email: DavidG@FXPMarkets.com
A scam broker threatening it's clients they won't pay if you complain online.
They should know better!


so this irresponsible broker has not updated you any specific reasons for the extended delay? 3 weeks is a very long delay !
The entire company is unreachable, except David Greenbaum.
No phone, no email, Facebook, whatever.
I tried to Google their Office adress, it hosts over 80 c9mpanies.
Go figure.

The owner of FXPMarkets; CFM Solutions has as a Office adress;
20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU
When you Google that, there are over 40.000 companies listen.

Sooner or later ms. Stephanie Campbell has to answer some questions I guess.


Note the difference between the accountnumber on the withdraw confirmation and the accountnumber in the email below that tells me to re-install MT4 (from another provider) and login with totally different credentials.


Maybe you should contact their regulator
Have you tired that ?
They are unregulated as far as I can tell.
They state that they are regulated by VFSC, and even provide a link to a pdf with their name n it.
On VFSC’s website however, there is a newer list of ‘members’ without their name on it.