GUILTY Case# 2011-070 | shizzler vs

Based on the available evidence, do you believe that ECNTradeFx is guilty?

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I think getting the same person more often than not is a pretty good clue . no matter the business I can seldom get the same person even if I have their name and ext. # etc. feels like a group of scammers.

Laurie Gold

Unfortunately, I know from first hand experience, with Intelfx, that New Zealand simply does not enforce any of it's regulations. Stay after them and warn your fellow traders.

Alone, you are just another unhappy trader. Together, we are an army.
Note: The spelling of their supposed home town (Wellington spelt Willington) is incorrect. This reminds me of a previous case a few weeks ago. Its seems Asian brokers are using/targetting New Zealand as a place to setup brokerages. Also note their home address, its basically a suburb of a small town, I suspect if you went there you would find a garage. Beware of hastily constructed websites which claim to be from an English speaking country but is punctuated with spelling mistakes!!

Pete B

Crooks, Fraudsters

No doubt that these guys are crooks, and as someone has said, New Zealand, unlike Australia, appears to be able to do nothing about these crooks. We, the FPA, need to make sure that their rating is "scam", as it appears that they are not going to give Shizzler back his money.


The way I see it is if they do not give my money and steal it, I want to AT LEAST cause them that amount of damage and more! I will post on every broker rating and review site over and over, so that they lose hundreds of potencial new investors! ( Or should I say new VICTIMS!)


I contacted live help again today! Today they said, that the bank is rejecting to send funds. They will contact me and let me know when the problem is resolved at last! It makes me so ****** Frustrated!!!!!!!!
Bad karma

I'm sorry you're going through this shiz :unhappy:. I hope you get your money back.

But if not. I hope it'll bring you some peace knowing that eventually, everyone will get what they deserve. I voted guilty.

I still hope you get your money back.

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