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Hello to everyone, I'm an investor who believed in the system as far as I did but then I came across with the failure of i2investments and today I suffered a lowcostforex scam along with everestea. In fact, long ago seeing the positive results of everest and, I contacted them, and they have convinced me to open at lowcost. AEverestEA managed my account, and earned it very well. He then invited me to make an account upgrade, which I quickly made to have a MAM account. The account continued to earn, until I asked for the first withdrawal of just 2500 euros. Immediately after the problems started, on the same night, everestEA has done crazy operations over the past operations done here, losing all the capital , and leaving only the bonus quota, so I got a lowcost mail saying that I could not pick up anything.
These two parties agree with each other to cheat investors.
I ask for help to get my money back to the FPA community. I'm destroyed and devastated in just 5 junks I lost 100k .... I'm hungry, help me, these people should be in jail and you can help me recover and make them stand in their place. I ask for help from the staff. And so far, lowcost has never updated the bill and turned it on to me


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On August 30, 2017, I represented to the broker my fears about using my MAM account, not in line with my assertion by my EA. So I asked for access to my account control panel, because I wanted to withdraw all my money. The MAM account control panel was not accessible to me, and the broker told me they were fixing the problem. So I tried to block the use of the mt4 platform on 1.9.2017 using the passwords I was provided and confirmed by the broker, to change the password and block access to my EA. I tried 17 times without being able to do it. It was clear that September 1 was Friday. I resigned to resume Monday morning 4th September to find a way to block access or take the funds out of the account.
When in Italy it was still the night of September 4, several major leverage operations were carried out before, causing a dry loss of $ 57,000, all my capital. In the morning of my awakening, going to check my account I saw what had happened.
I also believe that there is an agreement between EA and the broker, in fact it was EA to bring me from brokers, and to step up my deposits to have a MAM account, and then lose all my money in just one night, look at the case exactly the ONE BUSINESS day after I asked for and tried to change the passwords or withdraval my money.

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by g.difederico on 09/09/17

The company was first contacted about the issue on 08/29/17, the last contact was on 09/09/17

Details: The broker claims that the responsibility for the loss is just mine, as I have given the trader password to the EA.
It argues that you can not change your password via the mt4 platform for a MAM account.
It does not respond to the failure to update my control panel on the web page that did not allow me to withdraw funds on August 30, 2017.
Even today the control panel does not report the mam account so it is totally out of my control even by having paid my money.
As you can see from the amil, on one hand they tell me that they want to help me recover my money, but after all my insistence, they threaten to close the MAM account now, so I would no longer be able to recover my money.

1.I also have other small accounts mt4, with FBS, Corespread, Tickmill, and in all cases I can change the pssword in time relae via the mt4 platform to exclude an expert advisor who is not working as a volga myself.
Likewise, on these brokers, at any time through the web page control panel, I can withdraw and / or block the funds in use on the mt4 platform, just to ensure my security as an investor.
2. The time factor seems like setting up a perfect scam done to my damages by the broker with the help of the expert advisor who brought me to them. The day before I try to change passwords or withdraw money, the night after my account loses everything with a totally abnormal operation compared to the historian.
But even if that was not the case. remains the sole responsibility of the brokerage loss that has not allowed me to withdraw my funds or change my password on the day before my baby, despite a significant email exchange with my account manager where I explicitly said that I did not I trusted more than EA and wanted to block its operation. While on that occasion they did not tell me, as they say today, that the password could not be changed from the mt4 platform? Where is this written? Where and when did I know about this? Why have not you ever updated my control panel to allow me to manage my MAM account?
In the last email that the expert sent me, it is clear and unambiguous that the expert and the broker know each other. In fact, the expert tells me he was wrong to claim the damage to the broker. How did he know that I asked the brokerage damage, ??? if they really are autonomous from each other ????

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The glaringly obvious evidence of the scam here is that everestea myfxbook did not suffer the large losses that my account did. I suspect it is the same entity.
maybe you can tell that to him later.
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