My Newbie Trading Journal



Before you read further, I need to tell you first how I haven’t been those successful traders. Even, I’m just started and had just screwed my account. So, for those looking for some good tricks or something like that, I recommend you to not waste your time and just close this window . . . :). But, for those enjoys reading and, hopefully, willing to help me to progress, I really grateful if you keep reading.

Now, I’m gonna describe you my background first. I’m a final year student of an institute of technology. So, my education will bring me closer to be an engineer. But then, somehow, I see that I’m more interested in something like business or finance and stuff. And forex become one thing in particular. I see forex as an opportunity. I don’t have really much money (remember, I’m just a student, even 20 bucks is kinda huge valued for me… :D). But then, forex allowed people with such small capital enter in its market. Furthermore, forex giving good chance of making profit. So, long story short, I decided to enter the forex business. That’s around two or three months ago, I guess.

First step I took, I learn almost everything I can find about forex to grasp the knowledge. I want to know what the forex is, how to trade, etc. I asked my friends already in the business to give me some insight. They give me bunch of e-books, short videos, and links or such about forex. Then I begin to read and read and read.

At some point of reading, I decided to try my own capability by opening demo account. I try to implement those I read. Making such trending lines, S/R lines, systems, and such. And unsurprisingly, I ended my account with minus (-) sign behind my demo account. Thank god, it’s demo… :).

After that, I read some lil’ bit more. In one of the books I read (sorry, forgot the title), I found out that doing such demo account won’t get you any good for it can’t describe the real pressure in trading. That advice got me good. So, I decided to try opening an account, micro one with leverage of 1:500, with my 20 dollars. (I know it’s small, or even maybe for some people it’s just a hotdog worth. But for me somehow, I felt that’s some big money I could spend). So, once again, I tried to test my trading ability (sometimes also my luck… ;)).

But of course, I’m not that dumb. I learned some from blowing my demo account. I began to make target for my trading. Easy targets, of course, that possible for relatively noobs like me to achieve. In the process of defining the target, I asked my friends about whether it’s realistic or not. And somehow, he said that, well, I make some pretty easy target. In fact, he even going as far as said that those target, is possible for everyone to take. Well, lucky me, for now I’m still just nobody. You want to know my target? Ok, I’ll tell you. But please don’t laugh ok. (FYI, my friends all laugh at it… :D). I want to get just 1 pip of clean profit in every interval of 10 minutes. :)

Unfortunately, even I arrange those pretty damn low target, I still unable to achieve it. I figured out how I’m still in the need of learning. I ended up screwed my account once again…:). So, now, with the same target, I want to try learning more and more and more. Any help, comment, suggestion, guidance (or even money… :p) about me to achieve my success (which for now, success is achieving my target… :))will be greatly appreciated.

Ah, I’m thinking of make this one as my learning journal. So, I think I’ll update once I thought I got some improment… :). Closing this post, I’m very much hoped that it’ll give benefits to anyone. And uh, sorry for grammatical mistake k. Plz just ignore it... :)

Thank you and GBU all m8. May success comes as ours soon!​


Private, 1st Class
Hey! It's great that no matter what you don't give up and still try to be a good trader. Persistence is a good trait for a trader, so you have all the prospects for success. Maybe you should practice your demo account a little more, develop some trading strategy. I think you'll be fine, the main thing is to practice more, maybe watch some tutorial videos on YouTube, you can sometimes find some very useful materials there. Good luck to you!


i understand all of what you are saying and have been around to see the ups and downs but with a journal i am struggling the most as i am note great at reflection


Private, 1st Class
Wow! You weren't too lazy to write a lot!)) I appreciate you deciding to share your story with us. It takes a lot of courage to do that. I was just as interested in the name of the book that your friend advised to you. That question keeps me awake at night...(joking) I also agree with the previous commentator that you need more practice and you'll be fine) Sounds to me like you're on the right track, friend. Don't stop trying and making an effort on yourself to be a better trader:))


Fair play for laying it out! It is a long journey and one that forces you to face your weaknesses, both in terms of technical ability but also in terms of your mindset. The latter part is a struggle a lot of traders take the longest to get in check.