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Problem Plus500 - withdrawal problem

I am having an issue with a company
Finally, I did it. Attached file consist of transactions 2020-2023.
I couldnt download it via MT4 or 5 - there is no way to connect MT with plus500 account.
My account is located in Plus500CY Ltd in Cyprus.
So far I didn't write anything to Plus500 customer service after reciving last mail
You need to write one reply in response to their email first mate.
My message:
I want you to consider this email as OFFICIAL COMPLAINT.
There was plenty of attempts to scam me in my lifetime, but never in such shameless way. I work with you since 2020. No one was concerned about my money when I lost more then 10k USD in 2020. Now, when I finally got some profit you try to steal it. I wasn't scalping and I don't care what kind of definition you use, I got some profit from 20 trades on Bitcoin option. I had to act quick because of high volatility in cryptocurrency market - WHICH YOU OFFER. I was using tools you offer without help of any devices or software and I am pretty sure you know it because I was trading on my smartphone.

On the other hand, if you can't accept that some trades in cryptocurrency have to be quick it means that you don't understand that market OR your company is created just to loose your users money. It seems like blocking accounts which made some profit and taking their money is quite good method for your profit, isn't it?

In my opinion your extortion attempt is pathetic and should be stopped. Right now I give you 5 working days starting today (due 11.01.2023) to unblock my account and withdrawal option so I can transfer part of my income to my bank account. Otherwise, I will start lawsuit against your company, inform CySEC and start worldwide spread of information about your scam. I will try to warn as many people as possible.

Best regards
Their response:
Thank you for contacting us regarding this matter.

My name is Erica and I am a senior Customer Operations staff member. I would like to assist you with this matter.

Firstly, we would like to reiterate that for the purposes of identifying, reporting, and monitoring Scalping in a uniform manner, Plus500CY Ltd applies the following definition of Scalping, which is included in the ‘Definitions’ section of our Client User Agreement:

“means a trading strategy based on the notion that Client transactions are opened and closed within two (2) minutes limit in order to accumulate quick profits from small price changes.”

Therefore, Scalping is determined to have taken place when we notice that a number of a Client’s total positions at the time of monitoring had been opened and closed within two (2) minutes.

Under Section 25.1.4 of the Client User Agreement, "you agreed not to enter into any Transaction which falls within the definition of Scalping or automated data entry system". Section 25.1.4 also provides that Client transactions with short duration and with a win/loss ratio significantly in your favor may be deemed as abusive trading and will not be allowed; in such circumstances we reserve the right to void/cancel part/all your abusive trading transactions, close all and any of your Trading Accounts and terminate the User Agreement under Section 22.5 or Section 22.8.

Furthermore, under Section 28.7 of the Client User Agreement, you agreed that “You shall hold us harmless in respect of all liabilities which we suffer or incur as a direct or indirect result of a breach by you or your obligations under the User Agreement…”.

Therefore, Scalping is clearly defined in Company's User Agreement, and in order to enter into a business relationship with Plus500CY you have confirmed to fully accept the Terms and Conditions clearly stated in our User Agreement. In case you did not consider any of the Terms and Conditions of our service to be suitable for your trading activity you should not provide your agreement to these Terms. Kindly note that there is no possibility to trade on our platform without confirming your agreement to our terms of service.

As you have been already informed, it has been determined by the review of your file and trading records that your trading activity/strategy is classified as “Scalping”.

As a result of your breaching Clause 25, we exercise our right to be indemnified under Clause 28.7 and we will cancel your abusive trading transactions which are considered to have been achieved through Scalping or an automated data entry system.

You have 7 days to close your open positions afterward we will cancel your abusive trading transactions.

You are hereby warned that in the event you will continue to enter into Transactions that fall within the definition of Scalping or automated data entry system, we are entitled under Clause 22.8 to take steps to close or suspend your account with immediate effect.

We hope we have been able to provide you with sufficient information and clarifications in order to resolve the matter.

Information on how to complain

Notwithstanding the above, if you wish to submit a formal complaint to Plus500CY please complete a Complaint Form, which is accessible to clients and potential clients online on the Plus500 platform at all times. To view or download the Complaint Form and the Client Complaint Policy log into your Plus500 account and click on Menu > Help > Terms & Agreements.

Please note that only duly completed and submitted Complaint Forms accompanied by adequate supporting evidence (as necessary) will be recorded as Complaints by the Company and will be handled as such.

If you have any questions or concerns about the process that needs to be followed in order to submit an official Complaint, please let us know, by replying directly to this email.

Customer Operations

Plus500CY Ltd
169-171 Arch. Makarios III Avenue
3027 Limassol, Cyprus
Ok tkank you, I've read it and I see my mistake - I wasn't quite nice in my first mail. I got little emotional. But now I send them official complain in official complain form and I hope I stayed objective. Now I wait for response :)
Ok tkank you, I've read it and I see my mistake - I wasn't quite nice in my first mail. I got little emotional. But now I send them official complain in official complain form and I hope I stayed objective. Now I wait for response :)
Any luck?
You have same problem? Still no response to official complain. Tbh I list Hope I will achive anything
You have same problem? Still no response to official complain. Tbh I list Hope I will achive anything
You should email compliance or follow their complaints procedure, but it's unlikely they'll credit your Bitcoin options trading, since trades are less than 2 minutes and its clear in their terms and conditions that trades under two minutes are subject to cancellation.