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Ibrahim Adam

Private, 1st Class
Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: I opened an account with fx-private broker and deposited only 80$ and i managed to turn

that 80$ to 480$,an obviously that was my only mistake.
i submitted a withdrawal request for 200$ and managed to get that after several contacts

and pleading with the company,then when i tried to withdraw 260$ they started the game with

me..i will attach screen shots of my chat with them and also from my trading history and

also my trader cabinet

my withdrawal was submitted in 24/04/2015 and they totally ignored it then i contacted them

in 30/04/2015 and their answer was (your withdrawal request will be processed today) so i

though maybe i was unfair to them after all,then the day passed without any withdrawal.
then i contacted them again in 01/05/2015 and i told them that they haven't fulfilled

their promise they answered that today finance is closed for holiday and you should contact

us in Monday.
then i contacted them Monday 04/05/2015 their answer was (your withdrawal will be processed

then tomorrow came and no withdrawal yet processed and i contacted them again they said

(your withdrawal will be processed today).
then the end of the day came without any withdrawal i contacted them again and asked them

why thy didn't fulfill their promises for the 3rd time,then they came with new story (your

account is being verified by finance and we will process as soon as possible).
i told them that what does (as soon as possible mean) and it has been tow weeks now..they

said that i should just watch my withdrawal status in trader cabinet and just wait for (as

soon as possible) to come. here i know that i am being scammed and i am an old follower to

the forexpeacearmy community so i though i would take my case to be solved here in front of

my fellow traders.

Ibrahim Adam

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by Ibrahim Adam on 05/06/15

The company was first contacted about the issue on 04/24/15 the last contact was on 05/05/15

Details: (your withdrawal will be processed today)...No withdrawal
(your withdrawal will be processed tomorrow)...No withrawal
(your withdrawal will be process today)..No withdrawal
(your account is being verified just wait as soon as we can we will process your withdrawal)...No withdrawal and no verification happened

Company representatives' emails: all support <>
Financial department <>



Ibrahim Adam

Private, 1st Class
So what should happen next regarding my case,i sent an invitation to fx-private several times but they are not responding.


Go ahead and invite them to your thread in Scam Alerts. Don't invite them to this thread, only a few people can see it now.

Then we see if they bother to show up and explain things.

Ibrahim Adam

Private, 1st Class
Go ahead and invite them to your thread in Scam Alerts. Don't invite them to this thread, only a few people can see it now.

Then we see if they bother to show up and explain things.
Yes Pharaoh,i invited them to my thread in scam alert folder and also give them the link to it ,live chat said (thank you for the information) then totally ignored me,could you please send them a formal invitation from fpa to my scam alert thread?.


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
Formal invitation issued. Now we need to give them some time to see if there is a response.

Ibrahim Adam

Private, 1st Class
now a week pass and they are totally ignoring my messages after they said they were considering my review in the forum
I agree totally! GUILTY as charged! Its honestly becoming ridiculous - the number of scam brokers and petty thieves that seem to exist in this industry!!!
They'll take your money in a wink - but when it comes to paying out, that's a totally different ball game! SICK!!!!!