Scammed by Capital Trust Markets

anti Reza

THIS IS THE WORST BROKER EVER! And I have used a lot of brokers. They are the biggest scammers of all times. I deposited money with these theives and traded my account, and when I had a profit, I tried to test their withdraw method because I was interested in using them, as I ALWAYS test brokers by their withdraw process by the speed, etc.
I submitted the request for withdraw, and days went by with no response, then I went on chat to find out and they told me it usually takes 6-8 hours, and I should see the money shortly. Another day went by with no response. The chat group told me to contact support... another day went by with no response, they told me to contact admin,.... another day went by, chat group told me to contact accounts.... still no response. Finally a week later I got a response saying that they felt I acted improperly in my trading and refused to pay my profits. I confronted them that the only improper thing I did was make a profit. No response.

I have attached an image of my trades. No scalping, nothing out of the ordinary, just some good trend trading.

I am sending plenty of emails to them every day without a response. I won't rest until they pay me what I am due.

Stay away from these criminals! They need to be behind bars.