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Problem Techberry online - can't withdraw

I am having an issue with a company
My initial trustpilot.com review has been reposted after being falsely flagged by TB.
TB then posted this response-

Dear Mr. Miller,

We appreciate you sharing your opinion. While withdrawing to another account is indeed allowed, it's important to clarify that in this case, we're referring to Georgia, the Eastern European country, not the U.S. state. This country is not a member of the FATF, an intergovernmental organization focused on combatting money laundering and terrorism financing. Additionally, it's considered a satellite and accomplice of the Russian Federation. The financial system of Georgia facilitates transactions involving dual-use goods used in Russian aggression against Ukraine, enabling these countries to bypass sanctions.

Did you believe that withdrawing funds to such a country wouldn't trigger financial monitoring? We've cautioned you about this multiple times, but you persisted, and we have documented correspondence regarding this issue. With your consent, we're willing to publish this correspondence on any platform of your choosing.

Furthermore, as you previously confirmed, all transactions to withdraw funds to a bank in Australia, of which you are a citizen, were successful.

However, even in this situation, we persist in advocating for your interests as our client and remain hopeful for the successful resolution of this case.

The TechBerry Team

In reply to TB's posting there are several issues to be raised -
1. In the opening sentence they statethey"....appreciate (me) sharing my opinion." Such a statement is in direct contadiction to their aggressive policy pursued over the past 12 months in seeking to have ALL negative posts removed. This includes threatening, and then closing and seizing moneys in the account when their demands to have such posts removed were not agreed to. In fact , the latest attempt at resolution was soley dependant on moving forward only if we were able to remove the post from the forexpeacearmy.com website. Emails proving this can be published if needed.
As pointed out in earlier posts, my account was closed and my moneys stolen by TB, and all communication ceased, not because of any issues relating to money laundering, but rather because I refused to remove my online TB posts. So much for " ....sharing your opinion."
Again emails proving this point can be published.
2. TB state "... withdrawing to another account is allowed." This is in direct contradiction again where TB stated that money could only be withdrawn and deposited into the original account. Again I have an email verifying this.
Yes I did request to have my second withraw deposited into my newly opened Georgian account. Again, as I have pointed out in earlier posts, I requested this because I was residing in Georgia at the time, and the money could be deposied directly in USD , thus avoiding heavy currency conversion fees. Thus I requested this transfer several times, but when I was told it could only be transferred back to the originating account I accepted this and expected the transfer to go through to my Australian account. This did not happen, and the whole circus of "money laundering" began. Yes my only other withdrawl , which was substantionally less than the second one did go through. However such a tactic can , and is used by scammers around the world into luring people into a false sense of securitry.
I have no issue if indeed a request for a transfer to Georgia may have triggered some initial concerns. However, as I have REPEATEDLY pointed out on this site and directly to TB many times that any charge of money laundering to be sustained is dependant upon establishing that dirty money is being turned into clean money. Right from the outset of the allegations being made by TB I supplied information and offered additional information if required to prove the source of my funds where super clean. The most rudimentary examination of my bank accounts, which would take an hour at most, would prove the veracity of my claims. However over the ensuing 12 months TB have NEVER acknowleged this extremely important fact, but instead choosing to pursue a narrative that having a Georgian bank account is in itself proof of money laundering which is completely wrong. Even when I stipulated recently that I wanted the money transferred to my original Australian account, as I was no longer living in Georgia, they still pursued the Georgian narrative.
3.As stated earlier, there was just one previous withdrawl , not several as inferred by TB.
4. The final paragraph in TB's reply is nothing short of comical .."advocating for my interests."
Really??? Does such advocating include blocking any corrospondence from me for approximately 5 months, continuing to withold my money without any legal basis whatsover for 12 months? And finally, and most recently , withdrawing completely from any discussion when their delaying tatics were challenged, by not just myself, but my attorneys and forexpeacearmy who declared TB's actions as "... blackmail."
It is important for the reader to understand that over the past 12 months NO outside agency has contacted me re any money laundering accusations and nor will they, because there is not even the tiniest shred of evidence supporting such an allegation.
I am happy for TB to publish any emails, but in doing so TB equally gives consent for me to publish all emails which prove the above points raised and highlight TB's behaviour. It will also include the email where there are spelling and grammar mistakes ( including TB's name) and a wrong account number which are all well recognised classic signs of a scamming website.
Finally the reply is signed once again with a generic "Techberry Team" rather than someone on their supposed "executive team" taking responsibilty in the public domain for TB's actions.
If TB are serious in having this matter sorted, they need to publish in this public domain where their company is registered so legal process can begin. Not where they are "headquarted" (Munich) because when legal papers were attempted to be served at that address we were told that TB was not known at that address. I will be extremely surprised if they do so. Lets see.

Date of experience: March 27, 2024

My response to the above TB post -