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Problem The Danny Wall Scam In Depth MUST READ!

I am having an issue with a company
Jason, if you really think your brother is honest, why haven't you invested your life savings with him yet? With those rates of return, you should borrow as much money as possible and let Danny make you rich.


Jason I heard back from the FBI agent and sent his contact info to your e-mail but he said he can't discuss ongoing investigations but will listen to what you have to say, you can read the e-mail, I sent it to you also. Best I can do for you.


Actually to everyone, I never said anyone was honest or guilty. I am just trying to find facts out nothing more. I mentioned inconsistent stories from my side purely based on logic, nothing more. I also said I have not been in the USA very often in the last 11+ years now.

So I am doing what anyone would do is find the facts out. Of course I am also going to try to protect my family name in the process. I would hope that everyone would do the same. I will be checking my e mail and I will call the people who contacted me.

This is exactly what I am talking about, Danny sent this out June 25th 2011,

Sat, June 25, 2011 4:21:32 PMA trading nightmare...
From: Danny <danny@4sqa.com>Add to Contacts


One of the things that far too many traders don't take into account when trading is the mentality of the market ... the fear/greed cycle that is being felt by the majors.

This is one of the biggest causes the trading nightmare of getting into a trade only to see the market move suddenly and swiftly against you.

Because I run a number of funds, I had my guys come up with something that I call the "Market Sentiment Index".

This index has accurately predicted the flow of money, and therefore the direction of several currency pairs, with a 97.3% accuracy rate.

This index is just one of many things that gives my funds such an incredible competitive advantage and why my funds experience such incredible growth.

People that are in my "small cap" hedge fund are going to be given this information and detailed instructions on how to trade the index to allow for extremely profitable trades.

All you have to do is join one of my funds.

If you'd like to play with the big boys, and be an investor in a highly profitable hedge fund ... and simultaneously gain access to my Market Sentiment Index (and detailed instructions for how to trade it), then reply to this message and let me know.

I bet you did not know that Danny managed a "small cap" hedge fund with outrageous returns did you? And he has "guys" working for him there. How exactly does he do all that and still get evicted from his average 3 bedroom house? I surely must be missing something....

Seriously Jason from what you know of Danny and those e-mails I sent you and this one, isn't just that enough to know that Danny is a fraud? He is not managing hedge funds, he does not have any investment companies nor anyone that works for him other than his daughter. Even if he did not steal 100s of thousands of dollars (and he did) he is still a scam for putting stuff out like this.
its me


I never said anything of the sort, all I have said is I am trying to collect the facts. I do not know if he was evicted from his house, that was put on the forum I did not write it. I also know my brother has never really been a flashy guy as far as I remember he has lived modestly and again raised good kids.
In saying that what happened outside of that I am not sure. All I have asked is evidence, which you have given me a peice of. I do not know about his work life what he has and does not have because I really do not talk all that much about it. It is more of polite conversation between brothers that are distant far apart.

I am concerned more for my family name because if this is true there is no way my mother or father would condone such behaviour. I am not attacking anyone so please do not make me to be the bad guy, but I would not mind seeing more than one persons reasons or proof. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, odds are it is a duck. That scenario is three times of proof and that is for a duck.

I am not taking this lightly and I am accusing anyone of lying here, I just would like to hear the whole story. I hope you understand that and allthough you may not respect my brother which if this is true is understandable (I wouldnt either if this is true) I am just making sure beyond a reasonable doubt so I can make up my own mind. Nothing more nothing less.

IN saying that I wish you all a good day,

I will ask the others to post again here so there will be more than one if that helps, there are others amongst these threads if you look through them but I'll see if they will post something for you although you already stated you believe one of them is me again anyways. I can't give you any more proof from me, I have stuff and have seen stuff from others but it is not mine to post. You should have been here a while back and you could have seen the website Danny cut and pasted from Brendon Burchard claiming he was putting on sales seminars for 10s of thousands of people and charging 35k for speaking engagements. Mr. Burchards people were notified of this fraud and Danny subsequently dropped the sites, can't prove that to you cause they are gone now.

As far as that eviction goes all I know is whoever posted it(which was not me or anyone I know) had the correct info on him, if you could contact people through there I would attempt to do so, but I for one believe it.

Why you don't hear from more people? I run into three types of people when locating victims of Danny.

1. People like me that will not let this rest and will keep after Danny till he is in prison. There are not very many of these people.

2. People who write it off as oh well, lessoned learned, cut my losses and move on. Several people like this.

3. People who think I am Danny trying to scam them again and want nothing to do with it.

There are a few gray areas some want to take him down but are not active in it like I am.

Maybe I am asking for the wrong thing. Why is it I have to prove I was stolen from? I know it and the law knows it. Where is the PROOF that Danny is a hedge fund manager? Where is the PROOF that he returns people's money? I will challenge you again Jason, find one, just one person who has dealt with Danny and received what they were promised and have them post PROOF that Danny paid them. You have heard from three different people ripped off by Danny so far, I will see if the others will chime in as well, they may not some are bored with this saga, a fact Danny uses to his advantage but I'll try.
You must understand something Jason, everyone that I have been able to contact and who was willing to participate has filed with authorities and most are reluctant to post things that can jeopardize the collection of their funds, having said that I will see if any want to say anything to you.

You can however contact the people in this list, I have either been unable to contact them, they thought I was Danny or they did not want to participate. They probably did not report anything to law enforcement so maybe if you can get them they can supply you with something.

1.Rip-off Report | Danny Wall | Complaint Review: 716537 ( this is the same guy from scaminformer on the eviction, maybe he will respond to you on Ripoff Report.

2.Rip-off Report | pinnacle trading | Complaint Review: 648562
(I was able to contact this guy through youtube but he believed I was Danny trying to rip him off again)

(Two of the people that commented here, ellenbrook2001 and TheBeemer5 I was able to get a hold of, ellenbrook2001 lost $500 but was not too interested in getting too involved. TheBeemer5 is the guy from the pinnacle rip off report and as I said he thought I was Danny.)

4. Expanding The Daisy Chain (About half way down you can read about how Danny never paid BoyFX and he was found out back in 2009 that he was a con man. I tried to contact him a while back and did not have any luck, if you want to try have at it)

5. Case Study: Don Kergil ( I contacted the guy that made this tape and after he made it Danny stole $1000 from him but he just moved on from it. I have his e-mail address but I don't want to post it since he did not post it anywhere but he is on Facebook and if you find him on your own that's up to you.)

6. https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-forum/scam-alerts-folder/12621-4sqa-com-danny-wall-master-stall.html ( there are two people on this thread, mroussos and pippin'ainteasy that both say they were ripped off by Danny but I have been unable to contact them. Maybe you will find them, the one says he is getting a class action suit against him.)

Anyone else you find complaining and some you don't see on the internet I have probably already contacted and they have filed with authorities so information from them may be scarce to protect cases.
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Uniting the victims is always one of the hardest things to do. That's why forums like the FPA are very valuable.

Hey Vincam, tell the guy who thought you were Danny about this thread. That should convince him.
Uniting the victims is always one of the hardest things to do. That's why forums like the FPA are very valuable.

Hey Vincam, tell the guy who thought you were Danny about this thread. That should convince him.

Pretty sure I did at the time give him the link, I don't know if he ever looked at it, I did not hear back from him after he said he thought I was Danny :err:
Man I can't make this stuff up, this one is from a few weeks ago. Danny is starting a 50 million dollar hedge fund. I sincerely hope no one is listening to this fool. He can't even return $500 and yet can start a 50 million dollar fund, I can't believe this kind of thing can go on and on and on..

Insane trading opportunity
Danny <danny@4sqa.com>

*** FIRST ***
The UN is beginning to warn of "a crisis of confidence" in the USD as the value against the other majors has reached the lowest point since the 1970s.

Given that Bernanke is effectively ignoring the rest of the world and along with Geithner continuing on a losse monetary policy for a longer period of time than ANY in US history, don't expect this to turn around ... exactly.

As I pointed out in my message earlier today, the problem with Greece is much larger than it seems at first blush. The problem literally stands a chance of bringing down the entire EU.

What this means is that the EU problem, combined with the Bernanke policy, is that we are going to look forward to some fairly volatile markets.

And folks, volatility is where money is made. Going forward I am going to be doing my level best to help you spot the road signs that will lead to direction shifts ... and wild swings they are a comin'

*** SECOND ***

Before we get into the second item, I want to give you a little proof of results.
Case Study: Don Kergil

Those two links are being provided to prove to you that I know what I'm doing, beyond the obvious fact that I've been accurately predicting the moves of the forex market for several years now.

So what's the deal ... why the proof of results?

I'm launching a hedge fund. Most hedge funds try to return 10% or 20% PER YEAR... my fund will be a bit more agressive than that, and the links above are designed to prove that I can be.

My fund will be looking to provide returns of upwards of 50% to 60% per year.

FURTHER, with my fund, you'll not only be obtaining the returns, you'll also learning how to trade as I not only give you the fund's results; I'll be explaining, in detail, the trading strategies being utilized.

NOT ONLY THAT ... the people providing the first 50 million of participation in the fund will gain a percentage of the profitability of the fund itself for as long as you are participating.

This fund is going to look to obtain returns of about 5% per month, which is vastly beyond the expected returns of every other hedge fund out there.

Now, significant terms and conditions do apply.

If you would like to learn more about the fund, please reply to this message and request a prospectus.

The entry limit on this fund is going to be MUCH lower than a traditional fund.

Most hedge funds require 50k and up. I'm still working on the entry hurdle, but it will not be anything remotely close to that size.

Again, if you'd like details simply reply to this message ... AND YOU MUST ACTUALLY ASK FOR A PROSPECTUS.

A blank email will not be replied to. If you'd like a prospectus, again, please explicitly ask for one.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Too bad I saw this one too late, I would love to have seen a prospectus on it, a no doubt typed up google doc as all his "proofs" are.
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