Tradersway "no option to withdraw".

Now we see who you are. You first emailed only yesterday afternoon and we replied this morning multiple times to your emails. Please, wait more than just a few hours before opening up a scam thread.

We replied to you to go into your Private Office and make a withdrawal using one of the options shown. All options were enabled and we told you to go ahead and select an option - you replied that nothing worked. We cannot offer more options than shown. Currently logged into your Private Office we see multiple options available. These were enabled when we sent our email earlier today. Screen shot attached.
Anything on this issue?
Excuse me here but there were no options for withdrawing to begin with. How long were you planning to keep those options? You only activated them after I made you aware which is so effecient of you to keep the withdrawal options to yourselves and show them at a time you like God knows when.

The fact of the matter is that you had an issue in your Private Office, emailed us multiple times and did not even give us 12 hours to reply to you before opening a thread, calling us a scam and even going so far as to tell everyone in public that we weren't sending any response.

We saw the issue, had our IT fix it immediately and update you. Then we saw this thread here. Your account has been fine ever since and you made a withdrawal request which we will process when it is next in queue.

There is no issue except that you are impatient and not reasonable. There is some responsibility on your side to at the very least wait for a reply to your email, which was sent in 12 hours.