Capital Trust Markets - Big Time Scammer


I begin to trade with them in 2014. Their sweet mouth talking is so promising, until I fall in love with them. But then, they started to changes their rules in the way I trade so that I will lose my money. I traded with Capital Trust Market just like the way I traded with other brokers. My method is the same, but I keep losing with CTM, then I suspected something wrong is happening in my account. When i snap the picture and give it to them, they tell me about their rules. At first it's fine, I accept that I was wrong violate their rules but then, they keep changing their rules without any black ad white, not even a notice/memo in their web and suddenly it just change. It's like, they can change whatever rules they want, whenever they want as long as they get my money. Persuade me to deposit more and more.
When I email to them, asking about the issue, they gave me the stupid answer. Even 7 years old kids can accept the answer.
Invite Reza to join this thread. Then go ahead and file an FPA Traders Court case.