COMPLAINT INVOLVING MULTIS - Forex Chief is a scam , they are Thief and Fake . They should be called ForexThief .

Wow! This is a very funny situation . Its obvious that you got scammed, not by Forexchief though but by the impostors.
But Forexchief are faulty here because they created a channel for the scam artist to perpetrate their act by not updating their website on time.
Had it been that Forexcheif deleted the South African office address from their website on time and got all customers informed about the cancellation of the South African office,
I'm sure this whole situation would not have occurred.
But this has happened a long time ago, and I expect Forexcief to have at least compensate you because they are also at fault, but I don't see them refunding you all
lost funds. May be, meeting at a 50/50 point would solved the issue. They will bear 50% of the fund while you bear the remaining 50%. I think with this, Peace should reign.
Just my opinion.

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