EVO signals is no Scam, but very disapointing behavior


I subscribed to EVO Signals 2 weeks ago through a recurring monthly payment of 99$.
The agreement stipulated I would get constant FX signals via their website and, most important, an Automated EA for MT4.
After about 24 hours, the EA stopped working for no apparent reason, constantly displaying this message:
Checking user rights; Unsuccessful

I wrote to them twice within 3 days and then decided to investigate the installation, the config files and scripts if any (I'm a Python programmer).
Having found any discrepancies, I even re-installed the whole thing, even MT4. Even tried it on another machine. No success.
I wrote them a third time, three days ago, asking them politely to solve the problem:

I have sent several emails via your website without any response from you.
The EA suddently stopped working after one day.
The window shows:
INFO: Checking user rights
If I dont get any answer from you before Thursday,
I will have no choice but to cancel my membership and declare this to FPA.
I am pleased with your signals and would be very disappointed to do so.
Kind Regards

I did not get any response from them, but an automated email confirming that they received it.
I decided, sadly, to cancel my subscribtion, thanks to Paypal which allows you to do this.
Of course, I am very disapointed to cancel since their signals seemed to be very good.
(This EA was very important to me since I work during daytime.
On their website, the signals are updated every 5 minutes and I cannot spend my time on the internet at work.)

If they cant provide adequate customer service, they just dont deserve my money, that's all folks.
I am going back to 35Pips.com:
Their entries might be sometime late and you might have to close them yourself, but at least they always answered my emails.

I hope this will help other people.

I had a similar experience with Evosignals. Good service, good feedback through early June. Then I developed the same problem you did, and three questions submitted to them went without a response.

Makes me wonder if the owner(s) went AWOL or became ill. I'm not ready to call it a scam, just a badly-managed service.
usually people like to say "Scam" for any bad customer service experience they have and I am happy you decided not to do so simply to explain that their service is just sucks :)
I tried evosignals.com signal service for a week (7-31-13 thru 8-6-13) and the signals were being executed on mt4, as advertised. I had it on a VPS and over the weekend I had restarted my VPS. That's when the trouble started. The client runs off java and I guess there was some trouble with the code but the client did not work once the computer it was being run on was restarted. It happened on my VPS and desktop. I tried contacting them 3 times but they didn't answer. They were quick to answer when I had a billing question thou, lol, not to put them down. I told them if they fixed their software issues I'd consider resigning up for their service. I attached the MT4 Statement if anyone is interested.

MT4 Account Details_1.jpgMT4 Account Details_2.jpg

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Just solved the problem that a number of us seem to have with Evoclient hanging after start-up.

Shut down Evoclient and your MT4 instances. Run Regedit and delete the key HKCU\Software\Microsoft\ES. Then exit Regedit, fire up Evoclient, and presuming you have a paid-up license, it should work fine. Something must clobber this key at some point.

Also pay attention to the messages in Evoclient about the pop files being corrupted. I had to delete them and restart Evoclient several times in a row until all the pop files regenerated without error.

I'm hoping that Evosignals users may be able to share tech support tips here in this thread, as tech support from the signal provider is terrible, but the signals seem pretty good.
Hey FPA Forum,
Chris from evosignals.com here.
we know we have had some problems with customer support in the past and are trying to find a solution to that. Providing signals is not our main business area, however, this of course is not a reason to neglect our users.
We are also working on making the system easier to use and fixing some problems with windows 8.

IF you have had problems with our software, you can always apply for a refund.

@Gregorian thanks for sharing that.

Kind regards,
Hi everybody,

I've just subscribed to evo signals. and I am glad that this thread can be a forum for technical support. I have several questions so let's start:
1) Rodney Agosto shared a MT4 statement(post #5) with all the 8 pairs traded. Does it mean that the evo client and EA can trade the 8 forex pairs ? TheEvo Member's area says it is limited to GBPJPY and EURUSD.
2) In the member's areas, for each pair you have the following signals UP, DOWN, BUY, SELL, NO SIGNAL. If I decide to follow the signals manually (buy or sell). How do I know which TP or SL to set. Is there also a CLOSE signal to close the trade before reaching SL or TP ?
3) I had a look at the performance section ( very impressive by the way) but picking a trade at random, I could not match the quotes from the performance table with the quotes from Alpari UK demo taken at the same date and time. Did somebody notice that ? The differences between Evo and Alpari quotes are quite sensitive.
Maybe Evo Signals Team support can tell which broker they use to execute their trades recorded in the performance table ?
4) And lastly (for now) How do we ask for a refund since the Evo signals Team does not answer emails ?

Thanks for your answers


Hello again,
After reading better, I realized that there was also a licence file to install to trade all the 8 pairs.
So this answers my question 1)
Point 2 is now useless.



Your question #3 is an excellent one. It is true that the times and prices of the trades on Evosignal's Performance page do not match one's own. In fact, there seems to be little if any resemblance.

Because Evo has the (good, IMHO) policy of only opening one trade per pair at a time, one could conclude that what we're seeing is that you might enter a trade while Evo's own account is still in another trade, and those trades might actually be in different directions. As Evo themselves say, their EA is not a trade copier, more like a trade initiator based on their go long or go short signals, suppressed during news times.

The problem with such an approach is that your results may vary significantly from their published performance. Mine do, and not to the better. The last two days, for example, have been filled with losing trades, though most of the trades on their performance page are winners.

Here's an example of what happened today:

Buy EURUSD: Evo opened at 2:05 (GMT) on 11.9.2013. However, my Alpari-US demo account did not enter a trade at this time. It had closed a Sell EURUSD at 18:59 (GMT) on 10.9.2013 and did not enter the next trade on this pair, another Sell EURUSD, until 7:36 (GMT) on 11.9.2013. So it was not in a trade at all on this pair when Evo's trade opened. Nor did Evo show even one Sell EURUSD trade on 11.9.2013.

Part of the explanation is here: In my Evoclient log, it showed "Calendar news time" - trades were being suppressed for EURUSD at 2:05 GMT. So how could Evo themselves have opened a trade at that time? Are they not suppressing their own trades during news times, or are they not actually on GMT as their web site indicates?

It would be nice if we could replicate their performance, but that would require us to be in sync with their own trades. I'm not sure how to do that, especially with the news time period discrepancy. Maybe someone else reading this has a suggestion?