I have been hearing that fraud do exist in fbs and they manipulate trades to make their clients lose trades and I never believed, but just now, I have just witnessed it.
My xagusd buy position opened since 28/07/2020 just got forcibly closed by fbs now when fbs dragged its price down to $18.667 while the price in fxtm, investing.com, xm, pepperstone, and so many others is still at $24.01 with lowest price at $23.99. No single broker has gotten an $18.667 price for silver today 31/07/2020 except fbs as attached below:
When I quickly checked on other brokers for this same date these below are the prices I found where fbs is the only different price. See others below:
Among all the images attached below, only fbs has a picture of $18 price for zagusd. Attached below is also my $318+ account just stolen by fbs:
In the last picture of my stolen account today, fbs closed my single zagusd trade on account that the price went down to $18.77 today which is not true with all other sources and brokers even in Google. Nobody should trade in fbs again.


Whaaaoh, forex peace army, I want to report that my closed account has been restored after my shouting out to forex peace army and writing fbs. I just checked the account now and found my running trade has been restored and I deliberately closed the said zagusd buy
Looks like a pricing error for sure. What was the response from the broker when you took it up with them?
position at $-99
They quickly restored my account back to its original position with the zagusd at $-99 and I closed it immediately and placed withdrawal for my balance. I really thank you all in fpa, thanks for rising up to these people.
But I'm very sad about this and I don't know why brokers can't leave us alone with the market and stop interference and let us have peace trading. Forex market is complex enough, COVID 19 is even making market more unpredictable, yet brokers would not stop interference.