FXGRANT is a SCAM and do not have any office.

Thanks for clearing up my confusion.
There is an Israeli attorney who has posted here, whose credentials I have not yet fully vetted, who may be of help. This not an endorsement, just a lead for assistance.
He is FPA member: EVG
Eyal Vardi Geller, Esq. who seems interested in forex related cases may be of able to assist on this one.
Take it easy. It does not have to do with client greediness. It's just unawareness or less experience in choosing the right broker.
That might happen with any person at first stages when discovering the market industry. Time will teach;)

You can't put both "Ravi"(Client) and Scam Broker fxgrant in same equilibrium. That is wrong and unfair.

I want to explain my statement, as I think i was to short.

The issue is this, clients run to the high bonuses, most knowing full well that someone claiming to be ECN or STP cant afford that module with out any funny business ( this statement is made with full knowledge having worked for a forex broker for 4 yrs)

then when the fraud actually happens, the client complains. ( which is fully his right, and again im not putting both broker and client in the same equilibrium)
I am just saying that sometimes clients put themselves in too much risk due to greed and as you mentioned lack of education.

in fact if you look at most of the complaints, its with brokers who are scummy, but give either good bonuses, or very unrealistic fixed spreads ( 0.5 pip fixed on gbpusd)
We can name it in "Ravi" case, less experience in dealing with brokers but not greediness.

Even with any person newly introduced to a business, will search for the 'best offer' and might be dragged to crazy bonuses(Scam companies goal) & some fake registration like MCMarket broker doing(shown in another case).
Also, lack of knowledge in this business or being very innocent forgetting that the sharks are many waiting to eat easy money will get you into scam brokers hands.
Personally, had critized many clients in several cases that had passed through FPA, clients showed very amateur mistakes when opening accounts with mostly unknown brokers in the industry and not taking in consideration the less caution when depositing money with whatever company.
But now must give some clients a break from my criticisim:) and stand with them to help lead them to the right path as much as could with other FPA members who are doing good work too.

About the israeli lawyer, if he can help in getting for us more info & tracking of fxgrant scam company as the address given by Pharaoh show me it's an israeli address, then why not the affected clients accept help from wherever it comes;)
Hello Cerberus13,
As a very new member here, welcome to FPA; but, please recognize that sometimes protagonists register here simply to advocate for the opposite positions in which they have a hidden agenda.
It is true that often nubile traders make gross errors; that is a given. However; at least they are usually innocent dupes, rather than Pumas lying in wait for the young, the old, and the sick that straggle behind.
Perhaps you have some credentials?
Otherwise, please consider observing quietly for awhile, making some constructive contributions while refraining from early judgements, OK?
Anthony Ingrassia, CTA
NFA ID#: 0278164
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I got the below reply from godaddy.com, I also contacted SFO, but unfortunately they only take cases where the amount of Fraud exceed £1 million. I have also sent a email to EVG Forex Lawsuits - Helping Traders Fight Back! explaining the Fraud.

Dear Ravi,

Thank you for contacting the GoDaddy.com.

We are not the hosting provider for this site. We are the domain name registrar only. We have neither access to, nor jurisdiction over the content on this site.

The web hosting provider for this website is the company responsible for policing any content that appears on this site. To determine the web hosting provider, use a publicly-available tool, like KLOTH.NET - NSLOOKUP - DNS Look up - Find IP Address. This tool will give you the resolving IP address which can then be compared to ARIN's (http://www.arin.net) IP allocation database. This will give you the relevant information for the true hosting provider.

Please submit your complaint to this company based on their AUP.


Content Abuse Team
I have received a private communication from Cerberus13 two days ago indicating he has registered here as an anonymous new member; but, was formerly an employee of a broker who has posted here under another name, unknown to me.
He has been reported to FPA leadership for further investigation.
I got a PM from Cerberus13 on another issue. I think I know who he is and will know for certain soon.
I've now verified Cerberus13's identity. He did previously work for a broker. That broker has an above average rating at the FPA. He and I had corresponded on about that broker before.

Please treat him with the courtesy due to any FPA member.
Oh good. Cerberus13 gets a clean bill of health and we can get back to dealing with the whole FxGrant issue.
Thanks AsstModerator & Pharaoh,
Appreciate the cross-checks; and welcome again Cerebus13.
Personally, I am delighted to have yet another reputable participant willing to volunteer expertise to the FPA efforts.
FYI, Ravi and I have had some direct communications prior to your arrival that are in process; but indeed this thread belongs to FXGrant.
Grateful for your contributions.