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I am having an issue with a company
Hi there Guys,

Any idea what these guys are all about?


I received a payment from them back in march after the funds were withdrawen from my account. Was the last withdrawal I received.

Any ideas would be a good help.

It seem the totally dissaper
And their no hope to find anything or any person involved
I told US clients where to file complaints about internet-based financial fraud - at IC3.gov

I asked people who deposited via wire transfer to ask their banks where to file similar complaints in their own countries and to let everyone know what they found out. So far, I haven't seen anyone post any information about where to file charges like this in countries besides the USA. Could it really be that the USA is the only country in the world that has a place to report such crimes?
I guess thier is no chance they come back online again at all
But the question if they want to be up again
What is the best action we should take
Is it to fight them and shut down them again and no one take any cent or to watch and see maybe they come back on the track
And everyone take his funds again
I cHecked that link and I found it is website that make offers for domains
If you try to put facebook domain u ll find it cost 1billion so it doesn't mean that facebook owner need to sell
So in prime case it didn't mean that they put the offer
I Checked the domain register for prime and I saw it still owned by them till 2013

I guess FPA need to be sure from their info befor posting it ,to avoid trader panic
Check again. I just ran it for several active brokers and the FPA site. The message is "The domain ___ is already registered."
To all prime4x traders keep following this thread as I'v succeed to contact a powerful informer in the Egyptian police who ensure to me that he will do his best to give me very important info about omari by the next week... I will keep on tracking omari everywhere until he pay me or get him down soon ....keep in contact with me & keep following this thread to unite all of us to reach him very soon

E-mail : abalyazid13@yahoo.com
I have prepared lot of documents against Mr.Omari about Prime4x and commexfx and also I have scan of his passport and...
I have full detail about his officers.
I have some other information that I think it's not good idea to public them here.
I and my lawyer interested to make a group with help of administrator to everyone reach his/her money after this long period of time and catch this guy.
If you interested in this case send me or to administrator private message including:
1-Your name
2-Your e-mail
3-How much you have money do you have in these fake brokers