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Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: It all started when i opened account on 23 May 2013. I deposited 200 USD in my account and made 3 consecutive successful trades. The outcome was 215 USD profit. The first phone call was from Mr. Mark Pollson who encouraged me to deposit more money so broker can work with me, i refused and then afterwards he transferred my account to Mr. Danny Brown (skype: danny.brown100) who also tried to convince me to put more money in my account and trade with him, he also asked for my skype ID which i refused to give. After couple of days On May 30th i decided to made full withdrawal of 415 USD and it is when i start getting trouble from Mr. Danny Brown, he made phone call and started to accuse me of scamming company as well as disrespecting me by accusing of having insider information

I believe there is confusion in understating this case, here is the timeline of my case :

1) Account Opened with 200 USD Deposited on 23 May 2013
2) Made 2 Successful trade and total balance was 415 USD
3) Requested Withdrawal on 30 May 2013
4) Amount was split and 165 USD was refunded via credit card (200 - 35 fees)
5) Sent Wire information to get remaining 180 USD (215-35 fees) on June 12 2012
6) On June 30th i had to resend banking information since the previous one had mistake.
7) On July 23rd i received email stating that fund was returned to credit card.

No money Yet..........

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by Siddharth on 07/28/13

The company was first contacted about the issue on 06/07/13 the last contact was on 07/24/13

Details: Different excuses whenever i have requested money.

- You have send us wrong information
- Money will be there next week or end of week
- Money is transferred back to Credit card

Company representatives' emails: <>



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FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
Not quite. The review had no text and was rejected. It was only a link to the thread in the Scam Alerts folder.

Siddharth, please submit another review for TraderXP. It doesn't need to be long, but it needs to give people an idea of what the problem is without requiring them to follow a link.

Once the review is up, I'll be able to send the invitation.


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Hello everyone,

I have submitted new reviews today, hope this will start my case hearing.


Yo AsstMod! Please issue the formal invite.

Siddharth, once the formal invitation goes out, AsstModerator will give them a few days to respond. If they do, then maybe we can get things moving without taking the case public. If they ignore the invitation or tell the FPA to get stuffed, then the case gets moved to Open Cases.

George Mcall

Looking at this one the issues seem very simple. The question is whether Siddharth received his $180.00. I assume that he received the initial $165.00 by way of credit to his credit card. Looking at the evidence it would appear that he has not received his $180.00. He should have received his $180.00 and thus I am convinced beyond all reasonable doubt that is guilty and shall be entering such verdict when the opportunity arises.