Resolved: FBS managed account scam

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If i were to entertain you for a second according to your new strategy by your new information against your clear emails that your IBs job was to bring you clients only, now adjusted to say as an IB you have decided to increase his privileges and say he is now allowed to manage my account, that then erodes your protections against justice demands saying for being tricked by your IB as to believe as a managed account he was functioning as such legally with your blessing, then i would be absolved of your blame and since he made a promise he is still to fulfill saying he will return all the blown amount, go ahead and tell him to return my blown funds and stop your games then we are all happy.


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Yous say you do not allow trading on my behalf then in the same breath say forexfamz as an IB can trade on my behalf, if you are making sense to yourselves then this will serve as a clear notification for everyone to be mindful of your questionable standards or lack thereof.
The only way your IB was able to gain access to my account was to fraudulently misrepresent himself as an FBS managed account as according to his accounts creation link i sent you and his clear notifications he is an accounts manager on his telegram description that has not changed and his own live accounts details from FBS he has been managing in his telegram account for years and supported individual postings of his trading services without any notification from your side hence i even asked when i reported how shocking it was that your response to my complaint at one time was how come i am the only one complaining which i failed to answer and you failed to respond what you meant by that to date which gave underlying connotations ?
You are determined to continued protecting fraudulent activities by your IB yet for him to come to me and say he is a managed account that he have denied he never was is what has caused this situation, i never wanted anything else but a managed account hence i requested since you were defending him using IB related misquotings rather you provide a managed account rules and regulations fitting his description to me but you could not because you have it not, but i see now you have pushed in extra details so it will appear all is in order but it is all rotten and no defenses and protections for your fraudulent IB will ever be acceptable to anyone under the sun or beyond, that is a travesty of justice.
Had your fraudulent IB told the truth from the beginning i would not have signed up and you would not be at pains and a precarious position defending him on his behalf, why dont you rope him in so he protects himself as a grown person why must you shield him from the demands of justice due him hiding him behind you?
All that appears is your insistence he be protected at all costs for benefits you refuse to relay openly.
So i was right then to say you had been lying in the emails as first you had said you had suppressed him then said not to have done so, which is which, have you suppressed him or not and did he affirm to you as you said he will not be providing his managed services which you have updated on this site against your emails to me he had no right to do and if found to have so done you would act on him?
Is this the type of people functioning like this that you are proud to be associated with and protect as FBS after confirming such to be true?
That says a lot about this FBS broker then and i will never be trading with you ever in my life because you smell bad to me with your warped defenses of fraud and pathetic lies, you need to stop this.
I deposited the first amount that your IB traded and doubled and called for a share of the monthly profits then as he continued trading the remaining amount he blew it when his trades and the extras he added went south meaning the remaining balance was lost, i never made back that lost amount which is below what i funded, i never made above what i funded, what then i are going on about ?
The second amount i funded he only made about $16 and never fulfilled his declaration to return the first blown account hence my well informed decision to protect what was left this time around and report your managed account official only to find he was never such and then be faced with your protection of this scoundrel, you are such a bad broker in that light confirming my decision to withdraw even the second account i had created in revulsion to be justified.
Why have you chosen to do this to me?


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By the way lets focus and deal with this matter transparently not so that you play the victim , i am the victim here, according to the managed account process informed me by your IB my only duty was to create the account, fund it and hand it over to him to trade which he did after you approved the account, you never beforehand were placed to inform me about anything in this case as the account was literally created to be fully managed by forexfamz.
Nevertheless you have said he is allowed to trade for me which is not what you sent to my emails but actually will help resolve the situation thank you for that because as he has so traded and blown my account and promised to return the blown amount he is still owing so go ahead and instruct him to release the funds and this is fully resolved.
Do not defend him or speak for him, he himself knows and acknowledges he owes me and promised to get my money back so what is your problem in seeing him fulfill his promise? Stop your games please!
I funded the first account and he doubled it and called for half of the profit then blew the balance simply meaning what i funded was never recovered, why then are you lying saying i did not lose money when your own IB himself does admit he is owing me?

Your IB does not deny he is wrong as an IB to masquerade as a managed account official he is not by your admission, he does not deny he has traded my account for which purpose he helped create, he does not deny he is owing on the promise he made me to recover my blown funds, he just is making excuses as to not fulfill what he owes and you on the other hand joined to help him escape justice.
Are you his lawyer the way you have been going on?
He knows he is wrong and he is owing but you are all out to defend him against his own actions, self made situation and owed funds for what benefit to yourselves?
Treat your clients with the dignity and respect you owe them even if it means holding up your IB to account and see that he returns the blown funds according to his promise.


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How many accounts total? How much was deposited total across all accounts?

I'm not so sure if the broker is responsible in this case for what a 3rd party did in your account. But let's see the evidence and a concise timeline and go from there.
Especially in loosely regulated regions like Belize. Plus this broker (and others running a similar business model) really targeting the compulsive gambler.


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I'm getting this notification on the 3 or so queued responses sent in response to FBS , "This message is awaiting moderator approval, and is invisible to normal visitors"
Another notification even as i try to send chat to you is " your content cannot be submitted. This is likely because your content is spam-like or contains inappropriate elements. Please change your content or try again later. If you still have problems, please contact an administrator".


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My attachments are not coming through they are being blocked, even tried creating a folder and throwing the screenshots of my account in but it also is being blocked.

Is there an email i can sent to maybe that will go through please?

I have noted FBS responses so far and i see they are keeping up their games denying liability for their fraudulent IB and their own obligations to call him to order but i am holding my own.

The managed account was created and funded with $200 on 22 February 2019 and forexfamz doubled it to $400 or slightly more then he instructed to send him half the profits to his skrill account on 02 April 2019 and he continued trading and blew the $256 balance on 17 April 2019. all that time he had been reading and ignoring my telegram chats only way to contact him until the account blew then he responded to say he had been away and took full responsibility of the blown funds and said he would get back to me the full amount . I protested that since he had blown the account by his admission he neglected it and went wheresoever he had been without notifying me leaving the account to drain without SLs or action to protect the account and save what remained but he said only way forward was for me to refund with assurances he would recover my funds without fail and i refunded with$100 on 20 June 2019.

He traded and nearly blew it again by the number of trades running but the trades turned around and hit tp short of the EURCHF trade he left running and kept promising he will close and open fresh trades but he never fulfilled his promises until i got fed up and did as he had promised to close the trade on a swing high that hit resistance and the price started retracing , that trade to date should still be in a huge loss past 6 months so i managed to protect myself but when i reported him to FBS support i was shocked as they informed me they do not have managed accounts and that forexfamz was actually their IB not a managed services provider hence he had no right to run managed services and his job was to only bring clients to FBS but was not permitted to trade for them and that would be a violation of which after gathering all evidence he would be penalized fast forward to today when they have said he now is allowed to trade for me , they have no shame whatsoever and i have taken them up on that new information and said in that light their defense in protection against him saying i should not have fallen for his services and they would not take any action it has fallen away with their new notification and they are to then stop their protection of their IB and have him forward to me the $ 256 blown funds he promised to return to me but he has been counting on FBS protection to escape his promise.

Apart from the $100 refund i also opened another account and this time not through the managed link but separately and funded $105 on 30 August 2019 but when i saw the slow executions and other things i was happy with i took it out with almost $20 profit or so and with the frustrations after also taking out the managed amount of about $116 after forexfamz had been months not trading i thought i had secured what those 2 amounts and was in place to insist the $256 forexfamz had defaulted on for months be released only to face the FBS support hurdle still on going as they continue shielding their FBS IB from demands before him unjustly speaking for him and protecting him unfairly as to help him escape.


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their twists and turns as they updated their emails in response to what i sent them is numerous and it seems i can only sent the email attachment links to a known email, i do not mind sending the emails to you if it will help?

the striking thing though is that the FBS IB does not deny he is owing me he only postures he will not fulfill his promise, i am shocked that even with that in mind FBS support has taken it upon themselves to protect and defend him appointing themselves as forexfamz lawyer against me yet they would only be expected to take the action they promised me in light of their demands to prove forexfamz was trading for me against their information he was not allowed. Now they say they have updated their defense to say they allow him to trade for him which then means when forexfamz cheated me representing himself as an FBS account manager that is no longer a violation they can insist as basis to block me getting what forexfamz promised me which is return of the blown $256.
They no longer have a defense then for their IB by that new direction of theirs.

FBS Official Rep

FBS Representative
Ms./Mrs. Lisamary,
Kindly let us remind you again that according to the Customer Agreement:
2.2. Under no circumstances the Company bears any responsibility for:
2.2.4. Any claims to an Introducing Broker <...>.

The final resolution of the company is following:
Not FBS, but you gave permission to a third party to perform trading on your own account and you bear full responsibility for it. Any claim you have towards your IB you can address to your IB. FBS did everything within its jurisdiction. The last thing we can do for you is detach your account from the bespoken IB upon receiving the request for detachment.
In order to request detachment of your personal area from your Partner (IB), please, send a request to with the following information included:
Your full name;
Your account number;
An attached scanned copy of your national ID/passport that you used for your Personal Area verification;
In case you have 100% bonus, please, confirm that you agree with 100% bonus cancellation.


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Lia (FBS)
Nov 27, 19:54 +03 Please be kindly informed that we have successfully contacted the partner in question and clarified the situation with him.He won't be providing the trading service anymore.
Lia (FBS)
Dec 1, 08:25 +03 Please, note that we have rechecked the situation with the IB in question, clarified he situation and confirmed that the IB is not breaking any of the rules stated in the Customer Agreement.
Johana (FBS)
Dec 9, 13:31 +03 The IB is a Partner, not a manager, all services provided by FBS are performed via our website and official e-mails. We have clarified the information with the IB and made sure he doesn't use the name of "manager" but Partner/IB.
Johana (FBS) Dec 9, 17:26 +03 We never mentioned his services were suppressed,
28 Nov 2019, 08:07 AM (GMT+0)
(08:35:20) Agniya: We have taken action to suppress this activity as was reported to you in a letter from Lia
Johana (FBS) Dec 17, 13:22 +03 We never mentioned his services were suppressed, we informed you we were investigating your case and communicating with the IB to clarify the matter.We informed you that IF the IB had violated the conditions of our Partner's Agreement we would disable his service, that is not the situation.Service= working as an IB/Parter. Him performing trading for you is not part of the IB service and we have no regulations regarding it,
Lia (FBS) Nov 27, 19:54 +03 Please be kindly informed that we have successfully contacted the partner in question and clarified the situation with him.
He won't be providing the trading service anymore.
Johana (FBS) Nov 7, 12:05 +03 We have only received one message from you so far sir, we replied to your inquiry.I will summarize the message in case you didn't receive it;
We are sorry to hear such a situation occurred, be kindly reminded that when a client registers to be a Partner or decide to be attached to a Partner all regulations for this service are specified here, the job of a Partner is to attract clients to FBS, such as yourself, and provide you with commissions (under his decision) as well as trading advice. That does NOT mean that he can trade for you, that is in fact prohibited and not a part of the services the Partner program offers.
It seems the Partner has violated the Partner's Agreement rules and will investigate this case further, for that we need you to send us images/screenshots of any conversations you had with the Partner where he offered you to trade your account in your behalf and share commissions with you, as you mentioned.
We will be waiting for your update!
Johana (FBS) Nov 15, 15:30 +03 Yes, sir, we understand your point, the information this Partner provided you is indeed not correct.
Our IB department is already investigating this and they will communicate with the Partner directly. (08:28:14) : that is what i am in need of making a complaint you see? Have you read Lia's email to me ? contrast that with what you are telling me now and tell me anyone can make sense of it seeing you are communicating differently on the same issue? (08:26:23) Agniya: I do not want to say that we do not take any actions, exactly the opposite, our departments are engaged in resolving this situation, this issue's resolving takes some time
(08:30:01) Agniya: As Lia told you: we have successfully contacted the partner in question and clarified the situation with him. He won't be providing the trading service anymore.
I would like to remind you that an IB is a person who refers clients to FBS and has no obligation to trade for you or provide you with profits or commissions, you both make a mutual agreement regarding which information you share or not privately, this is not part of FBS's services and as you can see in the Agreement (point 7.4 mentioned above) we do not advise clients to do this.

27 Nov 2019,10:41 AM (GMT+0)
Noah: I perfectly understand that you are upset and demand justice for someone who you beleive did you wrong, madam. However, still, investigation will take place first and only then we will be able to pass our judgement on the situation.
(11:21:38)Noah: Do you understand the concept of "Innocent, until proven guilty"?
(11:11:52)Noah: Hence, we cannot just ban him right there and then, per your own claim. We need to INVESTIGATE. That takes TIME. So please, be patient. We are doing our work and will inform you on the developments of your case.
(11:36:20)Noah: Okay, let me be perfectly clear with you. You have shown us SCREENSHOTS of you talking to the IB. And you are so far the only one who complained about him. Such screenshots can be DRAWN manually in any graphical editor application, such as Photoshop. I can make those myself right now within 15 minutes. Therefore, they are certainly considered. But we need to investigate futher. We need to contact the said IB. We need to check his clients. We need to do a lot of fact checking, basically. And only then we can do something amount it.
(11:37:03): and in those clear discussions he is not denying he is a managed account, he is only evading accountability for the managed account shortfalls, but you are in his defense why ?
(11:39:30): why make assumptions for his advantage by taking those facts lightly? why not contact telegram and i am available for their input, they might even help with restoring all the chats that forexfamz deleted with him admitting he is sorry he blew the first account and he will restore it in full after the second deposit
(11:40:09): lets introduce telegram officials and those chats will reveal more if not all the deleted chats
(11:40:27)Noah: Because the said discussions still should be proven. His actions you claim he took should be proven. Nothing is proven YET. All I ask is for you to wait. There is no need to come to the chat additional time. I understand that you are upset and you are worried about the whole situation. But please, let us do our job. We know how to deal this this. It may be hard to sit in one place and do nothing when someone has wronged you, but there is nothing you an do at the moment to speed up the process. You delegated the issue to us. Now it is up to us to solve it. And we will, in due time.
(11:41:25): right now contact telegram and forward those screenshots and have them give you more evidence , i will be happy to see that happen
(11:42:04)Noah: You do realise, that even Russian FBI has failed to demand any passcodes from Telegram officials?
(11:42:23): and also use his link and collect your own evidence which will be the same as i sent you since the screenshots are from his telegram group
(11:43:13): what i realise is you are taking light of your fraudulent IBs criminal behavior for his advantage
(11:44:04)Noah: Lia is right here, by the way. She promises she will contact you within today.
(11:44:06): myself and the 1000s of group attendees where do you leave us as your clients ?


Private, 1st Class
You FBS people are such a joke, as long as you acknowledge he is free to do what he wants then he goes of masquerading as an accounts manager you said you did not know about all these years he has been in operation neither do you approve nor give your blessing then you are part of the problem and solution.
You say to me he is free to operate as he chooses and he is using your FBS name, resources and platform to fraudulently represent himself as an accounts manager you said he is not, then turn and say you are not involved, you have given him free access to operate against what you said are violations only to change later then be saying he can now operate as a managed account, that is appalling.
The moment he failed to deliver on returning the blown funds and started his crude behavior after stopping for months to manage my account giving unfulfilled promises month after month i simply moved the funds i had funded as per his direction to trade and return the blown amount but he stopped trading and i moved the funds to my second FBS account for safe keeping out of his reach, as you are well aware i have also removed all my funds from FBS in revulsion and common sense and i will never return to such a broker any time soon so your deactivation offer does not make any sense and saves no purpose.
Obviously i will never use that managed service of his again nor your broker the way you are going on in his defense, there is nothing to deactivate, so that offer is immaterial and senseless.
You said i never lost money through the managed account against what i have informed you about and what you say you observed from my account yet the facts are clear, why do you insist on such flagrant actions or lack thereof against your clients in support of your fake accounts manager?
What is your benefit in this situation in your strange defenses for your IB?
Have you traced his IP linked accounts as you informed me you are investigating as to at least warn the connected clients of this great risk which they will not be assisted and protected in by yourselves?
Your new information saying your IB is now free to trade for people shows you working all processes for his advantage as i have always pointed out from the beginning, which then means your defenses have fallen away you have been using against me.
Had he presented himself as an IB to me guaranteed he was never going to be entertained hence his lies to cheat me into his managed services fraudulently, you have no right to protect such an offensive IB and should be distancing yourselves from such but then it shows your uneven standards which is a shame.
So with all you had informed me as to have taken action and blocked his services to return later saying you had not said such it actually means you have been deceiving me and leading me along just like your IB, you are of the same material and upbringing and you understand each other and it appears you are working well together.
Your IBs cannot be free to operate and maraud using your granted access and FBS resources to the disadvantage of innocent clients with your approval, you are under obligation to take action else it does not augur well for FBS and the connected regulators must then intervene and force the protection you are refusing to enforce for the advantage of your offensive IB for perceived benefits to yourselves as you have said his job is to bring you clients.