RESOLVED - TARSIER New Zealand: Can not withdraw deposit and profit! - Scam signal

Not yet Gerhard,
I am researching the way to report Tarsier to the police. First step is suing Tarsier Vietnam then the head quarter in NZ. Do you know how foreigner can report Tarsier to NZ police? Please show me!!
Tarsier contacted me and started to solve my issue within next 10 days. I will delete this thread if get fund back.

Dear friends,
I am sharing my bad experience on Tarsier, headquarter in New Zealand and Vietnam branch. I lose my $4000 deposit and $1904 profit. I hope to receive your support to solve the issue. Thank for your view and support in advance. Here is the detail.
On Oct 21, I filled in the form to open new account at Tarsier Vietnam branch and deposited $4000 via their IB middleman in Vietnam. Every previous transaction was made with Tarsier representative in Vietnam.
After a while, i receipt confirmed email informing my account was activated with $4000 deposit - Account #2100005738. Trading and getting profit up to $5904 (profit $1904), I requested fund withdrawal amount $5436 on Oct 30th. I noticed the deduction of $5436 in account on Nov. But until now, I haven't got real money in hand!
I keep asking Tarsier IB for fund back for 3 weeks, they replied haven't yet received fund from headquarter so cannot pay for me.
Then I contacted directly hot line of Tariser New Zealand every day via Skype & email. After reviewing my account record, they promised to solve my issue in condition that I show them the bank receipt to prove my deposit to Tarsier (while every transaction of Vietnamese clients made through IB office, they should ask their staff!!). I did contact with the IB man whom I work to get the receipt of $15000 sent to NZ. Notice that $15000 including different deposits from other clients, Tarsier said they can sort out my deposit as long as I have receipt.
I emailed the second time to them with the bank receipt. They answered they did receive $15k from IB Vietnam, but fund was sent back immediately in next business day.
At the same time, I got the email from their IB manager in VN reported that fund sent back to serve another withdrawals. How they could say fund deposit my account was sent back for another purpose means I did not deposit to Tarsier. That’s extremely unreasonable.
The last email, they said my deposit is pending only and refuse to pay me while I did sent money to their legal authorized person. Tarsier opened their branch in Vietnam but refuse to take any responsibility on client’s damages.
If IB guy really cheated my fund and blacken Tarsier‘s reputation, they must take action to prevent damaging client.
I hope you can support me to get back my fund, at least my deposit.
Thank you so much.
I cancel the complaint about Tarsier New Zealand. Tarsier agreed to send my fund back and we will do business together as usual normally. I appreciated what Tarsier has done for me to resolve the problem successfully.
Did your money arrive, or only a promise that they would send you your money?
I get all money back! this issue is resolved completely. Many thanks to all supports above! to FPA! to Tarsier.
Best regards
Dispute resolution schemes only work if the broker doesn't have the option of bailing out and keeping the money. That's what Capital One Forex did.

NZ needs to tighten up the laws and require brokers to post bonds.
End date from the FDR meaning?

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Hello fellows,

enday.jpgprofessionals explain me what is the end date of a broker from the Financial Dispute Resolution as attachment? is it they are invalid for claimed after the end day? The broker has not fulfilled liabilities with my account for more 6 months though they say many time will pay us. and the guy representative for the broker last time sent us the email from the man owner of the broker telling that they will pay us in 1 or 2 June. But now i see their end date in FDR is 9/06 i confuse. keep their name clean want to give the broker the chance to pay me as the local guy here persuade us in the meeting, but i worry about. What i do now. my account no pay my profits and original capital for 6 month I just want my capital back, but wait long time.