Huahua290 claims FBS took 3800 USD from his credit card and refused to deposit into my trading accou

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I didn't have a chance to post on this thread based on the fact that it's just a thread for throwing accusations and we haven't got any serious answers here. Even AsstMod and Pharaoh didn't want to go through his thread anymore as there's no more relevant info, just 2 persons arguing that's it. Dear huahua290 and FBS rep could you answer please the following questions (exact answers without vague statements so we can keep up) and stop the fight so we can bring this thread to a closure? Questions are the following:

If a client made a deposit via Skrill, even as a guest, FBS has nothing to do with this. Legally, FBS accepted the deposit via Skrill. I personally use a Skrill account not registered to the email I use for signing up with brokers. This doesn't make it a third party payment. Again, it's skrill who's getting the card deposit and money is sent from Skrill to the broker. So what's the issue here?

I've read somewhere in this thread that the client lost the funds by trading. Again, both please explain, with screenshots and proofs.

Was there a bonus involved?

Dear huahua290, could you please clarify one more time why did you name your thread " FBS took 3800 USD from my credit card and refused to deposit into my trading account or return it!", while it's clear that FBS had nothing to do with the "taking" since both of you confirmed the payment was made via Skrill?

Dear huahua290, please understand that I'm not against you in any way here, but please stop writing in big red fonts and stuff like that as it won't get you anywhere except being banned from this forum. Please provide specific answers and proofs so anyone would really see if you right. It's a simple case of who's right and who's wrong and be sure you'll get my opinion (if you need it) with complete transparency.

The funds were deposited via Skrill ("MB" (Moneybookers) in our system). The funds were lost in trading. and the bonus 60% was also received to this trading account. You can see it from in the screenshot attached:
Well, based on FBS's screenshot, and unless huahua290 has any statement to show that funds were not lost in trading, I have to believe that this is a case of "I'll make a typo error on funding via skrill, if I won, it was a typo, if I lost, I'll exploit some AML rules". To make some point clear, if client X used skrill, paypal, etc (as guest), the payment is simply made via a payment processor, and this relieves broker from checking which credit card the payment came from, because in his books, it came from skrill. In the particular case, if there is anything in AML to be checked, skrill is to be contacted.
P.S: Some payment processors force some countries to register an account first before processing any payments.
AsstMod, we strongly believe it's time to stop this war zone and mark this as "dismissed due to lack of evidence" or at least change the thread name.
looks it's obviously hurting some people's interests - as none of the defenders of FBS scam directly responds to my questions like:

So FBS the broker provided this evidence from their side which clearly shows the sender's name, and you are still saying 'this is totally anonymous on the sender side'??

fbs deposit skrill.png

I know business is important, but maybe a better way to do it for long-term concern is to get a better partner?
customer generated the profit using combination of his own fund and bonus amount, not only from given bonus amount. Then how can they removed his profit amount?. If the customer generated profit using only bonus amount, then they have the rights to removed his profit.

Your questioning is some people's business, so don't expect a direct answer.
sorry, should be 'Your questioning is hurting some people's business'

I suggest you search FBS in the FPA forum and see who was the first member who filed a case against FBS. Oh I would just love you go that road as you are on your way of getting banned. Before questioning my intentions, do your homework first and check who am I instead of trolling around from thread to thread trying to squeeze some bucks. Stop questioning the intentions of the FPA and FPA members just telling you what you don't like to hear.

I'm suprised you didn't say the same in my thread while 'I have proven that broker breached T&C. Regardless of any other considerations.

Why don't you answer in your own thread and show me how did FBS breach the T&C?
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You need to ask Skrill where they sent your money. If Skrill sent it to the wrong person's trading account and the person lost the money trading, then your argument is with Skrill, not with the broker.

If the money was somehow sent from your credit card to Skrill by someone using an email address you claim to not be familiar with, then you need to contact your credit card's bank about unauthorized charges.

If you want to debate Skrill's verification procedure for use of credit cards, this thread is the place to do it.

Unless you can clearly show documents proving that the money you sent by Skrill was pointed to FBS accounts which did not receive it, then I see no reason for this thread to continue.