Huahua290 claims FBS took 3800 USD from his credit card and refused to deposit into my trading accou

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351427, 358805, 349764, 358806 trading accounts were registered to different person - Mingliang Li. 356791 was registered with (Lang Li), Skrill transfer was also made with email.
But the funds wereautomatically deposited to 356791 (That was an automated transfer and checked by Skrill).
All these accounts were traded from the same computer, as well as 356791. These funds were lost in trading.

PS:I should also mention that all these accounts were registered under the same IB, and they were traded from the same device. As well as trading account of Yunni Long.

So is it third party payment or not - you taking money from someone named Yu Wang but deposited into Lang Li's trading account?

Why is it so hard for you to answer simply - YES or NO?
I have read this thread all over again, and I have the following questions for both parties:

Dear FBS rep

According to huahua290, account 356791 does not belong to him (yes, I have seen the screenshot that this account was used on the other accounts). Did account 356791 holder provide proof of ID for his account. Isn't it a standard procedure that your client should provide a proof of ID before starting to trade? If it's not, I think it should be after this thread.

Dear huahua290

You have stated that you had no relationship to account 356791. Could you please explain the screenshot posted by FBS in post #17 showing the same android device logging in (from the city of Changsha in the region of Hunan, China) to your accounts 351427, 349764 and logged in also to account 356791. And regarding the funding, assuming the worst, that FBS did steal the amount you stated, and you did not make that transaction, why didn't you file a claim to your bank? And in this case, how did you know the transaction was made to FBS (since your bank in this case can only see Skrill on the other end of the transaction. And if you did make that transaction yourself, how was it made to a wrong account since the process can only be initiated from inside the FBS client area (I just logged in to FBS client area and checked)?

Twice, I asked a series of questions. I also made it very plain what evidence you needed...

Without clear expansion on each of these points, it is not clear if you have an issue with FBS, Skrill, or with unauthorized use of your credit card. If the issue is with Skrill or with someone misusing your credit card, then this thread is directed at the wrong target. I'm expecting your next post to show those Skrill documents indicating what accounts the money was sent to.

You didn't provide evidence. You ignored the questions twice. I'm not going to ask the questions again.

You don't seem to care if someone mis-used your credit card or if Skrill sent your payment to the wrong account. You only seem interested in attacking the broker and ignoring any possibility that the problem came from another source.

You can continue your claims, but not in the Scam Alerts folder. This thread is getting a well-deserved demotion to the Forex Insanity folder.