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I see a lot of people like me who have the same problem with Just Forex so I also want to share about my bad experiences with this broker.

Perhaps they planned it from the start.

On February 15, after a period of profitable trading, I made a withdrawal order but was then Canceled. The reason Just forex gave was that I had to convert to EUR withdrawal even though my account's currency was USD since the very first days.


In the following days, I could only deposit and could not withdraw normally.
Suddenly I received an email informing me that my account was abnormal and had to be checked. It was February 19.

Next, on February 22, I was asked to submit personal documents. Oke, I didn't do anything wrong so just let them investigate as they wish. But the process is very annoying and time consuming. They did not say in the first place what format of information to send or what information is needed, but every time I send it, they find a reason to force me to resubmit those documents. This process took exactly 14 days.

The first mail they sent me on 22 Feb

When they finally accept my documents on 12 Mar

On March 8, they did not update any more. I felt something was wrong, I couldn't stand waiting for the money to freeze for no specific reason. I did another withdrawal but guess what, the withdrawal continued to be canceled.
And this was their reason:

And what will come will also come. They bluntly subtracted all the money in my account for very stupid reasons.




A reputable broker will never subtract a large amount of money from customers for such nonsense reasons.
I was officially locked out of my account and frozen from February 19 as soon as I received notice that they will conduct a periodic review of the activities of my accounts.

My account information:

As you can see, the Neteller withdrawal portal has been hidden from my account. I think this is how they try to stop me from taking back my profits.

I accepted that I may suffer a loss in exchange rate so that I can get back some of the legitimate profit I made when trading. I tried to email Just forex to get help but all I could get was the wait.


While waiting helplessly, I also had to complete what was called the Just forex verification.

I asked about why I had to participate in this process but they did not answer any of my questions. They just show that they have the absolute power, whatever they ask, customers like me must provide them all.

No reply at all. What kind of customer service is that?

As you can see, during the investigation, Just forex was unable to give specific answers to clients who were frozen for a large amount of money. Their actions are extremely suspicious.

This email sent to me on 17/3

No matter what I argued, their answer was very general. This is the final decision and nothing will change.
After that, my money was taken.


And a day after, I could not even login into my portal.

That is all of my story, my terrible experience with this ridiculous broker. Right now I can not contact them to take back my money. Pls help!!!


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This is the scram alert for every trader of Just forex. I have been a customer of Justforex for over a year. This is my terrible experience.
On 19th Feb, Justforex informed me that they would conduct an investigation and my trading account would temporarily be suspended.

On 22nd Feb, Just forex sent me an email inquiring me to provide a selfie-and ALL of my Neteller's wallet transaction. And during this investigation, my account was disabled, my money was frozen.

It was not until 10th Mar that I did not receive any response from them. Noted, I sent at least 5 emails asking for the reason for this time-consuming process. Then I requested them to give me an explanation and activate my trading account again.

When they accused me of a Fraudulent activity on 17th Mar, it’s the last straw.

All my money, which took up to $51k, disappeared. I emailed again, trying to understand why they could come up with this nonsense conclusion. But, they not only could not provide any specific proof at all, but also said that their final decision had been made and they did not care if I would sue them for this problem or not.

I will fight to the end to get my money back, at least the principal I deposited into Justforex. You guys should be aware of Just forex.
Extremely bad experience. Do you believe that the broker will STEAL your money if your trade is profitable? Well, you should because it is exactly what Justforex did to me.

I was trading as normal. Suddenly, Justforex disabled trade my accounts on 18 Feb 2021 and sent me an email with the act of holding all my money
I couldn’t help but seeing my money stuck there.

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After that, Justforex sent me an email to require me providing a lot of private and sensitive information. I have already sent all my documents with hope that they will release my money. All the money I deposited in Justforex is my savings for over 2 years.
But I was too naive to believe in this scam broker. The Justforex Security Department sent me an email with some articles in the Client Agreement, they can't provide any proof even though I sent a lot of emails that require them to give me a satisfactory explanation.


The problem here is, I am a “fresher” to Just forex, I hadn’t withdrawn any money since i started working with them. You can see my transaction history.

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However, when I heard their answer, I really believe this is an organized scam. This is because they are unable to provide a valid reason for this absurd accusation.
How can I take my money back? Please advice!
Just forex was my beloved broker but not now. I was so disappointed with their suspicious action. Today I want to share my story with you guys.
If you are also a Customer of Justforex, be careful because you won't know when they will betray your trust.
So my name is Nguyen Kieu Trang and I have worked with them since 2020. This is my account.

I received an email stating that there are some suspicious actions on my account. (19th Feb)

They only gave me that notice and locked my account for nearly 3 weeks without giving any resolution options although I emailed to them several times.(from 19th Feb to 15th Mar)

ask account.png

Until March 16, the official nightmare began. They asked me to provide a selfie holding the identity card and a bill of writing my name. I feel like I'm like a criminal being investigated.They even demanded for ALL of my transactions in Neteller wallet. I was forced to send my documents again and again, nearly 5 times

On 17th Mar, they emailed stating that our cooperation would stop due common crimes they will never - able to prove. After this email, they didn’t respond to me.


This is my account information captured on 15th Mar.
tài khoản.png

And this is my account on 17th Mar:

In short, they literally keep all my money, equal to 45,822.39 $. This amount includes my principal. I never see any broker keeping their customer principal. Just forex has violated a fundamental rule.

Please spread my story and help me to take my money back.
Since 2020, I've been trading with JustForex.

All of my trading activities were routine until one day I received an email from JustForex informing me that I had engaged in "cheating" behavior and then my account had been suspended.

I sent an email to reclaim my money JustForex kept. However, the answer I got was that they forced me to verify a lot of issues. And it's also absurd that they forced me to collect the entire transaction history in a year.


However, I also completed all of the JustForex's verification requirements, but received no response from them.
They still kept more than 60k $ from me.
I am really sad and worried about this money because it is not small for me.
Please help me!
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