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I'm a Forex trader and have registered with a lot of different brokers, but I've never seen one that works as poorly as JustForex.
1. Since the year 2020, I've been a customer of JustForex.

2. My trading account is still operational until February 19, 2021, JustForex sent me an email message like this:
3. They said I had committed fraud and that my trading account was deactivated shortly after. I really don't understand what's going on.
4. I emailed them asking for an explanation for that action, however the answer I got was as you can see:
5.They forced me to confirm a lot of matters regarding my personal information and transaction history. It was really time-consuming to complete this JustForex verification request, but they never responded to the emails I sent.

I have no way to contact JustForex to reclaim money they still hold from me.
It is not a small amount for me.
Please help me out!

Ngọc Sinh

I'm really in a panic right now thinking that all my deposits and profit I've earned over the past time will be taken over.
Justforex’s unusual signs were when they disabled my trading account without notice and I was blocked from depositing or withdrawing money in my account. Their claim was my account being under investigation. *19/02/2021*

At that time, I simply thought this was just their mistake and I complied with their request, sending them all my personal transactions, even that does not relate to Justforex.

They were so irresponsible that they even mistakenly sent me an email for another client. Or do they just copy-paste with all of the customers ??? I guest they probably did this frequently!
false email.png
After a series of emails without getting a clear reply, they suddenly concluded that I was cheating, violating countless laws. They just notified me that they would take all my balance, including my Deposits and Profit to compensate for their loss without further explanation.

I was terrified and didn't understand why they accused me of things I didn't do. I tried to contact them many times but they did not care and insisted they were right without explaining further nor disclosing any evidence.
*My argument, sent 22/03/2021*

*Their reply*
I swear to God that I have full evidence for my statement.
I want Just forex to stand out and settle properly with the client, not just blame me without giving any explanation.
->-> A good broker should have not mistreated their client like Justforex.


Justforex tried to prevent me from accessing my funds when I had a big profit.
After an email warning of fraud on February 19, they suddenly deactivated my MT4 accounts for the process they called identity verification on 12 Mar 2021.
I have complied with their entire request however, on 17 Mar 2021, they stated that they would cease to work with me and accuse me of fraud without any evidence. A few hours later, all my data was deleted as if I had never been their customer. Fortunately, I still keep the picture of my MT4 account 420049786 with a fixed balance.
MT4 420049786.png

I deposited money into Justforex platform
pic 5.JPG

Although my deposit method is Neteller in USD, Justforex forced me to withdraw money via local bank in VND.
withdraw net missing.png
withdraw email.png

I excitedly started depositing and trading at Justforex in October 2020

Until now, they took over nearly 119000 USD from me including my principal without giving any further explanation.


Everything was okay with my trading until one day Justforex suddenly deactivated all my MT4 accounts and the withdrawal function on my portal without any notifications, which clearly showed their poor service.

After that they continuously asked me to provide my personal information for which they called a verification process.
Specifically, on February 23, 2021, after my accounts were disabled, I received a request from Justforex that I have to provide a selfie picture and screenshots of my transactions which indicate the URL of the page for the investigation purpose.
I have been through all those steps to fulfill Justforex’s requirement and waited for a solution for nearly a month. I repeatedly tried to ask the Justforex team about the results but it seems that they refused to deal with my questions by asking me to wait.

Nevertheless, until now, Justforex stealthily withdraws all of my account balances and deletes all data in my MT4 accounts, as well as my client portal. When I contacted the support team on this matter, apart from replying that this was the result of my violation of certain terms, Justforex refused to provide evidence to support their allegations.
Think about it. Why couldn’t they provide any sufficient evidence and proof? Or all the crime blamed on me is made up by Just forex. That’s the biggest question now.
This is definitely an act of intentionally appropriating money from customers. They decided not to reimburse all my money including the principal, which is unacceptable. I am willing to provide all of the evidence for my statement above. I hope that the trader community acknowledges this scam by Justforex and boycotts this organization so that they cannot continue their fraudulent activities in the future.
420108980 - Phạm Nhật Long.png
18/3/2021: my most profitable account
Nearly $34,636.31 is gone.
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