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Dishonorably Discharged Scoundrel
IC market accept that ,there side technical issue , and i already send email 14.07.2018( attached file ) but you replied on 17.07.2018 ( attached file ) here attached again file since your are responding and lying that you replied 16 th ,other wise i can wait until case come open ,but when you saw your interest to solve i am replying to sawing my interest to solve with out any problem by both of us ,but mean while i am sending cc to FPA because now case filed since you fail to refund correct time
here attached again that your email that you accept your technical issue happened ( attached file )
try to understand ,don't argue again ,refund soon with compensation don't wait case come to open
your email saying that "The margin requirement for 0.01 EURUSD with 1:500 EUR would be 2 EUR, approx 3.15 AUD, so your 1.77 AUD balance is insufficient to open the trade". so whats ment by your add 1:500 ,accrding this if we have 1 aud we could able to buy the value of 500 aud ,then why require 2 euro , who made this , then how can you say 1:500
then after file case why you said we will consider your request about buying wti and other trades from 0.01 , evidence attached here posted on 20.07.2017 in FPA review page to reply my review, but still i did not get any reply from you about my reply of your my review reply
hope these evidence enough that to refund my requested money with compensation ,how many email you sent me no matter ,but fault is yours late reply ,not allow me 0.01, trade disable many time , here all evidence available ,even 12 years old person can understand what happened where fault ,not need a advocate or lawyer

do needful soon rather than argue to prove you are right
thanking you best regards with
Thiagarajh sathienthira


Dishonorably Discharged Scoundrel
first they said ,no problem our side ,then said ,yes ,technical issue of there side trade disable may happened ,then again i filed case in FPA ,they said nothing wrong with us ,but we refund 27aud , no connection of my case and that trade what they want to refund ,just want to escape the case ,after i send all emails screenshot and all evidence they said that now
can give 300 aud as goodwill , here i paste there both emails

1st email of IC market

Dear Thiagarajah,

Thank you for your reply.

Kindly be advised your original enquiry was regarding losses resulting from 1 lot trades on XTI. As mentioned previously, we are unable to refund any losses on your trade.

Regarding the screenshots you sent with the 'Trade Disabled' message, it is unclear as to exactly what caused this at the time, however we can see your gold trade was eventually closed at profit. Order 7555894 was closed at a loss of 27.10 AUD and therefore we would be willing to refund this trade for you.

Please let us know if you would like us to proceed for you,

Kind Regards,

Amy Pepper | Head Of Customer Support | IC Markets
2nd email of IC market

Dear Sathiyendra Thiagarajah,

Thank you for your reply.

Please be advised your case has now been assigned to myself for review. I have read all previous correspondence and can confirm that any losses on the trading account were not as a result of any kind of technical failings from our side.

Having said that, we do value you as our client and as such we would like to offer you a gesture of goodwill, in order to bring your case to a close. We would be happy to credit your account with 300 USD to assist you in resuming your trading.

Kindly let us know if you find this an acceptable resolution to your case, and we can then ask our accounts team to proceed for you.

Kind Regards,

Ruchi Talwar | Client Services Manager | IC Markets

Remark by me:-
i don't know why this goodwill not given when we asked to refund ,if IC market really care traders they must refund when we asked ,my account must saved ,why goodwill amount changing you can see first 27 Aud now 300 Aud goodwill amount must same no how can goodwell amount changing day by day ,please post your valuable comments and support to me get back my loss amount and compensation amount
thanking you


Dishonorably Discharged Scoundrel
Dear FPA ,as all saying ' Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied ' this is sathienthira ,this case regarding IC market
really true ,as do the needful as soon as possible ,i am the one who file case to the account which trade by me ,i did not satisfied with solution ,even i did not get any money
here i wanted explain by two trade as we said they hit fast stop loss ,and late profit not only that but also ,much different loss and profit with same volume lots
i here prove
(1) Trade number 7568427 volume lot size 0.05 instrument xauusd brought 1258.24 and sold out 1255.63 so different is 1258.24 -1255.63= 2.61 ,but got profit 17.68 Loss /lot is = ( 17.68/2.61 ) * 2 = 13.547 loss almost 13.5
(attached here by file name trade disable)
(2) Trade number 6918584 volume lot size 0.1 instrument xauusd brought 1258.31 sold out rate 1257.00 different is 1.31 , profit 17.57 they swap 2.49 ,why this ( attached file by name take profit)
so profit / lot = 17.57 /1.31 = , 13.4122 almost 13.4
just for 0.05 volume 0.1 $ then if its 1 how much 2$ ,if its volume 25 then 50 $ ,who give us ??????
so its correct
forexpeacearmy.com/community/conversations/icmarkets-tp-issue.18024/ FPA Forums Team Note: Private conversations can only be viewed by participants in the conversation. To anyone else, this link will not help.
FPA my kind request go the next step of our case and let me know the next step too
thanking you best regards with
Sathienthira .T

FPA Forums Team Note: The FPA Traders court specifically excludes disputes over trades for items not involving forex pairs.

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As an observer, I am trying to understand you base problem :-

1. IC Markets increased leverage on some of the products you were trading and because of this you had a margin call?
2. You are unhappy that you have to trade bigger lot sizes on XTI than you would like?
3. You would like them to refund your losses as a result of this plus $20 000 compensation?

Forgive me, but if this is your base case then I would suggest that you still have much to learn about how the markets work.

Brokers can and do change leverage on a regular basis in response to world events. If this is a problem, I would suggest paying attention to what is happening in the world as well as having a good look at your trading strategy. It would appear that you are over- leveraged and were schooled as a result. Good brokers will often send out an email advising of leverage changes a couple of days beforehand, unless events happen too quickly.

The contract specifications are all available in the MT4 platform. You can look and if it doesn't suit you, don't trade the instrument, or find a broker that provides the trade size you prefer. As a matter of interest, 1 full lot of XTI is 100 barrels at ICM. Some brokers will allow you to trade 0.1 lots but then a full lot is 1000 barrels. Always check the contract specs in the MT4 platform before trading an instrument.

As to the $20 000 compensation, can you be a bit clearer on this? Why do you believe this to be justified? If it is what I think then it is absolutely shocking and you do FPA and all traders a major disservice.

I have no association with ICM but I like them. They have great execution and are a favourite amongst scalpers, myself included.


Dishonorably Discharged Scoundrel
now FPA support to ic market be carfull friend if u have doubt just watch my case


FPA Forums Team Note: Your case thread is only visible to you, FPA admins, and a handful of selected FPA members. It only would become visible to everyone else after moving to open cases.


Dishonorably Discharged Scoundrel
helo fpa why did u dismissed the case why you support ic market ,why did you made us wait 30 days ,even ic market agrred there fault as a mental person you are asking old evedence
you insult me in public we are warning you you must pay me 100,000 $ asa compensation ,you insult my degree as well my universities profesros , as well as you asked me to close my all live trading ,if you fail to ans this with 24 hours we will file case in home for human rights ,
Acis said that to countiue some where else we filed case in you
but even we gave all evedence becasue of your ego u dismissed the case
for both isuues ,you must pay 1000,000 $ as compensation reday to face it
here attached the evedence that you insult in public even i have M.Sc in maths ,still you not solved the basic math what we gave to you
we warning you last waring dont write in public about my maths skils
bladyfools get lost
here attached My M.Sc certificate


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FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
You twice abandoned your case and I let that go.

I had to ask you repeatedly to give examples of forex trades where you disputed the calculations. When you finally did, Pharaoh showed that the amount of profit and loss you reported was an exact match for the numbers you claimed.

You repeatedly attacked me for supporting IC Markets when all I wanted was evidence.

I asked repeatedly for evidence, specifically calculations showing errors on other forex trades. Instead, you refused to provide them. WIthout numbers, it is impossible to know if ICMarkets owes you money or not. If they do owe you money, without those numbers, it is impossible to say how much.

Allow me to quote from a rule that was written for people who think their claims are so special that they can argue their way past rules of evidence. it is in post #3 here...


The FPA Traders Court cannot fight for a trader while the trader fights against the FPA. No court, regulator, law enforcement agency, or other investigator can operate honestly if it allows the person bringing a complaint to refuse to provide evidence. No court, regulator, law enforcement agency, or other investigator can work efficiently if the person complaining spends more time attacking those they want help from than in cooperating with the investigation.

In fairness to myself and to others who need FPA services, this isn't going to happen again. A Traders Court vote is not an automatic right. It is a privilege which is granted to a specific range of issues between traders and companies. It requires the active cooperation of the trader who filed the case.

If a trader wants to use his case thread to repeatedly attack the fairness of the FPA, that trader has no right to expect the FPA to bring the issue to a vote. A Traders Court case is not a place to vent their frustrations and attack the organization which is trying to help. There are so many scams to fight and FPA resources are better used working with traders who want assistance or want to help warn fellow traders.

Your case is dismissed due to your refusal to cooperate in an investigation. if you continue to act abusively, you will be banned.


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
Looking back over his FPA service record, Tsathya's actions are surprising. He'd filed two previous Traders Court cases. One was resolved. The other got a guilty verdict.

Unfortunately, he couldn't control his urge to keep up his abusive behavior in his case thread. Under the circumstances, hes been banned and dishonorably discharged. Since no proper evidence was provided to support his claims, this thread is being marked as Unsupported and moved to the Resolved Issues folder.

He also believes that there is an international law requiring that oil and gas trades on forex brokers to be less than 1 full lot. He was unable to provide any direct links to the law.

I'm now waiting for Tsathya to talk to his professors. He claims they will come after me seeking $1,000,000 in compensation. :)

Update: Tsathya was not done bothering the FPA over his unsupported claims. He has decided to start harassing a human rights organization in an effort to force the FPA to pay him money and to take his complaint to a vote.

Tsathya is not only dishonorably discharged, but has earned the title of Scoundrel. More details are here...