David may not be the brightest cookie in the jar but you have to admit he certainly is entertaining....



What is really funny to me is the fact that none of the FPA members appears to have tried David "secret Code"... but everyone has freely called him ,dilutional , taking the wrong pills and a few more things... the usual arrogance of forum people that thinks that knowing a little of something means they know it all when someone different comes around.

Jesus Christ came and they crucified Him .... Hitler came and was given power to rule and kill millions.. go figure what makes people tick in right or wrong direction when someone different shows up , but most of the time is related to following the crowd .... following the religious people of the time, or following a proud notion of a superior race ... or following a forum crowd.

Look , I have no idea if David has really craked a “secret code” or He is a real nut case ...but I have not purchased his product, therefore I feel with no right to comment about his persona.

I also read the ff forum thread..... I read of only of one person making a complaint of not getting the money back .... Is that the “only” person that has purchase David code? Or requested a refund? If not.. where are the others?

Dilutional or not ... at least David does place himself out there and He is a real person.. ( and here comes the main point of my post) and does not hide incognito behind the biggest all time scammer .. which is clickbank .

This scammer “produces” idiotic and worthless products every single day, encourage anyone to produce idiotic and worthless products every single day, encourage a legion of affiliates to sell idiotic and worthless products every single day...

Yes, they do give money back ... but the business is to hold your money, hopefully for a full 60 days ... or least for 30.

This is the case scenario just in the forex side (they are in all types of crap) we could make this calculation ... One product per day at $99 x 5000 sales= $495.000 .... 495K x 30 day= 14.85M x12 months = 178.2M ..

This is the minimum of your money they hold in their bank account. Do you think they care if 5000 clients ask for return every day? Nope... as long as they have 5000 new suckers buying junk every day.

You/me are smart enough to know that when the product is not theirs, the vendors probably don't get the money until past 60 days...right?

Now.. 178.2M at 3% per year... is 5.3M in interest alone... That is “IF” 100% of clients get a refund...
now ad the profits of the non-returned ( when they sold the product) or the commission if the product belong to a vendor ....

If you ladies and gents... think you will ever buy worthy product sold via clickbank... you may want to ad yourself to the dilutional list.

Now you know the history behind those first post when EA,s come out on the market .. that go like this.

“ I purchase the product, was easy to install, the pdf was clear...bla, bla, bla ... cant wait to try for a few weeks .... after all I have 60 days to return with Clickbank guaranteed.... ... those good people from clickbank.. what I would do without them....”

Show meeee the money .. who has it Vendors? Affiliates? Forums? clickbank? every one a piece of it ? Think for yourself ... conflict of interest all over the place. None of them cares what you are being sold


Jeuro, if you want to hand your money over to him, go ahead. Just promise to let us all know how well the trading goes with a live account.

The way that David raves and the lack of client comments makes me think that very few people have ever bought his stuff. He's got a no refund policy and doesn't use ClickBank.

It really comes down to this. He makes huge and bizarre claims. He gives no proof. Why would anyone risk $400 for someone who is obviously unhinged?

As far as I'm concerned, he's just another in a long line of people claiming to have cracked the code in some market. Like all the rest of those who claim to have figured out some ultimate secret of trading the market, he gives no real evidence. That's an automatic "don't buy" in my book.

The only real difference is that David's secret is a paranoid delusion. I'm not going to throw away $400 with a sane-sounding trading method that gives no evidence. I'm definitely not going to give $400 to a crazy man who attacks anyone who doesn't instantly believe every wild ranting that he makes.

Of course, if the world forex market crashes in the next day or so, I just might be tempted to give his product a try.


Yes, the way David raves, coupled with his bizarre claims and little proof make him the worst marketer I have ever come across.

But that is where my name calling ends, because that is all I can proof about him. At the end of the day I still don't know if his secret code is a paranoid delusion.

If Ferdinand and Isabella, kings of Spain, have not paid for a trip to new lands after Portugal's King thought Columbus was delusional ... maybe my native language would have been Portuguese instead of Spanish/Castillian or maybe Quechua or Aymara... who knows?

Paying for something always has a risk/reward components. And why would anyone who takes the risk needs to promise to let everybody knows how well it goes?

Thank you for sharing your reasoning for not paying the $400. It is is sound and probably helps a lot of people to NOT waste hard earned money.

My reasoning are very much the same, but my automatic “don't buy” in my books also includes items sold via Clickbank. Yes, everybody is guessing correct... not much worth buying now days.


Some Better Things.

Honestly I think FPA members deserves some better things than this.

If there is anything I remember my psychology lecturer taught me is that " there are different levels of madness which can be expressed in divers forms."

I think David is operating on some levels....

It could also be a way drawing attention from the forex world.

My people has a saying that " a sane man should not argue with an insane man else onlookers may judge two of you as being insane."

FPA, please take note unless you want us to judge you as being insane too.


Happily for those Americans of European descent (and not so happily for the indigenous population), Columbus managed to present a cogent argument to a controversial theory and get his funding.

Not so with David.

Sammy, maybe arguing with a crazy person is crazy. Then again, warning the world about not wasting money on crazy schemes is a worthy endeavor.

Then again, maybe David isn't really crazy. Maybe he is just stupid enough to think that his affectations of unknowable intelligence will bring him more clients.

I'll based my assumption that he's not just 100% crazy on some facts. Our AsstModerator send me copies of all of David's emails and asked me to do a little websurfing to find out more about him. It seems that OilTradingAcademy.com isn't his only endeavor to make money online with wild and unsupported claims. He's got a history of online businesses where he wants your money for his so-called expertise.

David Kuvelas also owns daytrading-gapping-swingtrading.com, which sells stock trading videos and signals. It looks like the unverifiable trading results he claims haven't been updated since 2006. On that website, there are also so-called trading records from a couple of other services he seems to have run, Day Traders R Us and Gapping Stocks R Us. The records displayed are for 2001 and 2004.

Just to be sure this is really the same David, I checked the Whois record for daytrading-gapping-swingtrading.com and found this:

Administrative Contact:
Kuvelas, David David@oiltradingacademy.com
251 S. Green Valley Pkwy
Unit 4421
Henderson, Nevada 89012

It looks like it's a fairly nice, but small 1 bedroom condo. Details are here:

251 Green Valley Parkway, Unit: 4421, Henderson, Nevada 89052 | BlockShopper Las Vegas

Let's get back to David the professional stock trader. I don't see any signs of his current insanity on that site. It's just another signals and education site with a table showing claimed trading records. This in and of itself isn't a scam, but the profitability claims are so large that he should have retired long ago. Then again, it's easy to claim profits if you create the records after the fact.

Let's assume that David really was successfully making large gains in the stock market while running one or more stock signals services. That should be full time job, even for a super-genius. He couldn't possibly have some other full time job making a pile of money at the same time, right?

No, David's genius seems to have extended into yet another field. He used to own playblackjackprofessionally.com, but the website has since expired.

He didn't do blackjack in his spare time. In September of 2004, he's quoted as claiming "I have been playing on these tables every day for 14 years professionally, I've played on thousands upon thousands of tables, I have yet to this day see anyone who had any clue whatsoever what they were doing playing blackjack."

So, while selling his hot stock tips from Day Traders R Us and Gapping Stocks R Us, he was also spending the whole day playing blackjack in casinos.

Some more Google searching for his name shows so many entertaining posts.

He claims to have an IQ of 186. So much for him being 1000 times as intelligent as anyone who trades forex. He makes the same pathetic threats to ruin others that he's made against the FPA. Just go to this page:

John Reese’s Blog Blog Archive The Biggest Myth About Building Wealth!

and search inside the page for "David Kuvelas Says"

I'll wager that if David ever did take an IQ test and got a 186, he did it as a child. Those tests tend to over-estimate IQs (and make parents happy to pay the testing fees to prove how smart their little genius children are).

David emailed the FPA and admitted that he didn't even know what an investor password was. He then claimed that read-only investor passwords didn't exist. Finally, he claimed that those wouldn't ever exist on reliable brokers. This is his excuse for never showing any real records. I think the real reason is that he's never had a live trading account anywhere.

He claims those tables on his stock trading website prove he's a successful trader. Guess I should open a stock trading website, look up some old price action, and make a table showing that I'm a better trader than David. By his logic, he'd have to then admit that I'm smarter than he is and buy my system.

David claims to be a scientist. He's admitted to never getting a degree in anything. He claims to have a superior understanding of the functioning of the universe compared to all the college professors in the world. He claims to be an expert in all of these areas:

Quantum Chaos
Quantum Consciousness
Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Theory
Neuro Science
World History
Computer Science
Atomic Particle Theory
Human Physiology
General and Special Theory of Relativity
Brain Sex Theory
How Time Slows Down The Further You Get From The Surface Of The Earth
Using the Mathematical Concept Of Measuring Rods And Clocks

Unlike David, I actually have taken real science classes with real professors. I'm quite sure that distance from the Earth's surface and the rate that time passes are unrelated. Relativity covers alterations in time based on velocity, not on distance from the Earth's surface. NASA has sent probes everywhere from Mercury to past the outermost planets of the solar system. None are traveling at relativistic velocities and all have their onboard clocks working in sync with their Earthbound counterparts.

David has a video here that he claims explains the scientific nature of good and evil (and shows his continued obsession with The Matrix):

From the video, it appears that David thinks that since galaxies and planets are both round that there is some cosmic significance to this shape. He ignores the fact that most galaxies are more or less disk shaped, whereas planets are approximately spherical. This is the equivalent of finding deep significance in the fact that coins are round (disks) and balls are round (spherical). The part of the video about opposites also contains a number of misconceptions.

David's video does point out that evil seems to embrace hatred. I wholeheartedly agree with that point. The problem is the amount of pure hatred David shows both in emails the FPA forwarded to me as well as things he's posted elsewhere online. By his own definition, David is deeply evil.

Here's David having a fight with another person in comments on a CNBC finance video on YouTube:

The hatred he displays towards anyone who disagrees with him is amazing. Real scientists have rivalries and can dislike each other. They don't resort to name calling and threats (at least not in public). Instead, they publish details of experiments that others can read and verify.

It's almost March 1st in New York. If David is as smart as he says, if David knows more about computers than any college professor of computer sciences, and if David is good (not evil), then he's got only a few more hours to end the Evil Forex Computer before midnight arrives where he lives or will fail what should be a simple challenge for him.

My final take on David:

His disconnect from reality is obviously there, but he's also got a history of selling money making schemes online. His level of discourse is completely inconsistent with his claims of high intelligence. I personally believe that he does know that the systems he sells online don't really work, and thus qualifies as a scammer. He probably really believes in his supposed super-human knowledge, thinks that it will eventually give him the edge he needs, and that he just needs to keep refining his system - or needs to change it to yet another market instead of his previous attempts at casinos, stocks, forex, or oil.
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Since this website, at least on the surface, appears to at least "try" to look for the truth

Well this website, at least on the surface, at least attempts to at least make some sense. I at least want to say that you are at least an idiot, do you at least agree?


Another example of someone's gene pool needing...

A new filter...
More chlorine...
A lifeguard.


Forex4Noobs Rep.
I just watched his YouTube video.... it is obvious that this is satire. It is amusing, as much as any long winded diatribe can be amusing. I noticed that this guy actually tried to spam my blog the other day. I deleted the URL from his comment.

David if you are so intelligent would you care to explain to us the finer points of quantum gravity? Specifically how, if at all, string theory explains quantum gravity? If string theory is invalid do you care to provide a valid alternative theory? As you know there are several proposed quantum gravity theories, however, we still do not have a complete one. If your I.Q. is indeed as high as you claim it to be, you should be able to adequately explain one of sciences greatest mysteries. I expect your answer forthwith.
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