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I wouldn't really call this a review...

Anybody interested to interchange PRODUCT NAME DELETED
with another robot?
If yes please let me know to DELETED@gmail.com
Most EAs are tied to your specific account, so you can't just swap them.

The FPA forums have a classified ads section. The review pages are for reviews, not a swap meet for used products.


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This is a reasonable question, but not a review...

Hello I want to know if this broker is reliable?
The question would have been more reasonable if it had been left for a different broker. The broker he left it for had over 20 reviews and a 1 star rating.


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Sometimes, reviews make interesting points.

If you imagine 2 to3 trillion dollar market 95 % of industry are failing, what are the odds for a signal provider to perform signal. To my experience for the past 5 years researching this industry , the truth is 5 % percent of Forex market product sellers are the winners, they developed a monopoly to take the market over such as this signal provider runs a SCAM out of nowhere in this earth. Never trust signals because
The problem is that this could be said about ANY signal provider. Finding those few good signals providers out of the many that will take your money and provide average or worse signals is why the FPA reviews signals.

Please, if you want to leave commentary like this, do it in the forums.


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It's a rating and a review. If the FPA only did ratings, you wouldn't need to write anything. You would just click from 1-5 stars. The words of the review need to justify the rating with some details. I don't ask for a novel, but I would like a couple of sentences to justify a 5 star or 1 star rating. I'd like something resembling at least a full sentence before considering accepting a 2, 3, or 4 star review. The idea of reviews is to provide helpful information for people considering whether to do business with the company.

These 3 word reviews didn't make it...

Very good site!
Very Nice broker
And these two word reviews also didn't make it...

Good Service
This Sucks
And this 1 star review, left under an untraceable name didn't make it....

I needed a name, an email, or an account number. Then there might have been some chance to do try to help this person.


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Three stars is not the same as No rating. If you are leaving a useful comment about using a company's product that's not supposed to alter a company's rating, set it to No rating.

This person's 3 star rating would have pulled the broker's average down. Some companies do read the FPA's reviews, some don't. If you have a wish list, send it to the company, not to the reviews.

Add wish list items to a real review. - Hi, I am yet to experience BROKERNAME..i would appreciate if BROKERNAME can expand the account funding options to moneybookers. This is the only obstacle i find to fund this account.we have strict exchange regulations .banks are not allowed to transfer in this part of the world.
3 stars for an EA the person gives no information about...

Did some body use this expert in BROKERNAME? If yes can you please post your settings. thanks

This person thinks Stars are votes on how customer service handles another person's issues, and 2 stars is just to encourage people to get started?

I just saw documents of a case where the subscriber canceled the trial subscription but was further charged for the regular subscription. Is there anybody else out there who has experienced this? I hope this is an innocent mistake. I give two stars so that the person in charge replies to this concern. If the reply is satisfactory, I will give four stars to get an average of three stars.
The rule is that you can only place ratings based on your personal experiences. If your next door neighbor gets ripped off, that doesn't make you his secretary. Ask him to leave his own review. If you want to bring other people's attention to bad reviews, email them a link to the review page.


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Some people ask for information that's right there in front of them...

i saw EANAME demo test by FPA are very impressive.could i know which broker is used to demo test it.does it use the default setting
The Performance Test page showed that default settings were used. It also showed the broker statement with the broker name at the top of the statement.

For a product with over 30 reviews and marked as being not for sale any longer...

Just wanted to see if anyone has used this course before. Thanks,


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Review spammers think they are clever. A few are. Others are just plain stupid and easy to spot...

Forex Bitter, Romania - this is my first post on this forum , because I never had any reason to write here but now I think I have to share some of my Experiences here. I just was checking FPA forms about BROKERNME. I had 3 account with BROKERNAME for about 8 months and I just got supprised with all of bad comments.because I have tried to withdrawal at list 6 times before and I always got my money in max 8 days.So I got a little Curious about all of these bad reviews and I finally requested my 7th withdrawal with the amount of 10,000$ and I got it in 4 days in my bank.I can even show you guys the capture screen of my bank account. I think BROKERNAME had some problems with some of his clients and he solved his problems with them and now every thing is ok with this broker.
While that one was sitting in the moderation queue, another one came in a day later from the same location. That location wasn't Romania or the USA.

Forex Bitter, USA - This is my first post here on this forum.Because I never find ant reason to submit one here.But now I just want to share with you my experiance. I'm trading with BROKERNAME for more than 2 years and I always got my money. my last withdrawal request was almost 2 weeks ago with the amount of 10,000$ and I got it in 8 days. I can even share my capture screen shot of my account.
So, was it 3 accounts for 8 months or 1 account for 2 years? How many days did you say that withdrawal took?

He then waited a couple of days and submitted 2 more.

Forex Bitter, Nigeria - I got my last withdrawal in my bank account in amlost 8 days with the amount of 10,000$. I still have some money with this broker and I'm going to stay with it.
Mark-USA after all these panics I decided to check their withdrawal.because I have almost 60,000$ with them and honestly I afraid about all these comments. Finally last week I requested 10K withdrawal and I got it today in my bank account. I think there is nothing to be worried about.
I guess he's funding his world travels with all those different $10,000 withdrawals.


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Please check and see if a site is listed before submitting it. It's easy to search all the reviews now. This one came in for a product that had over 100 reviews...

Has anyone had any experience with them. They sell a product called PRODUCTNAME which is supposed to give you 80% accurate signals. Please let me know.


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Some people are just too easily confused. They expect a product to have all good or all bad reviews. The truth is that different traders will often have different experiences. You need to read the review and learn to judge for yourself.

Am thinking of opening a live account with BROKERNAME but am somehow discouraged now having gone through other's reviews. please is all this things said about BROKERNAME true?. Am really confused
Confused or not, the FPA doesn't endorse brokers.

Dear forexpeacearmy do you recommend opening a live account in BROKERNAME or not ? I am confused after reading all the reviews. Please help me to make the decision.

Figuring out what some reviewers want can be a little confusing too.

make it easier for a beginner, then I'll tell all my friend if thats easy....
i real want to no your system of handling founds


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Every product the FPA has a review page for also had a discussion thread linked from that review page. Reviews are for people thinking of whether or not to buy the product. Reviews are not for tech support questions like these...

I have not used this robot so far. Can this robot be used on a $1000 account and is it possible to use it on a VPS (virtual private server)
I almost added a note to this one saying that it required all accounts to begin with exactly $837.49 and only could work on a VPS located inside the Bermuda Triangle. Then I realized that this reviewer would probably believe me.

I buy the sistem but there is one thing london VS broker time that i can,t get it please told me

You could check the broker time and an online clock of London time. You could ask your broker or ask the product seller. It would be even easier to close your account. Get one with a broker in London to solve the problem.

Just installed PRODUCTNAME and testing on M5 chart.
No alert for the past 3 hours. Anything wrong ?
If you aren't alerted enough, try caffeine.

Can you tell me if this system is based around London Open? When do you need to check the charts?
No, it's based around the Wisconsin open. Check the charts before and after milking the cows.

If you want to ask things like this in product discussion threads, that's fine. It might even work better to ask the company directly. I'm not going to allow people to turn the reviews into a tech support discussion.