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Sive Morten is a European bank analyst, author of complete forex trading course available on Forex Peace Army, and a part of FPA's Shoulders of Giants Program where he shares the analytics of Forex market, Crypto market, and precious metals market.


What is Bitcoin Mining? Or “Hey, Where’s My Video Card?” What is Bitcoin Mining? Or “Hey, Where’s My Video Card?”

Today, we will talk about those mysterious “miners” and their role in bitcoin technology.

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Bitcoin and the Blockchain Are Not So Bad Bitcoin and the Blockchain Are Not So Bad

In the last article, we talked about the imperfections of the bitcoin and blockchain technologies and looked at some of the myths. As promised, today we will talk about what should be done to fix those flaws and how blockchain technology has already been improved and made to work more efficiently.

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Blockchain and Bitcoin Imperfections
All You Need to Know About Bitcoin and the Blockchain

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Sive Morten

Sive Morten

By day Sive Morten works for the large European bank. In that roll he evaluates the markets including currencies market managing bank risks and evaluating the bank portfolio.

At the Forex Peace Army, he is known as an author of Forex Military School, which quite unique free forex trading course. We do not know of any other free forex trading education covering such a broad spectrum of forex market concepts in such details while keeping it easy to understand and practically use.

As if that wasn't enough, he is the part of the Shoulders of Giants Program. He shares with his fellow traders at FPA his view and forcast of the Gold Market, Currency Market, and Crypto Market in form of weekly analytics and daily video updates.

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