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here attached that evedence IC market agrred there tecnical issue ,then they only have to bear all loss ,no name in goodwill ,ic market felt guilty and gave us 300 $ ,then we need rest nothing else here another prrof of another case going on betwwen ic market and FPA same goood will

Have you ever heard of a broker giving a trader money out of "goodwill". This essentially shows that IC MARKETS knows that they are behaving badly - and as such, deserves a "GUILTY" verdict - based on this alone. HIGHLY ANNOYED,Jul 30, 2018

here is his case i am suporting as law another case here same goodwill really ic market did mistake but gave goodwill as me


plz all read this plz .Thanks


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Every case is individual. If I group them, then one case getting resolved would invalidate all other cases against a broker.

The email is an explanation for the Trade Disabled message. A. It is for gold, so is beyond the scope of the FPA Traders Court. B. I have already explained that trade disabled is not a scam.

I have already told you that I personally know someone who worked at a US stock broker under very strict regulation and they did goodwill gestures when something was not their fault, I have also seen forex brokers do this. It may be suspicious, but it is not proof.

You have again skipped providing evidence I told you was required. Without calculations, there is no way to know how much money, if any, IC Markets owes you. In the amount of time you have wasted fighting against the FPA and simple evidence requirements, you could have checked the calculations on hundreds of trades.

The FPA cannot help you if you refuse to provide evidence. The FPA cannot take a case to a vote without evidence. You have repeatedly attacked me and also attacked Pharaoh when he tried to explain simple calculations to you.

Let me quote from the third post here...


The FPA Traders Court cannot fight for a trader while the trader fights against the FPA. No court, regulator, law enforcement agency, or other investigator can operate honestly if it allows the person bringing a complaint to refuse to provide evidence. No court, regulator, law enforcement agency, or other investigator can work efficiently if the person complaining spends more time attacking those they want help than in cooperating with the investigation.

In fairness to myself and to others who need FPA services, this isn't going to happen again. A Traders Court vote is not an automatic right. It is a privilege which is granted to a specific range of issues between traders and companies. It requires the active cooperation of the trader who filed the case.

If a trader wants to use his case thread to repeatedly attack the fairness of the FPA, that trader has no right to expect the FPA to bring the issue to a vote. A Traders Court case is not a place to vent their frustrations and attack the organization which is trying to help. There are so many scams to fight and FPA resources are better used working with traders who want assistance or want to help warn fellow traders.

Your case is dismissed.

I wish you good luck with ASIC. I also warn you that if you act even 1/10th as rudely to ASIC as you have to the FPA, they are unlikely to bother spending 1/10 as much time on your case as I have. If you make it to a court hearing and act that way, you will be very likely to be jailed for contempt.
one more case to support us
so clearly see they have tecnical issue ,they said yes with many traders and gave back full amount of loss ,now i am asking ,rest amount 1304 -300= 1000 $ ,then compensation amount 25,000$ .
when we file case aboout svsfx in FPA , al ready dismissed case ,why ,they paid full , go and see in our dismised case
we too agreed with that company what they gave us then you dismissed the case and marked resolved ,then now we are fine they to doing well ,so like here ask IC market to give rest ,after got full loss and compensation we can say ok ,then you can take action ,so our kind request after Ic market agrred there fault you asking old details notning conection and not fair to us ,its seems you suport IC market
If someone else brings a case against ICMarkets, I hope they are willing to behave in a civilized fashion and provide any specific evidence requested instead of fighting the FPA every step of the way. If they do, then ICMarkets may well find themselves racking up guilty votes towards a scam finding.

Your case is permanently dismissed. Please find a better use of your time than harassing the FPA for not giving into your abusive behavior. Instead, go learn the proper equations to determine the true size of your claim. You will have a much better chance of winning your claim at ASIC if you do.

Or, continue to behave in an uncivilized fashion and you'll be permabanned.
blady fool i dont care your non sence activites ,you have to pay me ,you insult me in public all my universites proferse and my traders and brokers will file case agasit you ,we warning you and giving 24 hours time to ask sorry or give me 1000,000 $ as compensation
you are mental plz go syco doctor ,u might have family problem you sawing here go mental hospital and c a better doctor
This thread is not public. Only you, I, and a handful of senior FPA members can see it.

You have repeatedly rudely insulted me in this thread. You also decided to spread your BS to the Scam Alerts folder. I only wish I could hear the laughter of your professors when they hear you explain why you are owed money but can't even calculate how much.

If any compensation is owed, it is you who owe me for all the time I've wasted trying to get you to give me usable evidence. Either you are not smart enough to do so, or you have none.
I should go to a mental hospital to see why I felt compelled to waste so much time on someone who can't figure out how much profit or loss his trades should have. I gave you many more chances than you deserved.

File the complaint with ASIC and give them the same story you gave me. Then watch how fast they ignore you.
By the way. I warned you that more abusive behavior would result in you being permabanned.

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