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FPA FAQ and Knowledge Base TOC

The questions and answers below cover most inquiries.
Where appropriate, there is a contact form which will get your message to the right people to get you an answer more efficiently.


Reviews Questions

Forums Question

Performance Testing Questions

Company Representative Questions

I pay a lot of money to advertise. Does this get my company any special treatment?
Someone has filed an FPA Traders Court Case against my company. What can I do?
I submitted an account for Performance Testing. How long does it take to set up?

I need to update or restart my test. Where do I submit the updated test information?
My company’s clients tell me they left reviews which didn’t show up. What can I do?
Someone posted my copyrighted material at the FPA. How do I get it removed?
I found a bug in the Company Representative system. How do I report it?
I have a Company or Company Representative question that isn't answered here. How can I ask it?

Forex Education Questions

Scam and Traders Court Questions

Everything Else

(*) FPA Advertising Rates and Ad Department Contact - Click Here

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