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Commander in Pips: Greetings, new Pipruits and welcome aboard! Some questions, son?

Pipruit: Well, yes, Commander in Pips, let me approach sir?​

Commander in Pips: Do it!

Pipruit: Sir, so you’re talking "army, army", but FOREX is just a currency market. It means FOReign EXchange. What does "Army" have to do with forex?​

Commander in Pips: You think you’re very smart, eh? Anyway it’s good question that is worthy to be answered. First let me ask you, “What is the source of any profit that you intend to get from FOREX trading? Where do you think it comes from?” You don’t know, right? Ok, I tell you. There is a limited amount of money, son. And if somebody makes profit, it just means that someone else loses money. That’s simple.

Now, do you think that the person or company that is counterparty on your trade would like to just gift you his or her money? And son, what do you think? Are all of participants in the market are just illiterate morons with bottomless wallets?

Pipruit: Hardly, sir.​

Commander in Pips: Furthermore, traders are some of the mostly intelligent people in the world, because money, son, is a strong stimulus...you intend to get their money and they intend to get yours. You will have to struggle for pips on the market against the smartest professionals and banks. How do you think to win this battle, son, what are you count on?

Pipruit: Hm, I’m not sure…​

Commander in Pips: You are not sure… That’s the reason we are all here. You will need knowledge and discipline to succeed. There is no sense in trading without either of these things. I’ll tell you why…

Introduction - Forex School
  • Knowledge is the key to winning pips;
  • Discipline is the key to protect those pips.
In one word, I tell you son, what is a successful trader. He/she has ability to:
  • Conquer pips;
  • Defend pips;
  • Do it over and again.
If you can do this, you’ll be tough trader, you know.

Pipruit: Cool!… Now I’ve got it, sir. It’s really like the army – I will have to struggle for pips, because nobody wants to give away money willingly. Also I will have to protect my profit from others who will want to take it away from me.​

Commander in Pips: Right, son. That’s impressive. But it’s not a piece a cake. You should learn much and study hard – two steps forward for learning new things and one step back to repeat - gradual movement is the key to success. Don’t try to leap like a frog.

Pipruit: I’m scared a bit. It looks complicated.​

Dealing with Forex - Forex School
Commander in Pips: Do not be afraid. We do not rush into the fray Pipruits, son. Our military FX school will prepare you for the battle. You will acquire the skills, the knowledge, and the necessary abilities to become a successful trader in the foreign exchange market. Now just a couple of words about how we will move through the training.

First of all, you should start from enlisted grade. This part is for greenie Pipruits like you. You will learn the basics of FOREX – what is FOREX, how it works, how to trade it, what is the subject of trading, time of trading, market participants and so on. If you will do well, we will promote you to FX Corporal.

Then the time will come to become a Noncommissioned Officer. You will have to shift to markets directly and investigate such questions as types of analysis and charts. Sergeant Major of the FPA grade is your prize.

FOREX Officers should be familiar with Technical analysis and feel as confident as fish in the water. So that will be the next stage of education.

Some advanced themes in technical analysis, such as Elliot wave theory, Gartley’s patterns, 3-drive sell and others that a bit more sophisticated. Those are for FPA Grade officers. 

FX Grade Officers are very close to the elite of the army, because they have a responsibility for personnel assets. They have to know basics of Fundamental analysis, risk management, order placement procedure and much more so that they will be able to plan detailed operations in the market.

And finally, FX General Officers have a total knowledge of FX weapons and strategy. As real Commanders they must have knowledge of market’s psychology to be in charge and calm down hot-headed Pipruits in time. Loosing a battle is not a loosing a war. So, they should be very skilled at keeping their troops in proper formation and turning small loses into wins. At this grade you will investigate the most sophisticated aspects of personal trading.

Pipruit: I think, I’m ready to begin, Sir.​

Commander in Pips: Well done, son. But, this is just the first step into the world of trading. because learning never ends. The forex market is a very changeable substance – what once worked perfectly for five to ten years may now only have a limited application or even work worse.

But knock it off! ATTENTION Troops! We’re ready to start.


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